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Tesco Lentil Soup

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Brand: Tesco / Soup

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2008 18:40
      Very helpful



      Avoid like the plague.

      I used to like tomato soup a lot but then everyone somehow changed their recipe simultaneously and I found that all brands were equally disgusting. It was very disappointing as I've always loved soup with a couple of slices of bread.

      Anyway, I was looking the other day at all sorts of 'good' food and found lentils to be one of them. I was going to buy a packet of them on their own but then I recalled buying a packet of seeds in a similar fashion and decided this was not the best way. A search on Tesco led me to discover lentil soup, and I decided to buy it with the weekly shop. I did realise the picture was a little disgusting but I dunno, it sort of looks warming, doesn't it? I thought it would be a nice change, too, as I've only ever had tomato soup really.

      Today I opened the can. What met me is truly too monstrous to describe. The contents was, uh, a block of soup. It had somehow solidified and was moulding to the form of the can, yet there was a little dip at the top of this block which allowed a pool of a watery brown mixture to reside. I was beginning to feel sick already but the smell was one which I thought there was a 50/50 chance of me liking it or not. The alternative was very likely me puking.

      I started the whole microwave business and was glad to see that when I stirred it midway, the solid mass had 'melted' and become sort of soupy. I continued and took it out after the remaining time. It was bubbling. I found this very disturbing as it didn't appear to want to stop and I did it for the right amount of time. I stirred, and the mixture rampaged. It was not looking too good.

      If it looked like vomit at the beginning, it looked even more like it now that it was actually a liquid. It looks like the picture on the can but looks slightly more disgusting when they're not trying to convince you to buy it. I decided to get a piece of bread because prior I had always been convinced that no soup can taste bad with bread. But no. I was wrong.

      The taste is difficult to describe but it's truly disgusting. It doesn't taste like it smells, which may be a good thing or may be a bad thing - I don't rightly know. I gave up after a while as it really does make you want to throw up. I don't think anyone really needs me to describe this aspect though because, if you buy it, you will see right away what a disgusting mess this soup is. All I need to say past that is that it tastes as bad as it looks when you open the can. Even if it did taste nice, I don't think I could have convinced anyone else in my family to eat this when they had prior seen the contents of the can. It's that off putting.

      It also stunk up the house. When others came to the house, they immediately asked "why does the house smell of fish?". Why indeed.

      Anyway past that, I don't think this soup is very good on the health side either as it only contains 17% lentils! I mean, what? I think the main ingredient is water. Truly disgusting. It also has a ridiculous amount of salt with 1.4g per half a can, which is almost 50% of your recommended daily intake if you eat the whole can!


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