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Weight Watchers Chunky Soup Meal

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Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2008 15:32
      Very helpful



      If you spot them grab a few to try!

      I have not tried the soup pictured but I am writing this review based on the Weight Watchers Chunky Soup Meal Chicken Mulligatawny.

      This soup meal is from the Weight Watchers (WW) from Heinz range of frozen meals. I have only seen this for sale at Farmfoods and they are 49p each. I have seen this flavour and the vegetable one shown in the picture as well as a ham and pea one (which I tried and did not like, no real surprise as I do not like peas and did not notice which one I had put into the microwave until it was done!)

      The chicken mulligatawny soup is 2.5 WW points. It contains:

      163 calories
      7.6g protein
      23.1g carbohydrate
      9.2g of which sugars
      4.4g fat
      1.6g saturated fat
      4.9g fibre
      0.5g sodium
      1.3g salt equivalent

      So the good points to make from the nutritional information is that it is low in fat and calories, it is a source of fibre (at it is over 3g per serving) so to benefit most from it have a glass of water before/after to help absorb the fibre. However the salt content is fairly high so it is not something I have too often.

      *"Mulligatawny is a type of Anglo-Indian soup"* and it consists of rice or noodles and chicken and is a spicy soup - this soup is classed as medium strength and has rice in. (* quoted from an internet search for mulligatawny soup)

      Each serving is 340g and to cook this meal you just pop it into the microwave without piercing the lid for 3 minutes, shake it then put back on for 4 mins and leave to stand for 1 minute.

      As it is cooking you can smell the spiciness and the taste does not disappoint.

      The rice comes out perfectly cooked, the carrots are crunchy and chewy and the chicken is tender. I can not eat much spicy food as I find it far too hot, this I find at the higher level of medium for me but that only encourages me to drink more water which is good and helps to fill me up and helps to absorb the fibre. Others who have tasted it in the family have said it is quite mild so it does depend on how you are with spicy food. Either way you can taste the spiciness and it is full of flavour. For the price and the points value you also get a good amount of chicken strips in the soup.

      It leaves me feeling satisfied and with a tingly feeling in my mouth for a while (again as I am weak when it comes to spicy food!) It is also 1 of your 5 a day.

      A really delicious soup that is great for not only people watching their weight but anyone who likes spicy foods. As I said I have only seen this on sale in farmfoods and that was on the off chance as I don't have one near to me and just popped in once for something and now have to make special journeys just to get this soup! The shelf life is not that long on this one - I bought it last week and it is best before Dec 08 - so cant really stock up!


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      Country Vegetable and Tomato Soup.

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