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Seriously Good Tomato, Black Olive & Mixed Herb

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Brand: Seriously Good / Type: Pasta sauce

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2011 21:40
      Very helpful
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      Give the pound to a tramp instead.

      ~~*~~*~~ Seriously Good? ~~*~~*~~

      I impulse bought this from Home Bargains in Lancaster where there are all manners of random items mixed in together. I really just went in to purchase some dog chews but since the queue was backed up down the aisles, I found myself looking at jars of sauce most of which were completely foreign to me but this one had a familiar face on it so I was lured in.

      ~~*~~ Seriously? ~~*~~

      Yup, I fell for it - I bought a jar of pasta sauce because it had a picture of butt-ugly Gordon Ramsay on the front - I'm a sucker. It's an average size glass jar with a red lid and a black and white photo of the aforementioned wrinkled-wonder on a green background: Gordon has a red nose in the picture because it's all in aid of comic relief, you see. Maybe it wasn't only the famous chef that enticed me, maybe it was the thought that I was doing my bit for charity and getting a tasty meal to boot.

      ~~*~~ My huge donation ~~*~~

      Money is a little tight but I felt I could pay one whole pound for a tasty jar. I've had a look around for the same jar elsewhere and the price ranges from £1.22 - £1.89: my Home Bargains no longer has them for sale, sorry. Apparently Gordon receives no money for his troll-like appearance on the front but Comic relief gets 10p for each sale - not bad, really.

      ~~*~~ Saucy ~~*~~

      The Italian range was '3 years in the making' though to be honest, Gordon needn't have wasted his time on the flavour I tried because it was revolting. I like food: there is rarely a meal I don't finish but this was hardly touched before it went in the dog's breakfast. 'Tomato, black olive & mixed herbs' sounds incredibly exciting but the taste was overpowered by capers and an aniseed tang. All I did was have it with pasta - no other flavours were added to taint it so I can guarantee that the taste was from the jar - I even checked to see if it were in date. On the plus side, it was a really nice looking thick sauce that covered the pasta well.

      ~~*~~ Ingredients and other useless info ~~*~~

      Tomatoes (53%), Tomato pure (18%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4%), Black Olives (1.5%), and tons and tons of other ingredients that it won't let me copy and paste from the website so you'll have to go there yourself - http://www.seriouslygood.com/sauce#/blackolive
      Worthy points to note are that it is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives; suitable for vegetarians; contains celery; and although it doesn't contain nuts it is made in a factory where someone may have at one point in time brought a peanut butter sandwich to work.

      ~~*~~ Cooking ~~*~~

      It's a sauce - heat it up and you're done. I used a saucepan which was controversial but well worth it for the 4 mouthfuls I choked down. There are recipes on the seriously good website but I personally wouldn't waste your download limit on it - one of the recipes is exactly as I've written above: heat up sauce, pour on cooked pasta, add anchovies (optional!).

      To be fair to Gordon (like he really gives an F word) the other sauces might be nice but one bitten, twice shy - that's a pound I definitely won't waste again.

      Caroline & Pig
      May 2011

      Both seriously unimpressed.

      Review will appear elsewhere, probably.


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