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The Curry Leaf Tikka Masala Sauce

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Brand: The Curry Leaf / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      12.05.2012 17:24
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      A brilliant cheap sauce with a good flavour.

      Why do I buy this?

      Like a lot of other people, I have been trying to switch to cheaper alternatives when I am out food shopping. I honestly think I have cut my grocery bill in half by doing this, and most of the products I've tried are just as good as the more expensive option. This sauce is no different, I have found it to be of a really high standard, and the price is a snip. This sauce usually makes it into my shopping basket every week now, and my boyfriend seems to really enjoy it too!

      Tikka Masala.

      Tikka Masala must be one of the most popular curries (although some may find it a little boring). I've tried ever so many types of curries, but Tikka Masala will always be one of my favourites as it's the first curry I ever tried. This sauce probably isn't as creamy as a lot of the other Masala sauces I've tried, but it certainly has a very delicious flavour. I would describe this as a mild curry sauce, it definitely won't blow your head off, so I usually add some dried chilli flakes to it to add a little more heat. If you like a very spicy curry, then you might not be overly keen on this one. It actually has quite a tangy and fruity taste - I really like this because it does seem a little different than a normal Masala. It also has a good consistency, I don't find it at all runny or watery like you might get from a cheaper sauce. I simply add a chopped onion, peppers, and a couple of mushrooms, and it makes for a very filling and satisfying meal.
      I think this sauce could easily serve around 4 people, I just use it for me and my boyfriend, and there is definitely a lot of it.

      The packaging.

      The packaging is not so different from most of the other well known brands on the market. It comes in a traditional glass bottle, with a screw lid, and the safety cap as we've come to expect. The Curry Leaf logo is clearly visible on the front, and it looks fairly stylish. I like the purple and orange colours they have used - it helps the sauce to stand out a little more on the shelf.

      Price and availability.

      I have only seen this on offer in Tesco supermarket's, so I can't say for certain that it's widely available. The price however, is excellent - coming in at just 79p for a 500g bottle. I will definitely continue to buy this sauce, as it's very tasty, and probably half the price of most other sauces.


      It's not an overly healthy sauce, but I wasn't expecting it to be! 100g of sauce contains 120 calories, 7.6g of fat, and 0.7g of salt. I usually have this sauce once a week, so I don't think I am being massively unhealthy by doing this.

      Well worth trying!


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        15.02.2010 21:06
        Very helpful



        Tastes nice!

        My mate and I love spicy foods. In a caravan it's really hard to cook things like a curry up though due to being in a confined spice and it's really hard as it is considering she is a Vegetarian and mainly eats heaps of vegetables!

        This is why when we fancied a curry one night in the caravan we decided to buy a ready made up curry sauce mix in a jar whilst in Tesco. I only saw this one 'Curry Leaf' Tikka Masala Sauce and there didn't seem to be any more flavours so we opted for it!

        The Packaging:

        500g Glass jar with a black screw on/off lid to the top of it that as soon as it is opened or tampered with has a gold button that pops out to let you know. The label is purple and white around the main body of the bottle and on the front there is a photograph of what appears to be chicken tikka masala on there and I'm told it is The Curry Leaf Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce, that it is a discount brand and that it is medium in flavour. Other information on the bottle tells me the ingredients and allergy advice, a full nutritional rundown chart is on there, a serving suggestion is given, the size is stated and contact details for Tesco are listed.

        Using It:

        Well you can use this to make a chicken tikka masala up, use meat substitutes or simply use Vegetables if preferred it's all down to you of course how you use it. Personally all I did was fry off some onions and Quorn, boil some vegetables and then when all cooked up and tender I added this rich orange sauce over the top of it, blended it all well and left it simmering for about 15 minutes.

        The sauce as I have said already is a rich orange colour and you can see tiny shards of tomato and onion in it along with spices such as ground coriander and coriander leaves. It is a nice thick, gloopy sauce when you add it to the ingredients your using and then it goes a bit more runny as it cooks but really holds very well and glossily coats the ingredients.

        Taste wise both me and my mate like this one. Creamy due to the yogurt and cream it contains but tangy due to the spices and tomatoes and tomato puree it contains it smelt as pleasant as it tasted. However we feel that although this is meant to be rather spicy it really isn't but then that's not necessarily a bad thing as you can always do as we do and chop up a chilli yourself and add that for an extra kick!

        It's a nice well balanced sauce and and we also liked the fact it wasn't a greasy sauce, had a nice hint of garlic to it and you could really taste the fennel, clove, cumin and ginger within it giving a really nice curry!

        Nutritional Information Per One Quarter Of A Jar:

        Energy:155 Kcal
        Protein: 2.1g
        carbohydrate: 12.6g
        of which sugars:9.0g
        Fat: 10.5g
        of which saturates: 6.7g
        Fibre: 2.6g
        Sodium: 0.2g
        Salt equivalent: 0.6g

        Only available in Tesco stores priced at 84p a jar.


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