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Tesco Lemon And Ginger Sauce

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Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2008 22:52
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      For 78p you really can't go wrong here

      I've been spending a good deal of time trying to cut down on spendings lately. Part of that means saying goodbye to the frozen oven meals I used to live on - at £2-£3 a meal it just doesn't fit into the budget.

      So, it's out with frozen lemon chicken, and in with a jar of lemon sauce - Tesco Lemon and Ginger Cooking Sauce to be precise. It comes in a nice big jar - 78 pence for 550g which seems to be a good start. On my budget I need quantity over quality.

      If you're penny-pinching as I am, I suggest skipping the chicken breasts it suggests on the back and cutting the meat from a couple of chicken legs. Remove the bones and skin and chop up what's left and you've got enough meat for one person (perhaps more than enough, if the one person has a less than Laura-sized appetite) for a much lower price.

      Instructions are to give the chicken a quick browning for five minutes in a frying pan before adding the sauce. It's here you discover you haven't quite as much sauce as the massive jar suggests - I think it must evaporate as it cooks or something. The back of the jar suggests it should serve 4. I would put this as 2 Lauras or 3 normal people.

      The taste however is just fine, although I can't detect any ginger in there. Tastes lemon all the way to me. It is fairly runny - if you wanted a thick sauce this maybe isn't it.

      The jar suggests it can be kept in the fridge for three days. However if you, like me, are only feeding one person I suggest that you make up an extra portion or two of lemon chicken), spoon it into an ovenproof dish (I use the little foil disposable ones) and stick it in the freezer. Experimentation has shown it freezes just fine - you just stick it in the oven for 30-40 minutes to reheat it - but believe me, if you stick it in the fridge you won't fancy lemon chicken again for days and you'll end up throwing it away.

      So, how healthy is this sauce? Well, not terribly I'm afraid. Despite my personal excuses that "it contains lemon juice so it's almost fruit" there's 110 calories, 24.4g of sugar and 1.2g of salt per portion. Per portion not per jar so my personal habit of using half a jar per meal means I'm eating... a lot. Right.

      Despite this, I still prefer it to my previous frozen meals. This is not only because my cost per meal has dropped, but I can now control the amount, and more importantly, the quality of meat that gets thrown in. Where previously I was hunting around in sauce for a few measly bits of chicken, I can now fill my stomach properly. Yum!


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