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Tesco 'Light Choices' Carrot & Coriander Soup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2009 13:36
      Very helpful



      A run of the mill soup..this is

      I absolutely love soup and once upon a time (many years ago now) I lived with my best mate and her kids in London. We used to diet hard (being on weight watchers at the time) and she used to make wonderful soups for me and her and my favourite (I used to beg her to make me) was carrot and coriander soup. It was truly amazing and I can make it myself, though I find it expensive to make and messy and time consuming and I'm left with loads for one person and don't want to be eating it for days and I only like it fresh so I don't like freezing it so my easiest option is to buy it in a tin or summat and this at 34p a tin and deeming itself to be healthy tempted me big time!

      The Packaging...

      Not quite as depicted as on the review photograph, the labelling has changed on this range lately. The tin is now 400g in weight, light gold in colour with a white label covering it's 'body'. On that in grey and light brown writing I'm told it is Tesco 'Light Choices' Carrot & Coriander Soup 'Visit www.tesco.com/lightchoices to get your free 4 week Light Choices meal plan' and that it now has reduced fat and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on the bottom right hand corner under a bowl of what I'm sure is meant to be the soup in a dish. On the back of the tin I'm told how to heat it up, nutritional information is given (and I'm told according to the weight watchers point system this is 1 point per 200g serving), allergy advice is listed and I'm told it is suitable for Vegetarians, ingredients are given, I'm told where to find the best before date and how to store it, contact details for Tesco are given, the weight is stated and finally there is a bar-code displayed. Nice enough can although I was slightly disappointed that such a decent looking can didn't possess a ring pull to the top of it for ease of opening but oh well....never mind I do own a tin opener lol.

      Heating Instructions....

      On The Hob....

      Empty contents into a saucepan and heat gently for 3-4 minutes.

      In The Microwave....

      Empty contents into a none-metallic bow and cover for 2 minutes, stir and then re-cover and cook for a further 2 minutes.

      The Soup Itself....

      Well I always microwave my soup in a microwavable big, deep dish and for this reason I don't cover it cos I know it won't splatter everywhere. The can was easy to open and the soup poured out with ease as it was incredibly runny, smelt of carrots and had a lovely rich orange colour to it with plenty of small chopped (fresh looking) coriander blended throughout it.

      The soup however is really very runny and under seasoned in my view and could of done with a dash of pepper to pep it up a bit at least. There was lots of mushed up carrot residue within this and some visual flakes of carrot and although it smelt of it (with a hint of onion though I couldn't taste it) it was all fresh and watery tasting, nice textured but a little on the bland side for my taste-buds though natural. Although healthy and filling this is.... Best eaten with a load of bread and butter in my opinion lol, this is a quick and simple lunch say and it isn't awful but not the most exciting of soups either!

      Allergy Advice....

      Contains milk
      Recipe: No nuts
      Ingredients: cannot guarantee nut free
      Factory: No nuts

      Only available in Tesco stores and the full fat version is on sale also.


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