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Tesco Light Choices Vegetable Soup in a Mug

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2010 15:19
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      A taste low fat quick to make soup

      I did find a very good range of cup a soups when looking in Tesco but recently spotted the Light Choices range which was on offer so decided to give them a go. We are cutting out on our bread intake so these make a perfect lunch snack instead of a sandwich.


      The soups come in a white cardboard box which has the Tesco Light Choices logo on the top corner and a picture of a white mug showing the made up soup inside. There is a break down of the nutritional values on the bottom of the box. The back of the box is the same as the front. The side of the box have all of the product information on and nutritional values and ingredients. It is here you can also find the directions for making the soups.

      Inside the box are 4 sachets and it is here that the powered soups can be found.


      It is very simple to make the soups. To do this you just empty the contents of one of the sachets into a mug and then add 1/3 pint of boiled water and stir until the powder is all dissolved.

      When I opened a sachet sand poured in into my mug I noticed how light it was. There was a fine powder but in this there were larger pieces of vegetables, the ones which were very noticeable were the peas and carrots. I thought that there did not seem to be much of the powder so was expecting it to have quite a weak taste. Once I added the water and gave it a good stir I noticed the colour got slightly darker and it does go a nice pleasant green brown colour. The larger bits are still very noticeable once the soup has been made. I found it was very easy to stir the soup and make sure that all of the powder was dissolved and once I got to the bottom of the mug of soup I was happy that I did not find any remains of the powder in large clumps.

      There is a good smell to the soup and this is only faint when it is in powder form but it gets stronger once the water s added and it does actually make me very hungry smelling this whilst stirring. There is nothing specific I can pin point the smell to apart from the fact it smells of vegetable soup, I did notice that there seemed to be a slight stronger smell of the leek.

      The soup was indeed very tasty and this was made even more so as I knew t was very good on the old calories and fat content. I found it was a joy to drink and I did not have any issues drinking it with the slightly larger pieces of vegetables. The soup looked a little on the runny side but I found that it was a perfect consistency when drinking and not overly watery. You could make it slightly thicker by adding less water but this is to your own personal taste, I was quite happy using the stated amount of water. The soup left a lovely taste in my mouth and I was very happy with the overall taste experience and was left feeling full.

      Hubby finds that one mug of soup is not quite enough for him and he does in fact have a slice of bread with his and he find he is more full from doing this. The bread does not soak up an excess amount of the soup so you don't have to worry about having nothing left to drink.

      You can also use a spoon to eat the soup if that s what you prefer and as it is not overly runny this is easy to do, I would suggest pouring the soup into a large necked mug or dish if this is the way you want to eat it.


      The box of soups contains 4 sachets and they each contain 218ml once made.

      There are some allergy warnings on the box which include the fact that these soups contain milk, wheat and gluten, they also stated that the recipe is nut free but they cannot guarantee that these have been made in a nut free factory. They are suitable for vegetarians.

      The ingredients for the vegetable soups are:-

      Maltodextrin, Vegetable Powders (15%), Potato Starch, Dried Glucose Syrup, Dried Noodles (9%), Vegetable Oil, Chicory Fibre, Natural Flavourings, Dried Vegetables (4%), Yeast Extract, Salt, Thickener (Guar Gum), Milk Proteins, Emulsifiers (Dipotassium Phosphate, Trisodium Citrate), Colour (Mixed Carotenes), Dries Parsley, Ground Black Pepper.

      Vegetable Powders contain: Potato, Pea, Onion, Leek and Carrot
      Dried Noodles contain: Durum, Wheat Semolina, Salt
      Dried Vegetables contain: Carrot, Peas

      The nutritional values for the made up soup are:-

      Energy - 63 Kcal
      Protein - 1.3g
      Carbohydrates - 11.6g
      Of which sugars - 0.9g
      Fat - 1.3g
      Of which saturates - 0.7g
      Mono-Saturates - 0.4g
      Polyunsaturated - trace
      Fibre - 1.3g
      Sodium - 0.4g
      Salt Equivalent - 1.1g

      The box needs to be stored in a cool dry place and they have a shelf life of over 1 year so they are handy for keeping in the cupboard for a quick snack of a warmer on a cold winter day.

      The box can be fully recycled.


      These are made by Tesco and form part of their Healthy Living / Light Choices range so they can only be bought in their stores. The box of 4 soups is priced at around 60-70p per box. I managed to get these on offer with 3 boxes for £1.50 which was great value.


      I have to give these soups in a mug the full 5 stars as they are excellent. They are easy to make, taste great and have very little fat or calories. They are ideal for those on a diet and especially handy to keep in the cupboard for a quick snack or a cold winters day. Definitely one for all fans of soup to try.


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