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Sharwood's Korma Sauce

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Brand: Sharwood's / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      27.08.2011 11:12
      Very helpful



      too make a decent curry,.go for sharwoods

      Sharwood's offer a range of cooking sauces and other food to accompany the dishes.


      The Korma Sauce in the Sharwood's range, is a mild Korma flavoured sauce which contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is also suitable for vegetarians. It is claimed to be ideal for chicken or lamb. This sauce is described as being "a subtly spiced sauce, enriched with fresh cream, desiccated coconut and cardamom." Once opened it should be refridgerated and used up within 3days.

      ~Packaging and Cooking Advice~

      The sauce is housed within a rectangular, clear glass jar with a screw on lid. The jar can be recycled. A label runs around the jar giving various bits of information including ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions (based on chicken). It is recommended that you fry 2 chicken breasts for a few minutes before covering with the sauce and simmering until the chicken is fully cooked.

      ~Ingredients and Nutritional Advice~

      Water , Single Cream (26%) , Sugar , Tomato Puree , Desiccated Coconut (4%) , Onion , Tomatoes , Modified Maize Starch , Ginger Puree , Garlic Puree , Spices , Salt , Lactic Acid , Citric Acid , Ground Cardamom , Colour (Lutein) .

      140g of sauce contains 192 calories, 14.4g sugar and 8.0g of saturated fat.


      The standard size of Korma sauce is 420g which should be sufficient for 3 servings. It is available in supermarkets for around £1.35. Asda currently offer it on a 3 for £3.00 offer with various other Sharwood's sauces.

      ~My Opinion~

      I like a curry and normally opt for a Chinese curry from a take away if we can afford it. Sometimes I fancy a Korma and like to make a Korma at home. We use the Sharwood's Korma Sauce often and most recently tonight after I picked up a jar in Asda whilst doing the shopping. I bought a pack of diced chicken for myself and my fiance, some Pliau rice (Uncle Bens) and my fiance nipped down to the local Indian and picked up some naan bread. I'm going to be changing my eating habits from Monday so decided to treat myself this weekend to some tasty food.

      The jar does the job of keeping the sauce fresh. The actual sauce is slightly darker and a little orangey compared to take away Korma sauce. It is quite thick and various flecks of spice can be seen through the jar. It was a little gloopy on opening the jar on this occasion so I gave it a quick stir whilst our chicken was frying. Once the chicken had lost its fleshy looking appearance, we added the Korma Sauce and allowed it to simmer.

      ~Full of Flavour~

      This Korma sauce offers a most mouthwatering aroma from the moment I open the jar and pour it into the frying pan. There is more than enough sauce to coat our chicken with lots left over which I like as I have plenty of sauce to dip my naan and rice in to! There was a hint of spiciness coming from the sauce as it cooked although still fairly mild and extra creamy. We found that once the sauce was in the pan and with a few mixes, it was ready and slightly bubbly within 5mins. Dished up, it looked very tasty and smelled delicious so we tucked in!

      The Korma sauce coats the chicken to allow for plenty of flavour but not completely soak the chicken. The sauce is moist enough so that I don't feel the constant need to stop eating to have a drink. I have experienced this with many curries so this is a bonus. The consistency of the sauce allows slip down the throat nicely and is thick enough for dipping my naan bread in.

      Of course the taste is the most important aspect of any food. With this Sharwood's sauce, you are offered a high quality taste. The sauce is packed full of flavour and offers a close to take away taste but perhaps a little more creamy. The sauce offers a strong creamy flavour which is nice and mild so suitable for even children or those who don't like strong spicy flavours. There is a delicate flavouring from the coconut which adds a distinct, exotic taste and the cardamom adds a very sublte spicy undertone which simply heats up the flavour a little.

      ~Fill Your Boots!!~

      We shared this out between to of us and with the naan and rice aswell, I found it difficult to eat it all as it was so filling. I do feel that on its own, its ideal for 2 though if you are having extra sides, it would comfortably stretch to 3 portions and fill you up. It isn't the healthiest of meals but it is tasty and affordable. The chicken we used came in a 380g pack costing £3.92. The total meal cost under £5.50 which is good.


      For a yummy Korma meal for 2 or 3 people, this is an ideal and fairly low cost meal. It is one which we will buy again when in the mood for Korma. Its affordable and of a high quality as are many of the sauces in the range so comes with 4 star recommendation from me.

      Thanks for reading :)

      Please note this review was posted on ciao last weekend when we had the curry :)


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        22.04.2011 11:51
        Very helpful



        Yummy yummy

        I never used to eat Indian food until I met my boyfriend 7 years ago. I am not one for spicy foods and the most adventerous I tend to get is a Tikka Massala but my favourite is a plain and simple Korma not spicy but very tasty. The jar classes it as a mild sauce.

        Now lets face it take aways these days are not cheap you can buy a weeks shop for the price of one nights take away so it is cheaper to make your own.

        This Sharwoods Korma sauce is around £1.50 in Supermarkets for a 420g jar but I found it recently in good old Home Bargains for 99p so I picked one up. The korma sauce comes in a glass jar with label as above on the picture. Opening the jar you can smell the onion and coconut straight up. The sauce itself is nice and thick and creamy it has a light orange colour to it slightly darker than what I get from a take away and it is definatley thicker than any take away I hav ever had.

        So to prepare I firstly fry my chicken or prawns which ever I fancy having it with it, then pour the sauce into a pan and add which ever meat or fish I have choosen. All you have to do then is heat with the meat in and its good to go and some rice a naan and some popadoms andd my Indian banquet is ready for eating.

        The taste of the sauce is as creamy as it looks and has a nice onion and coconut flavour and its great for dipping your naan bread in very tasy indeed. I actually prefer the taste of this to a take out now and you know what it is quicker to prepare this than it is to wait for a take away to be delivered. A meal can be done in around 10 minutes I would say one jar is enough for 2 people but you could probably stretch it it depends on how much sauce you like left at the end of your meal for dipping and I like alot.

        Each 140g serving of this sauce contain 227 calories not the lightest of meal options but for that off day it is great.

        This sauce contains Water, Single Cream, Sugar, Onions, Desiccated Coconut, Modified starch, Cocentrated whole milk, Ginger Puree, Vegetable oil, Concentrated tomatoe puree, Spices, Garlic Puree Salt, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Ground Cardamom.

        Allergy warnings: Contains Milk, May contain peanuts, nuts and sesame.

        I give this sauce 5 stars it is really tasty.


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          21.11.2010 16:05
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A really nice Korma sauce

          Ever since I was about 12 or 13 I can remember my mum doing a Chicken Korma on a Saturday night. It has been a tradition through most of my home live and so it is fair to say that I enjoy it. It is perhaps the only curry that I really enjoy and eat as I'm not really a fan of spicy or hot dishes.

          Now that I'm married though I like to try and keep this old family tradition going with my husband and out of all of the Korma sauces we have tried, we have found the Sharwood's one to be the best.

          When I used to have Korma at home I never used to pay any attention to which brand we used but now we have spent a bit of time testing brands and settled on the Sharwood's Korma as our favourite.

          It comes in a glass jar with an orange label with a black centre with the logo and type of sauce displayed clearly. The contents of the jar can be seen and other than some brief cooking instructions and contact details the label is quite subtle on the jar.

          When it comes time to open the jar the scent of the Korma is quite strong. The first smell really has a kick to it that tells you that the yellow sauce inside is definitely Korma. If you like a Korma then the smell will be a welcome and nice one, however if there is anyone near by that doesn't like it then it might be too strong.

          The cooking instructions tell you to cook some chicken then add the sauce and simmer until the chicken is cooked. I find this to be quite easy but I don't think this is the best way to get the best out of the flavour. I've done it this way a couple find that the chicken and the Korma sauce have too distinct flavours that don't quite go together enough.

          I prefer to cook mine using the slow cooker, browning the chicken a little first then adding the chicken and sauce to the slow cooker crock pot and leaving it to cook for 6 - 8 hours. This seems to really allow the flavours to blend together well. It really brings out the coconut and ginger tastes within the curry.

          The sauce has a mixture if ingredients including Chilli Powder, spices, Garlic Puree, Tomato puree, ginger puree, onions, coconut flour and single cream. The ingredients give the Korma sauce a nice mild taste that really suits how I like my food.

          I have found this to be the best Korma cook in sauce I have tried. It is currently available from Tesco on a buy 3 for £3 offer or if you only want one jar then Budgens are currently selling them for £1 a jar. On average we have found that one jar, which contains 420g is enough to feed 4 - 5 people.


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