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Schawartz for Fish Classic Hollandaise

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Brand: Schwartz / Type: Ready to heat sauce for fish

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 14:20
      Very helpful



      A great accompaniment to fish.

      I have previously reviewed Schwartz's low fat dark soy, sesame & ginger sauce and the low fat dill & zesty orange for fish as when I am going through a healthy eating phase I tend to opt for the lighter options on certain products. However, now it's time for a full fat version for all of you who don't have to count the calories so this review focuses on the Classic Hollandaise Sauce. I bought my 300g pouch from Tesco for £1.99 although they do sometimes have them on special offer. The packaging says this is a new recipe for this particular sauce.

      The sauces come in an easy to open foil 300g pouch and are so simple to use whilst being (as stated on the pouch) a perfect complement to fish, here namely salmon, cod and haddock. I use this one with salmon as it goes particularly well with that. You can heat it either by simmering for2-3 minutes on the hob whilst stirring (be careful not to overheat/boil as this really does effect the taste) or by heating in a loosely covered dish in the microwave on high, again for 2-3 minutes (stirring half way through cooking time).


      This sauce is very rich and is made with butter, lemon and eggs and is very smooth and creamy in texture and taste and the lemon gives just that little bit of acidity that stops it being too sweet or cloying. Together with salmon which is also one of the richer tasting fish this makes quite a sumptuous pairing and perhaps won't be to everyone's taste but it became a classic sauce because it does go so well with fish. I don't tend to have as much of this on as the lower fat versions - only a small amount is needed to bring out the best of the fish but the packet does serve 2-3 people.

      There are 153 Kcals and 7g of saturated fat in a 100g serving so this really is an occasional treat to have although the sugar content unlike the lower fat counterparts is trace so where there is much more fat there is less sugar.

      What I also like is that on the back of the pouch Schwartz gives inspirational ideas in how to use their sauces in a recipe so if you feeling adventurous and not pushed for time, give one a go. More recipe ideas can be found on their website: www.schwartz.co.uk.

      Once opened, this sauce needs to be refrigerated and kept in an airtight container and be consumed within 3 days.

      Allergen Advice: Contains Egg & Milk.

      I would highly recommend this sauce but personally I would only have this occasionally purely because of the high calorie and fat content.

      Thanks for reading. x


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