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Sainsbury's Tomato Ketchup

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      25.04.2010 18:50
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      A nice ketchup that's a much cheaper alternative

      I'm a bit of a ketchup fiend, i have it on nearly everything i eat - I've always eaten Heinz ketchup and would always insist i could taste the difference between that and own brand products. I didn't want what i considered to be an inferior product and always opted to spend the little extra for the name brand.

      On a recent budget shopping trip however i chose to give the Sainbury's own brand ketchup a try (it was actually the top down bottle, not the one pictured, but the packaging and product are essentially the same). I was actually quite pleasantly surprised - below is an overview of what i think of Sainbury's Tomato Ketchup:


      This was always the priority for me and was always the issue when using house brands as opposed to name brands; on trying the ketchup with a typical steak and chips meal I was pleasantly surprised: it doesn't taste too dissimilar to Heinz ketchup and isn't too vinegary or otherwise. It's not too strong and compliments the food very well - i'm surprised to say that i might even have trouble picking between this and name brand ketchup in a blind taste test.
      Some people will argue it doesn't taste as nice but i'm convinced in a blind taste test a good 50% wouldn't be able to tell the difference, or would get the name brand product wrong.


      Sainsbury's Tomato Ketchup is considerably cheaper than both Branston and Heinz ketchup, with a 1kg bottle from Sainbury's costing £1.59. A 550g bottle of Heinz cost around £1.80 - more than double the price of the Sainbury's own brand.
      The top down bottle is also very well priced, with a 485gram bottle costing just 89p.
      Considering the taste is pretty good i'd say this is excellent value for money.


      The packaging is pretty basic, as you'd expect from an in-house brand, however it's nowhere near as off-putting as products from the Tesco Value range for example. The artwork used is clear and it's obvious what the product is without it looking unappealing - i guess that's about all you can ask from an own-brand product.
      The ketchup comes in three forms of packaging, including a bottle, the squeezy bottle shown above and the top-down squeezy bottle, with the latter being by far the best designed. The bottle is the cheaper of the three but the design of the top-down bottle allows you to use all of the ketchup without having to waste any of it.
      The bottle is plastic, which is widely recycled, as is the glass bottle.


      The main ingredients are listed below:

      Tomato Puree
      Spirit Vinegar
      Maize Starch
      Tomato Powder
      Onion Powder
      Clove Extract
      Garlic Powder

      It's worth noting that the ketchup is produced using 176g of tomatoes per 100g of finished product.

      The ketchup is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and a 15g (about average) serving provides:

      Calories - 16
      Fat - Trace
      Saturated Fat - Trace
      Salt - 0.21g
      Total Sugars - 3.2g

      It's also worth noting that that is a fairly high sugar content, and a good chunk of your RDA (recommended daily allowance).

      Overall i'd say this is a thoroughly decent tomato ketchup and represent a significant saving that the name brand products.


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        01.04.2010 13:45



        Not a great tasting ketchup, not worth the saving.

        I got this ketchup as I'm really not a massive fan of ketchup and don't use it very often, so I thought I would save some money, but it didn't really work out an I think that this is one of those things that you just can't compromise on.

        This brand costs £1.59 for 1kg there are smaller bottles available too, but Heinz is £1.80 for 550g, so it is a huge saving, but I would still say it's not worth it.

        As I say I'm no ketchup connoisseur but have always bought Heinz, this ketchup didn't even compare.

        The packaging is ok, at least it's not that horrible basics packaging, but it looks a bit dated, not that it makes a huge difference.

        The taste of this ketchup is vile, I don't know how they have managed it but it tastes cheap, it's hard to describe, but it's very acidic (I think they must use vinegar in the ingredients) and doesn't taste much like real tomatoes, or Heinz ketchup.
        I think if you are someone that eats ketchup a lot you would notice the difference even more, and especially if you gave it to someone without telling them, they would instantly know it was different.

        I would consider using this in cooking maybe, as a kind of tomato puree, or to add to things like chillies, but never as an actual ketchup.

        I think this is just one of those products that you will have to stick to the name brands. I would not recommend this, it just doesn't compare. It tastes horrible, and it's not worth compromising on taste for a bit of a saving.


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