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Tesco Finest Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2009 11:23
      Very helpful



      Tasty, fresh filling soup


      Tesco finest chicken Mulligatawny soup is a fresh soup in the refrigerator section sold in a plastic pot which is clear with a black lid in Tesco of course. In this clear pot you will find a generous 600ml of soup which gives a good portion to each of two people.


      I do make my own soups regularly as they are cheap, easy to make and are really healthy and good for you however there are times when I need to have a meal more quickly than I can produce from scratch. One of those times is when we have been out all morning to our yoga class and we return and want something warm for lunch very quickly so I buy a different soup from the Tesco fresh soup section each week.

      These fresh soups provide the next best thing to home - made soup and taste far more natural than tinned or packet soups as they have not been processed to the same extent. They seem to have a fairly long shelf life as I bought my tub on Nov 12th and the use by date on the pot is 29th November which is far longer than I would keep my own fresh soup in the fridge. However it states categorically on the back of the pot that there are NO artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats.


      The black plastic lid lefts off quite easily and then you can pour the contents into a saucepan and heat as usual or you could pour it into a bowl and heat in the microwave or you can lift the lid and heat the entire contents in the container it comes in.

      It is essential that the soup is heated to piping hot rather than just warmed as this will ensure that the food is heated to the heat to kill any dangerous bacteria that may be lurking. Persinally I prefer to use a saucepan and heat thoroughly while stirring towards the end as I want to really ensure that my food is properly heated through.

      Once heated then serve in bowls with bread, toast or bread rolls as preferred for a tasty, filling and healthy meal.


      While pouring the soup from the pot in to the saucepan I noticed that is was very thick, full of solids such as potato, tomato, lentils and chicken. I could also see green herbs which I think must have been coriander. As I was heating the soup the smell began to fill the kitchen. It smelled of tomato and curry with spices, I couldn't really detect a chicken smell but it did make my mouth water while waiting. It looked like real soup of fresh ingredients and I was looking forward to eating my nice warming lunch.

      While it was heating I toasted a couple of slices of toast and then poured out the piping hot, curry-red coloured soup into two bowls. It tasted pretty good, mildly curry flavoured with tomato and chicken and it had a really decent texture. There was enough interest in the way of solid bits to make it a chewable soup. It certainly was quite thick and definitely a meal rather than a light consommé style of soup. I felt pleasantly full after my bowlful and my husband said he was pleasantly satisfied with the bowl of soup and a couple of slices of toast for his lunch.

      The soup actually consists of chicken stock, cooked chicken, tomato, onion, cooked rice, red lentils, potato, coconut, tomato puree, spices, chilli, salt coriander leaf, garlic puree. There is not a single ingredient included in this list that I would not put in a home -made soup myself. Reading the ingredients list there are other things such as corn flour, fat and other things but nothing artificial is mentioned anywhere so I felt quite happy that I was not eating anything I was not sure of.

      There is an allergy warning about the fact there are no nuts in the recipe but they cannot guarantee that it is nut free as the equipment in the factory had previously been used to manufacture something with nuts.
      It also warns that while they have taken care to remove bones they cannot guarantee that there are NO bones.

      You can freeze this soup and you need to use it within a month, although it does have a very long shelf life when it is kept in the fridge which it must be of course.

      A bonus is that half a pot of this soup is one of your 5 a day fruit and vegetables so that is a tasty and easy way of enjoying one. The calorie content is 240 calories which is not bad for a satisfying meal in my book.

      On the front of the pot is a symbol with two chillies which means that the soup is medium chilli- hot but I found it quite mild but very tasty however some may find this a bit too spicy so be aware of the chilli symbol warning.


      My husband and I both enjoyed this filling, warming and tasty soup for our post yoga lunch today. I would certainly buy this again. I think it was about £150 for the pot -on special two for £3.00 at Tesco only as it one of their own product range. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys spicy food and wants a soup that tastes a bit more natural than tinned or packet stuff.

      I am giving this 5 stars as a really good fast food that is a healthy option.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © catsholiday


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