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Uncle Bens Oriental Cantonese Sauce

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5 Reviews
  • Quick & easy
  • Easier than going to China
  • Only the empty jar
  • not really Canton cuisine
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    5 Reviews
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      14.08.2015 12:42
      Not Helpful


      • "Easier than going to China"
      • "Quick & easy"


      • "Only the empty jar"
      • " not really Canton cuisine"
      • Well

      Good stuff, easy to prepare.

      I've been an Uncle Ben's fan for sometime, using mainly chilli con carne and their rice ( do not like the microwave rice) Saw the Cantonese sauce and thought I'd try it. What a pleasant suprise. It does have a delicate taste of ginger and in no way is any ingredient overpowering. I actually like to add chilli flakes to mine for an extra kick, but not too much. Really unusual to find that there are no recipes on the jar (should i have gone to Specsavers?) However, I threw into my wok the chicken, more peppers & mushrooms and really enjoyed it with noodles, bean sprouts and vegetables but no rice. Excellent food.


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      08.05.2013 22:52
      Very helpful



      An oriental sauce that is pleasantly tasty and ideal if you want to throw a meal together quickly

      I reviewed Uncle Ben's Lemon Chicken Sauce a couple of weeks ago, and thought that I'd give a short review of their (his?) Cantonese sauce which we've tried tonight.


      The sauces were on offer at Morrisons a few weeks ago and although we'd never tried Uncle Ben's sauces before, I thought that because of the company's reputation, due to them being on offer for the same price as the supermarket's own brand sauces and not least the fact that they looked quite appetizing, I would buy one of each variety to give them a try. The Lemon Chicken Sauce was quite nice, so we gave the CanTonese flavour a try tonight.


      The sauce comes in a 500g-sized jar with the usual bright orange metal top. The label is no different to the others in the range, apart from the fact that this one is more of a brown colour which matches the colour of the sauce nicely. There's a picture on the front of chicken and the sauce on a bed of rice with a root of ginger, black mushrooms and what appears to be a slice of yellow pepper laying beside the dish. The reverse of the label has a list of ingredients which include onions, red and yellow peppers, baby corn, black mushrooms, ginger and garlic - it's claimed that all ingredients are 100% natural. The description of the contents states that it is 'an aromatic and richly flavoured sauce with soy, black mushrooms and a hint of ginger'. There is also a recipe suggestion on the label which uses diced chicken breast or beef - we had the chicken.


      I found the sauce to be quite tasty. I thought on looking at it that it would be similar to black bean sauce which I'm not over fond of, but it's actually a lot sweeter. I wouldn't say that it's anywhere near as sweet as a Sweet and Sour sauce, but the soy sauce is quite strong. You can definitely taste the ginger, but it's not overpowering, and there's a hint of garlic. I personally don't think that it's particularly spicy sauce - although it does contain spices there's not enough to make it a hot. What I do like about it is that there are quite a few lumps of pepper and slices of sweetcorn which add to the flavour and texture. Mushrooms are there, but not in abundance - they're thin and you can't really taste them. I wouldn't say that it's an authentic Cantonese flavour, though - but I don't think you can expect true authenticity out of a jar. The sauce is quite thick but even so there's enough for two people and it's very quick to prepare the meal - just fry the meat, add the sauce, let it simmer for about 5 minutes and serve on a bed of rice, so it's ideal if you're in a hurry.


      Nutritional values per 100g:-

      Energy - 78kcal
      Protein - 0.8g
      Carbohydrate - 17.4g
      of which sugars - 12.8g
      Fat - 0.3g
      of which saturates - 0.1g
      Fivre - 1.1g
      Sodium - 0.32g
      Salt - 0.80g


      You can buy this in most supermarkets and the usual price is in the region of £1.76 which is similar to what you would pay for other branded sauces. I bought it when it was on offer at Morrisons for £0.99 but I notice that at none of the supermarkets seem to have it reduced in price at the moment. You may be able to buy this in some of the discount stores such as B & M, but I personally don't use those stores much I can't be certain.


      I'm afraid that there's not much more that I can add to the review - it's a very nice sauce that's tasty, quite sweet and not too spicy. I think I'll definitely buy this one again but I'll probably wait until I see it on offer.

      Thank you for reading this review and I hope you found it useful


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        22.12.2009 15:58
        Very helpful



        want to try something new? try cantonese!

        Ahhh Cantonese! it has always been one of my favourite sauces to use... well my mum does the cooking but i do the eating! and this sauce makes a gorgeous chicken curry.

        I have always been a fan of Indian and Chinese. with Indian my favourites have always been korma and tikka masala. since i tried the cantonese curry my mum made me, i was forced to choose a new favourite... this cantonese sauce is full with flavour! it tastes amazing. you will feel very satisfied when you've finished your dinner knowing you've had a great product that was worth the time and effort to use.
        Cantonese isn't hot, neither is it spicy. its actually quite sweet, but has that savouriness in it to. its a sauce children can enjoy too; i know alot of children don't often enjoy anything that's to hot, like tikka masala.
        You can use any kind of meat with this sauce but my personal favourite is chicken, its goes great! you may also use this sauce with noodles and pasta.

        ive noticed, if i get chicken with cantonese from the takeaway, it just isn't as nice as a lovely homemade version, which is healthier and cheaper.

        uncle bens have always been my favourite along with sharwoods. uncles ben's sauces have always been very tasty and delicious to eat. brilliant to use as a curry.

        i recommend this product to anyone who loves Chinese or Indian. its great to try out and you will most probably enjoy it alot!


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        18.10.2009 20:03
        Very helpful



        A Lovely Stir Fry Out Of A Jar

        I've just done me and my mum a wicked chicken stir fry using Uncle Bens Cantonese Sauce, I've never seen this one before but apparently it's been available for quite a while now.

        I stir fried the chicken with some extra veggies then poured the sauce over the top and let it simmer for about 5 minutes while I cooked some noodles.

        I loved the sauce. It's tangy and peppery with a wicked sweet and sour flavour that went soooo good with the chicken. It's got a bit of a sticky feel to it that I enjoyed but my mum wasn't so keen on because she prefers a slightly thinner sauce with meals like this.

        There were more small chunks of vegetables than I thought there would be like thin slices of baby corn, bits of onions and slices of red pepper. I had brought it because of the black mushrooms that the jar made a big deal out of, but these are so thin that they've turned stringy and didn't taste of mushroom at all.

        I loved how well the sauce coated the chicken because even though the meat had only been cooking in it for a few minutes it had soaked up the flavour lovely. The noodles went wicked with the sauce as well because I think noodles are proper bland and need this kind of warm sauce to liven them up a bit.

        The sauce is just brill and one of the nicest of the Uncle Ben's range I reckon. I loved how nice and spicy it was, the aftertaste is spicier after you've finished your meal and that was great because it tasted so yummy.

        I reckon it would go nice with cubes of fresh salmon as well because it's got a nice sweet taste underneath the spiciness that would go proper nice with fish or big prawns. My mum said she's used it before to make a beef stir fry and she said that was very nice as well but I'm not sure because I'm not mad keen on beef in stir fries.

        It cost £1.39 in Tesco and I think that's a good price because it did us 2 and I reckon it could have been stretched with more chicken to do 3 or even 4 people.


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        26.11.2008 18:15
        Very helpful



        Not very good at all, I think I will stick to Uncle Ben's sweet & sour sauce in the future.

        Cantonese cuisine comes from Guangdong Province in Southern China, or specifically from Guangzhou (Canton). Of all the regional varieties of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is the best known outside China.

        One of my favourite dishes from our local chinese restaurant is pork cooked cantonese style, so when I found this sauce at a local supermarket I thought I would try to replicate it and cook my own cantonese style pork.

        ****The sauce****

        This cantonese style sauce is made by Uncle Bens, and since I have tried many of the other international sauces Uncle Bens produces I had no concerns over the quality of the product, well not initially.

        The blurb on the jar stated "Uncle Ben's Cantonese sauce is an aromatic and richly flavoured sauce with soy, black mushrooms and a hint of ginger". All these flavours compliment each other so I though it should taste good, although I was unsure if it was going to taste authentic.

        ****Nutritional information****

        100g of this cantonese style sauce contains 86 Kcal, 0.8g of protein, 20.3g of carbohydrates (16.4g of sugars), 0.2g of fat 1.2g of salt and 1.2g of fibre.

        As with most ready made jar sauces the worrying thing is the high sugar and salt content, but there seems no getting over this.

        It should be noted that 100g of this sauce contains 25% of an adults recommended salt intake, so it is not that good for you.
        There is an allergy warning on the jar as this sauce contains soya and yeasr, so if you have any problems with these this sauce is not for you.


        When I opened the jar the only thing I could smell was soy sauce, and this was very sweet.

        The jar clearly stated that there was a hint of ginger but I could not identify it at all, which is a shame because I like the taste of ginger in food.


        This Cantonese sauce is a rich brown colour. It is very thick, but then considering it is bulked up with mushrooms, onion, baby corn and various other vegetables I wasn't expecting it to be thin and watery.

        The consistency is perfect for adding to meat. The overall dish is not really thick and stodgy nor is it watery. It is just right.


        There are a lot of ingredients in this sauce that, in isolation, have powerful flavours. I thought the ingredients and flavours would compliment each other and produce an overall unique and tasty sauce. How wrong I was.

        The only flavour I could make out was the soy sauce and this was really sweet. I couldn't taste the ginger at all. I couldn't taste the onion or the garlic. It was very disappointing.

        ****Would I recommend it?****

        No way, I was very disappointed with this sauce and felt that it was not up to the normal Uncle Bens standard. Whilst the consistency was spot on, the taste just wasn't there and it is too sweet.

        The taste could be replicated by cooking the meat in soy sauce and sugar, which would also work out much cheaper.


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        Aromatic sauce with soy, black mushrooms and hint of ginger.

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