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Schwatrz Pepper Sauce

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Brand: Schwatrz / Type: Sauces

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    5 Reviews
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      23.06.2011 13:42
      Very helpful



      An excellent pepper sauce from Schwartz

      I have sometimes had steak with pepper sauce when I have been eating out at restaurants. It has always been one of my favourites but I think I had forgotten just how nice it is.....even when purchased in a packet.

      My partner will often cook and one day he said he wanted to make me beef in pepper sauce. He bought some steak and cut it into small strips. He put mushrooms and spring onions in this meal too (mixed in with the sauce). He also made julienne carrots and sauté potatoes.

      I wasn't aware at first that he had even used a packet sauce. The taste was so delicious that I really didn't think you could get such a sauce in a packet that was this good. He told me afterwards that it was this creamy pepper sauce from Schwartz. For some reason I was never much of a person for using packet sauces but I have realised that some of them are really good and well worth buying. If you think about how many ingredients you may need to used to make a sauce from scratch yourself, packet sauces can be a really handy cheap alternative provided you get a good one.

      I have tried many different sauces from Schwartz and 9 times out of 10 I have been more than pleased with the results.

      Its really easy to make this sauce and all you need is to do is add milk . You empty the contents of the packet into a saucepan; mix in half a pint of milk, continually stir; add 1 oz of butter (if you wish); then simmer for about 2 minutes until the sauce thickens. You can also cook the sauce in the microwave. I recommend adding the butter to get an even extra creamy taste. You can see tiny bits of black pepper in the sauce (there is also white pepper in it). This particular sauce is good if you don't like a pepper sauce with the actual peppercorns in it. It comes out delicious; incredibly smooth and creamy, of course peppery; but not extremely peppery; just the right amount I would suggest.


      Wheat flour
      Modified maize starch
      Yeast extract
      Skimmed milk powder
      Black 7 White pepper (8%)
      Fat powder ; vegetable fat, lactose (milk protein)
      Onion powder
      Garlic powder
      Stabilisers (Guar gum Xanathan gum)
      Red bell peppers
      Cream powder
      Protein enriched whey powder


      Per 25g packet there are;

      Kcals; 86
      Protein; 4.5g
      Carbohydrates 13.0g of which sugar 3.4g
      Fat 1.7g of which saturates 1.0g
      Fibre; 1.8g
      Sodium; 0.9g

      This sauce has no hydrogenated fat; no added preservatives and no artificial colours

      This creamy pepper sauce is currently available at Asda for only £0.74 pence.

      I would recommend that this lovely sauce is best served with any sort of beef really; if you like pepper I am sure you will like this!


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      15.01.2011 06:18
      Very helpful



      Its okay - but just okay.

      I do generally make all of my sauces from scratch because I really believe you can tell the difference, but sometimes (and honestly very rarely) I do cheat and use a packet sauce or a pre-prepared bottled sauce if I see something that takes my fancy. I have used this Schwatrz Pepper Sauce just once. It cost me 79p for one packet (enough for about 4 people) from Tesco's - and I thought, at this price, it was worth trying with the steak we were having. I did add to it to try to make it a little bit more authentic (onions, a tomato, some butter) but, at the end of the day, while it was okay, there was no getting away from the fact that it did taste like what it was - in other words, a pre-prepared packet sauce.

      The sauce comes in powder form in a small sachet that really doesn't take up much room in the cupboard and so I can see the appeal! To make it was really very simple. Literally, the sauce gets mixed with 300mls of milk and then it is bought to the boil and then gently simmered while adding in a little butter. In addition, I added in a tomato and some fried onions as well to make it more tasty. The powder and milk mixed together very easily and it resulted in what looked to be an authentic pepper-sauce coloured (you know, that kind of browny colour) sauce.

      In fairness, the sauce was smooth, creamy and lump-free. It was of the right consistency whereby it was pourable but thick enough to coat the wooden spoon that was stirring it. It smelled peppery and rich - and to all intents and purposes, it looked like the real deal.

      However, it did fall down slightly on the taste test as it didn't have the richness in flavour that it seemed to have in consistency. It did taste peppery, but it didn't taste creamy - and did have that slight powdery taste to it that I generally find is very hard to get away from when using a product like this. It wasn't a bad taste - and in all honesty I did eat it - but it was lacking in any depth of flavour and it didn't really improve the taste of the steak I was eating.

      In conclusion, its okay - but just okay.


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      16.03.2010 14:15
      Very helpful
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      I will use in the future when im straped for time

      I hate using packets and like to make my sauces myself, but in this day and age being busy and not having time for making your own sauce all the time, i will sometimes cheat and use a packet.

      My partner is a big fan of steak and chips. He likes also likes a sauce with his steak and i usually do either a mushroom and garlic sauce or a pepper sauce. I was running late and thought that i would try Schwatz creamy pepper sauce the other night.

      It was easy to do, you open the packet, empty it into a sauce pan, add 300ml of milk and bring to the boil stirring continuously, you then add 25g (or what i did a teaspoon full) and simmer for 1 - 2 minutes. Thats it your done and all you have to do is pour it over your steak.

      The sauce itself is very creamy and you do taste and smell the peppers from the start. When i opened the packet i was sneezing like mad, but then i am sensitive to pepper. Poured over the steak it looked really good, and looked alot smoother then mmy own home made sauce.

      It tasted like a pepper sauce, there was nothing that wowed me when i was eating it. You get a smooth creamy taste with a very peppery flavour that lingers. I wouldnt say it was the best pepper sauce i have ever tasted but i would use it again as it is simple and easy when you are rushed for time.


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        23.07.2009 13:34
        Very helpful



        Schwatrz peppercorn sauce

        I would love to be able to say that I make all my sauces for my dinners from hand with nothing but the freshest ingredients but unfortunately I work long hours and just don't have the time to have to cheat and buy them in packets!!

        Some of the best packets around in my opinion can be found in the Schwartz range. Last week I made a birthday dinner for my husband and as his favourite is steak, steak it was. I did however have a bit of a problem deciding how to cook it and what to cook it with as I have never cooked steak before So, after a quick browse in the Schwartz packet isle - they have just about every flavour and taste available, I came across thier creamy mild peppercorn sauce mix. The sauce contains whole green peppercorns, no hydrogenated fat, no added preservatives and no added MSG.

        Firstly it was very reasonably priced at 59p so I stocked up on a few as the beauty of these is that you can keep them for a very long time in you cupboard unlike ready made cream sauces that go off quite quickly.

        Secondly it solved my other dilema of what to serve with the steak as the picture on the front showed a very nice, appetizing plate with peas and potatoes, so peas and potatoes it was. The beaty of the sauce is that it can also coat these two ingredients and make sure the meal is not dry or bland.

        The sauce was very quick and easy to make. All you had to do was add 300ml of milk and butter (which was optional, it's a bit healthier without the butter I find but the sauce is probably not as creamy - although still creamy enough without) heat and then it's ready to serve. There is also microwavealbe as well which is nice.

        In my opinion it's quite a healthy option too as per pack, 25g, it only contains 88 calories. The pack serves 4 people ( you don't get much each if you serve it for 4) but if you split it between two that's only 44 calories each, great.

        I found the sauce to be creamy, lovely tasting and definitely complimented the steak perfectly and my husband loved it so I can't say better than that.


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          08.08.2008 11:22
          Very helpful



          Try it you'll love it

          Its practically guaranteed if I'm out for lunch or dinner that I'll have whichever dish comes with pepper sauce. I love the stuff and would eat it with pretty much any meat and like it served with rice and chips. The chips to dip and the rice to make sure I don't miss any of the sauce.

          Originally my favourite home version of pepper sauce was Knorr but when they changed the recipe a few years ago I didn't think it was as strong and changed my allegiance after trying them all to the Schwartz one.

          - - Packaging - -

          The packet has a very inviting steak dinner with pepper sauce oozing over it. (Makes my mouth water just thinking about it) There are a couple of flashes on the front

          New Improved
          No hydrongenated fat (I've started to look out for this on foods I buy)
          No added preservatives
          No artificial colours
          No added MSG (I hadn't even realized manufacturers added MSG???)

          The sauce is simple to make and you really can't go wrong which is more than I can say for the chicken chausser ones which seem to go all lumpy and gooey for me but I digress.

          This sauce can be made on the hob or in the microwave. I always microwave it as stirring a pot when I'm getting the rest of the meal ready is a chore I can't be doing with.

          - - How to make - -

          Put half pint milk (I prefer full fat for sauce making) in a microwaveable jug mix in the packet and you cook for four minutes, stirring every minute. Then you need to add a lump of butter if your diet allows (it says 1oz of butter) but I'm not washing the kitchen scales just to measure one ounce of butter. Don't worry if the sauce seems quite watery it will thicken up beautifully in the last minute. Hint - Use a one pint jug to allow expansion as the sauce can boil over if you forget to stop it and stir it.

          For the hob method mix the milk and packet contents, bring to the boil stirring continuously add the butter and simmer for 1-2 minutes until the sauce has thickened.

          This adds tons of flavour to any meal and a boring plate of food transforms into a feast (for me anyway) its also a good way to cover the taste of vegetables, I don't particularly like veg but know I have to eat them so use this method.

          - - Results - -

          The thick creamy sauce looks appetizing with the little bits of black peppercorn showing through and tastes 90% as good as the restaurant ones if not better than some.

          Its really hard to describe the taste creamy, spicy and peppery is the best I can do. I think this particular make is one of the strongest ones but my four year old eats it so it can't be that overpowering

          The sauces are normally around 59p which is brilliant value considering how much nicer dinner can be. The use by date on most packets I buy is over a year which is good for stocking up on offers. The packet claims to serve 4 but realistically I would say 2 greedily (which I am) 3 possibly.

          Per pack it is 86kcal so split between two to three people its well worth the calorie count.

          If anyone is interested in a change from steak, chips and pepper sauce I recommend

          Sliced roast chicken on a bed of creamy bacon and scallion mash with a healthy serving of pepper sauce drizzled over the top - absolutely delish!!!!


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        • Product Details

          A creamy sauce mix made with crushed peppercorns for the whole family to enjoy. Ideal with steak, burgers, chicken and sausages. Simply add milk and butter.

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