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Uncle Bens Light Sweet And Sour Sauce

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Brand: Uncle Bens / Type: Sauce

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2013 23:27
      Very helpful



      Tasty and lower calorie

      Mine and my partners wedding is booked for May 2014 and I am determined to lose as much of my extra weight as possible before then. I've got just under two stone to lose to hit my goal weight, and as I have plenty of time I am trying not to pressure my self too much. I find that if I deprive my self of my favourite foods/nice tasting food I will just give up my diet and resort back to eating rubbish, fattening food so I have been making my own homemade versions of mine and my family's favourite treat meals and takeaway meals such as Indian, Italian, Chinese and I've also made a fair few homemade pizzas over the past few months too.

      A particular favourite of ours at the moment is sweet and sour sauce. This is really versatile and it's great for making sweet & sour chicken with brown rice and heaps of steamed veggies, mixing with noodles and stir fried veg, and my sons favourite - my special concoction of brown pasta with lots of diced bacon, topped with the sweet and sour sauce and grated cheese which tastes so much better than it sounds!! I have always bought the uncle ben's sweet and sour sauce because it is the best tasting jarred sweet and sour sauce around in my opinion. It is only fairly recently that I have been buying the 'light' version though but I have been really impressed with it and I can't believe I didn't try it sooner!

      This sauce has got around 30 calories less per 100 grams than the original sweet and sour sauce has which doesn't sound like a lot but calories all add up and seeing that I usually have around 200 grams of it per serving i am saving around 60 calories which would take a while to burn off! Ok so it isn't loads less calories but I'd rather eat this knowing that it isn't as fattening as the original version and it doesn't taste any less tasty so I don't feel deprived or like I'm eating diet food. Little changes here and there like this are key to success in weight loss. The sauce comes in a 500 gram glass jar which has got a screw top lid.

      Every single jar I've bought I've found the lid hard to remove, I normally have to get my other half to do it for me. The jar is see through so the red sauce can be seen through and so can the bits of vegetables such as carrots etc. The label is pretty informative with information such as the calorie content and ingredients. There are artificial sweeteners in the ingredients to give the sauce that traditional sweetness. This personally doesn't bother me but I know some people aren't too keen in artificial sweeteners. The sauce itself has got the same consistency as the original sauce, I was expecting it to be more eatery however it is nice and thick but it's not gloopy or too thick.

      It's a nice bright red colour with the vegetables and chunks of pineapple easily visible and the sauce smells lovely and it is very fragrant with a sweet oriental smell to it. Depending on what recipe I am making I will usually heat this up in a sauce pan then add it to the chicken or noodles/whatever I'm cooking and I find this works well, the sauce takes no time to warm up - 2 minutes or so on a medium heat and it is cooked through. The sauce tastes nice with a variety of foods but it works especially well with chicken, prawns or salmon. It is also nice with pasta or noodles. My partner once had this to dip his toast in one morning a couple of weeks back because there was a bit left over.. he enjoyed it!

      The taste is almost exactly like the original sweet and sour sauce - sweet with a vinegar sort of undertone to it to add a sour taste and the crunchiness of the vegetables and pineapple is nice and the tastes work well together, I think that the pepper and pineapple are the most noticeable. They also taste fairly fresh and aren't mushy in texture. Because of the addition of the vegetables and pineapple I don't think that this is a very good dipping sauce in my personal opinion as I prefer smooth sweet and sour sauce to dip spring rolls etc in. Although the light version of the sweet and sour sauce is almost the same as the original the artificial sweetener is noticeable, it is sweet but the sweetness doesn't taste the same as the sweetness in the original and there is a bit of a funny aftertaste but not to the point where it is unpleasant.

      The sauce is still tasty and I will continue to buy this. It isn't a healthy food but it is better than the full sugar version, and it doesn't have any really awful ingredients in it. It costs around £1.75 per jar at the usual retail price but I have got about 5 jars in the cupboard which I paid £1 each for as they were on offer in tesco a couple of weeks ago, I'd pay the full price if I had to though and I do think its worth the full price because it's a good quality, tasty, easy sauce and you get plenty of it.


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    Uncle Bens Light Sweet and Sour Sauce 500g

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