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Sainsbury's Madras Curry Sauce

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2010 21:03
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      Great all round supermarket sauce

      Sainsbury's Madras curry sauce

      == How I came by it ==

      Well whilst doing the online shopping via Sainsbury's I remembered that we where running out of cooking sauces so trawling through the aisles of Sainsbury's online I came across this cooking sauce in a jar. And as mine and my husband's main tastes lie in Chinese and Indian foods with a few home grown British favourites here and there this Madras sauce seemed to fit the bill rather perfectly. This was until I fell pregnant and even the mildest curry would set the acid burn into overdrive, I tried to steer clear but I had cravings one day last week and thought bugger it I have plenty of acid relief tablets I can cope!!!

      == What exactly is it? ==

      Well you never might guess so I'm just going to tell you straight away no eastender plot lines here people I'm just going to get straight to the grand finale. This is in fact a curry sauce in a jar, a glass jar to be complety honest with you so you can't accuse me of lying to you.

      The curry sauce goes by the name of Madras which I think is a city in India. The idea behind these sauces is for those that don't have a cooking degree or the time and money to go out and buy all the right ingredients to make fresh Madras up from nothing. So you can literally come in from a hard day at work fry off some meat tip in the sauce viola 20 minutes later one tasty curry. This curry is normally a 2 out 3 in spiciness levels so if you don't like hot stuff avoid at all costs

      == Did it raise the roof? ==

      Well personally I have always been wary about some of these in the jar sauces as some one them promise a world of heat but instead deliver something no hotter than a Muller rice yogurt so you have to stick extra stuff in like extra curry powder so kind of miss the point of out the jar and onto your plate in 20 minutes as you have to have those ever stuff in your house. But from the word go this curry really did live up to its Madras curry sauce it had the right amount of kick you would come to expect from this kind of curry.

      One thing I did notice is that I had to add corn flour as it seemed a little thin. But this could because I decided to chuck the cooking instructions away and cook this for 5 hours in a slow cooker not just quick cook it which is sometimes necessary with these kind of sauces as they contain a lot of water and don't have time to evaporate in slow cooker. So All in all I give this curry sauce thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone and certainly one of the best supermarket ready in the jar sauces around.

      == Price ==

      Well for a 500g jar it is £1 which I think is excellent value for money as this jar would easily feed a family of 5 no problems. The nearest rival is Pataks and I found a jar of their sauce at £1.55 for a 500g jar. So the supermarket brand is around 50% cheaper than a named brand so a 55p in your pocket means extra money for poppadoms and naan bread.

      == Ingredients ==

      Water; Onion Puree; Tomato (9%); Coconut Milk (7%); Rapeseed Oil; Coconut Cream (2%); Coconut Powder (2%); Tomato Paste (2%); Corn flour; Salt; Ginger Purée; Garlic Purée; Coriander Powder; Cumin Powder; Chilli Powder; Paprika Powder; Fennel Powder; Lemon Concentrate; Garam Masala; Citric Acid; Colour: Caramel; Black Pepper; Chilli Flakes; Turmeric Powder; Cinnamon Powder; Curry Leaf.Onion Puree contains: Onion, Rapeseed Oil.Garam Masala contains: Black Pepper, Cardamom Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Clove Powder, Fennel Powder, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Bay Leaf.

      Warning contains peanuts and other nuts in the manufacturing process


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