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Tesco Light Choices Tuscan Bean Soup

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Soups

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    2 Reviews
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      26.04.2013 01:53
      Very helpful



      Overal an affordable soup with a nice spice kick although not as good as pure meditarian spices

      Tesco Tuscan Bean Soup

      Packaging and form factor:

      It comes in a straightforward no nonsense design with it being a ring pull and the product having a picture of the soup with beans in it, it also has a picture of tomatoes, peppers and carrots on the front which do a great job of informing the consumer of some of what's in the product without the need for checking round the back of the can. The writing for the product is in the centre which tells the consumer that it's a tesco product and it is "Tuscan bean soup" the colours used for the print are red and white. Overall it's a solid informative design cover and the ring pull opening mechanism (i.e the form factor) is one of my favourites in a canned product as it saves me the effort of having to use the can opener!

      Taste, colour and texture:

      The soup is a dark orange or light red colour; it does not smell bad when cold and looks very appetising when hot. It has a quite sweet tomato taste to it which is expected as the main ingredient is tomato puree, it has quite a spicy kick to it with an overall taste that is somewhat half way between a Mexican bean feast type of spicy and a more tantalising Mediterranean type of spice flavour found in Italian foods such as arabiatta which I personally find far more yummy and stimulating of the taste buds as Mexican bean feasts are a bit naff.
      It has quite a smooth texture considering it has lots of beans in it which break up the smoothness somewhat but not as much as you would expect.

      It is loaded with beans so is very healthy, as will be mentioned later, but personally I would have a few less beans if you were going purely for taste as the beans break up the smooth liquid somewhat and make it less soup like . Albeit considering the product is going for a balance of taste and nutrition I personally believe it does a very good job of incorporating tasteless beans into a nice tomato spiced soup product. I like the lentils in this soup and the peppers which blend nicely into the mix compared to the super healthy beans!

      Health Rating and nutritional information:

      A full can, 400g provides 280 kcal (14% of 2000 kcal allowance for a typical man), 41 g carbs of which 6g are sugars (90g sugar allowance per day for typical man) ,3.6g fat ( 6% of 70g typical allowance for average 5ft 8-5ft10 inches man) and 14 g of protein ( RDA figures not given).
      Overall these figures are quite high, in a good way, indeed a half can is rated at 2 of your 5 a day according to the claims on the tin, although they may be stretching the figures somewhat but I had a full can so that's definitely got to be 2 of your 5 a day meaning a couple pieces of fruit and a small portion of broccoli with your diner or lettuce can give you your full 5 a day.

      The approximate ratio of 4:1 in terms of protein to fat is good as protein fills you up more and helps an active person become more muscular whilst losing undesirable fat weight. Many foods give a 1 to 1 ratio which is not as needed because from memory official RDA figures suggest protein intake should slightly exceed fat intake but the advice many diet sites and sports sites give is to have nearly twice the protein to fat in your diet because official RDA figures and ratios underestimate how much protein an active body needs to build muscle and stamina and slightly overestimates how much fat is good for you.


      It was purchased in Tesco on special offer where a four pack was being offered for £1.80 however typically individual cans sell for 62p and a four pack for £2.21 (give or take a few pence depending on date and stock) in our local Tesco's. This is very good value as Heinz tomato soup four packs often cost £3.30 or higher. So its £1.10 cheaper than Heinz and has a higher protein to fat ratio than Heinz soup although the taste falls a little sort in lieu of the silky smoothness and juicy tomato flavours of that product but it's definitely worth buying due to the health benefits and the spicy kick which make it different from straight vegetable or tomato soup products.


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        24.07.2009 19:46
        Very helpful



        A really yummy soup I whole heartedly recommend!

        I don't know about you but when I'm in a supermarket I always look to see what other people buy. I don't have a huge shopping list or anything as I don't purchase the bulk of my homes shopping (parents do lol) so really I just buy items that I fancy from time to time.

        The other day in Tesco's I saw this lady shoving her shopping on the conveyor belt and noticed she had no less than 14 tins of this stuff! I love soup and to me there is no greater advertisement than this woman hoarding this stuff lol So I legged it while I had time and grabbed a couple of tins to try and she didn't half look at me bemused when I returned lol!

        The Packaging....

        400g can with a white label round the middle of it and on that in silver and orange writing I'm told it is Tesco 'Light Choices' Tuscan Bean Soup which is low in fat and gives me details about joining the Tesco diet plan, there is a photograph of the cooked soup in a dish and finally there is an at a glance nutritional chart of there. On the back of the can I'm told a bit about the soup, directions for heating it up are given as is nutritional information, ingredients and allergy advice, the size is stated, contact details for Tesco's are given, there is a Weightwatchers point guide on here too (this is 2 points per half a can on their diet plan) and finally there is a bar-code on there. This can has really nice labelling to it, it's informative enough though I would like a ring pull to the top of it if I was being nit picking!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

        Big on taste, light on calories, sugar and fat.
        Contains 30% less sugar than Tesco Tomato, Basil and Cannellini bean soup.

        Directions for Heating It Up....

        Gently heat it in a saucepan on the hob for 3-4 minutes or bang it in the microwave in a microwavable dish for 3-4 minutes.

        My Experience With The Soup....

        Well I cooked this in the microwave because I'm lazy and this was easy to do. It poured out of the can as a orange rather gloopy looking mixture smelling rather heavily of tomatoes and peppers.

        Once cooked the sauce was still an orange colour and still rather thick and smelt still of tomatoes and of peppers and sort of smelt mediterranean really. it looked great and really very appetizing!

        Taste wise this was really superb. The consistency is/was wonderful as it contained a lot of ingredients. In this soup there is a huge mix of red lentils, black eyed beans, bortolli and flageolet beans with some small chunks of carrot and red and green pepper squares. All of these ingredients are really well cooked through but retain their individual flavors and taste very fresh indeed. On top of all all those individual flavours I've mentioned already this is really well seasoned with salt and pepper and a hint of garlic along with a light blend of coriander and cumin.

        I found this really, really tasty! Filling, this is, easy to cook and I liked the fact that it wasn't a mushy soup but all the ingredients held together well! The consistency not being too runny but 'dippable with bread' worked really well for me and this is a great way of eating vegetables and being healthy without realising at all! I found this luxurious on every level! Lovely!

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains milk, celery.
        Recipe: No nuts.
        Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free
        Factory: No nuts.

        Nutritional Information Per Half A Can:

        Calories: 130
        Sugar: 3g
        Fat: 1.8g
        Saturates: 0.4g
        Salt: 0.8g

        Only available in Tesco stores priced at 35p a can! Bargain!


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