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Canon Canoscan LiDE 110

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    7 Reviews
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      28.02.2013 13:40
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Thanks for Reading :)

      Specification summary:

      Model ID 4507B010 / Canon CanoScan LiDE 110 -

      Flatbed scanner - A4 - 2400 dpi x 4800 dpi -

      Hi-Speed USB connection


      I decided to opt for a Canon branded scanner mainly because of it being a highly reputable brand, as I have many other Canon branded electronics and found that the brand always excels in quality and functionality.

      The scanner has a nice sleek design; it like all scanners is rectangular shaped and has a lift up lid. The scanner is black coloured, and has a large bold canon logo located on the front. It has four easy to reach buttons on the front of the scanner that allow for quick access and quick selections for prompt scanning, which is great for non technical minds like me, that just want a quick and easy to use scanner that simply does the job from a touch of a button. I found that having the quick scan option so ready available at the front of the scanner made it a lot quicker when scanning documents which is ideal for some one like me who can be rushing around and needs to scan things as quickly as possible.

      The installation process was very simple and was done literally in minutes. All then I needed to do is insert the software CD that came with scanner and install the software onto my computer which took 1 or 2 minutes. Then I was basically read to go, and found the software interface very easy to use and user friendly. Most of the time I do not even need to navigate through the scanning options on the software programme, instead there is a small pop up on the right side of the my desktop that allows me to automatically quick scan with a single click on the quick scan option, or alternatively using the quick scan button located on the scanner.

      The scanner uses a simple USB connection cable to connect the scanner to the computer, and therefore there is no need of any plugs or a connection to a main power socket, meaning it leaves sockets free to use for other devices and no needless wires getting tangled up or making a mess. However the length of cable provided is not very long, therefore I found that I had to have the scanner very close to my laptop when I needed to scan things, which is not a huge issue and just meant I had to make sure there was enough room for the scanner to sit next to my laptop.

      The quality of scans are of a high standard with the resolution being 2400x4800dpi. I have in the past scanned text documents, letters, photos and even pictures from catalogues and they are all turned out to be of very good quality. The scanning process is also very fast, depending on the quality option chosen it takes around 1 minute to scan documents and pictures; which is great for impatient people like me who hate waiting around for ages for a simple scan. The noise during the scanning process is also relatively quite, and not that noticeable, which is also a great advantage.


      This scanner was purchased from an online store at a price of around £35, which was a great price for well known branded scanner that is simple and compact and produces scans of good quality.

      Overall I really can not fault this scanner, it is very easy to use, user friendly, scans documents in a flash, and uses a convenient USB cable for connection, and of course the price is a great advantage. I would recommend this scanner to anyone who would like a simple easy to use scanner that produces good quality scans.


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      17.03.2012 09:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good value

      This is an amazingly simple scanner to use and it will not break the bank to purchase, we paid in the region of £55 for it about 18 months ago I reckon. It is a sleek black design about the size of a pad of A4 paper that looks nice and stylish. It was also very easy to set up with nice clear instructions. You simply inset the cd into your laptop that loads the software that you need. These instructyions are all set out in a quick start up guide which makes the set up childs play. The software and set up programme loads within a few minutes and connect the sacnner through a usb cable that comes with the scanner and it is ready to go. There are no other cables needed as it draws its power from the computer rather than direct from a plug.

      When it comes to scanning the on screen instructions are very easy to follow, the vast majority of time I have used the auto select option which means the scanner identifies what you are scanning and does it all for you. The majority of the time I was scanning old family photos which are a mix of black and white ones from my grandparents collection and colour ones from my childhood. You can also manually select the settings as well however I have been impressed enough with the automatic selectioins to figure that the machine knows best.

      There are a few neat features, if the document is too big for the plate you can scan it in two halves and then combine the image into one complete document, I have only done this once and it took a couple of attempts, but after a bit of trial and error I got there. It scans quickly, a couple of seconds at the most and then the item is ready to be edited and saved.

      I have been impressed by the quality of the images, the colour resolution is pretty good and dull black and white pictures seem a bit sharper after scanning. Word documents are equally good and you can save files in pdf format as well.

      There are probably more technical scanners out there on the market however for what I want to use one for this is ideal and it has been great creating old picture libraries that can then be backed up on a memory stick. For the price it has proven to be reliable and simple to use and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.


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      29.11.2011 22:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Fantastic scanner at a great price

      An excellent scanner well worth the money , easy to use and set up and delivers excellent results . A great buy and I highly recommend this.

      Why the Canon
      Well I decided to take the plunge and buy a scanner . My experience of scanners hasn't been great. I had one years ago that scanned once and then gave up the ghost , never to work again.

      I didn't want to spend a lot of money or spend days researching the topic , so I chose this one on the basis of the ratings on Amazon and the price , a very reasonable £49.99.

      I toyed briefly with the idea of buying an all in one wifi printer scanner copier , but on reflection decided that I did not want to waste the ink I have just purchased for my printer and also I am very happy with the printer (also a Canon)

      The scanner arrived today and it was up and running within 10 minutes so a very positive start and I managed to do more than one scan!

      I am not a technical expert so don't expect lots of technical details, but as someone that has never set up or successfully used a scanner before , I thought that I would share my experience in this review.

      Set up
      If I say that I spent 10 minutes setting this up and 5 of those minutes were spent trying to get the scanner out of the box, you will appreciate just how easy this is to set up and use. I have to say it is very well packed and fits snugly in the box , some might say too snugly , based on my struggle.
      The scanner is flatbed , just slightly larger than an A4 piece of paper and very light and slim.
      It comes with a USB cable and a CD which has the scanner software and a user manual.
      Also a really useful paper Quick Start Guide.
      This is a mix of written instructions together with screen shots . It is really user friendly and easy to follow.
      I inserted the CD and followed the instructions on screen. These are also printed on the Quick Start Guide , together with screenshots.
      The estimated time to load the software was 10 minutes but it actually took less than 3 minutes and this was at the same time that good old Norton decided to do a full system scan.

      After loading the software plug the USB cable into your computer .
      Double click on the icon that appears on your screen or access this from the Start menu . The programme is called MP Navigator , then off you go.
      I found this programme really easy to use and for my first scans just followed the instructions on screen. These are really user friendly and have very large icons/ buttons for the main functions such as SCAN which is also highlighted in Green.
      It has an Auto selection that means the software decides what you are trying to scan , but equally you can select this yourself.
      This is really easy to use and most people would be able to scan without referring to the manual, even me, but I have looked at it and I found it easy to understand.

      What can you can scan

      Multiple small documents such as photographs at the same time - as many as fit on the scanner.
      Larger documents - you can scan the left and right halves separately and then combine back into one image.
      You can scan documents that are twice as large as the scanning plate which is A4 size ( 210X297mm or 8.3"x11.7")

      Scanning is simple :
      Place the document face down on the glass plate. The manual shows you exactly how to place them on the glass to get the best results and there are markers to show you where to put A4 and B5 size documents
      Close the lid
      Click scan
      Takes 2 or 3 seconds to scan
      Don't lift the lid until the scan has completed , this is shown on screen.

      Editing ( Optional)
      Once scanned decide what you want to do with the scanned image. This might be nothing but there are functions available if you want to use them.
      The Navigator allows you to do the usual editing such as changing the resolution, brightness and tone. Rotate , crop and zoom in on parts of photographs and documents and then preview the results before scanning. Sort of like a print preview.

      The manual explains all the editing functions and is really user friendly. It is a mix of text , screen shots and pictures.
      Other than rotating the images and cropping I haven't tried all the other editing tools.

      You choose whether to :
      Save as a document or photograph
      Save as PDF file
      Send to another application
      Send to printer

      The results
      The documents I scanned are excellent quality .
      Some of them were quite old and had faded slightly but the images are very readable.

      I also scanned a much loved photograph , so I could include this element in the review and I am really impressed with the results. It was an old colour photogarph of one of my dogs who sadly passed away 10 years ago .
      I didn't do anything fancy simply used the auto function and the results are amazing. Totally blown away with how good this is given that the original is slightly yellow , faded and dark in places, but all of that has been corrected and I am thrilled with the results. This photograph is irreplaceble and I now have a beautifully restored version courtesy of this scanner.

      I wanted this primarily to scan and copy documents, but I can see that this will also enable me to copy old photographs and improve on the originals, so for that alone it is worth every penny.

      This will sit nicely on top of my printer when I am not using it .
      It is light and compact , just slightly bigger than an A4 folder. It needs no power source as it takes that from the computer, so you can sit in comfort on the sofa or your bed and scan away.

      Simple set up ,easy to use excellent results and a good price.


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      05.09.2011 09:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great budget scanner

      A good 10 years ago now I owned an older model Canoscan - a grey model with a parallel cable, which was good quality for the time, if very slow, and it cost around £99. Now you can buy this Canoscan LiDE 110 for around £50 which is far better - especially as it is a USB model and scans documents far faster than the old parallel model.

      -- Price and Availability --

      Most PC shops tend to favour all in one printers but if you want a dedicated scanner like this one you can pick it up for £49.99 at Amazon and other online retailers.

      -- Setup --

      The Canoscan comes with full instructions and a driver / software CD and is extremely easy to set up. It plugs in to the USB port on your computer and is compatible with PC and Mac. You can be up and running in 15 minutes without too much technical know how. Unlike my old parallel version, the USB powers this scanner, so there's only one wire - no plug sockets required.

      -- Looks --

      The Canoscan is styled in matte black and is a thin profile flatbed scanner. The lid is only 5mm thick and the unit itself is very light weight making this an excellent scanner for those on the move as it can easily be carried in a laptop bag or briefcase - the scanning mechanism locks with a catch on the bottom of the scanner. It's a good looking, modern styled scanner and would sit well on any desk or small office environment.

      The scanner has four buttons - quick scan, copy, e-mail and PDF which makes quick scanning and copying a breeze.

      -- Features & Use --

      The Canoscan features 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution in 48 coloursgiving excellent quality scan resolution for documents, photographs and more. It can scan an A4 document at 300 dpi in only 16 seconds.

      The bundled software can be used for dust and scratch removal from photos, simple editing, red eye removal, text enhancement and pretty much anything barring airbrushing those bad photos of you drunk at Aunty Maud's wedding ;)

      It's very easy to use. It is an all rounder, and whilst it's not comparable with a large office all in one it's excellent for home use and has never ever let me down.

      -- Overall --

      Not everyone needs to scan these days but if you have an old photo collection you'd like converting to JPG and storing in an online album, or you'd like to retouch a photo, or if you'd like to convert your documents to PC, say for a home office or just for ease of storage, you really can't go worse than £50 for this good all round, nice looking scanner.

      I'd recommend it - if you need a scanner, then it's a serious contender in the quality budget stakes. I'll give it five out of five because it knows it's market and fits the bill very well indeed. Top marks.


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      07.08.2011 20:59
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good basic entry level scanner, does what it says on the box

      I like the Canon LiDE 110, I'm not particularly technically minded, so you'll get no jargon in this review. All I am interested in with a scanner is, is it easy to use and does it scan my photos well. And the answer to both of those questions in my opinion is yes.

      I didn't really pay much attention to the pile of bumf that came in the form of manuals and went to the quick start section. Then I loaded up the software from the supplied disc, plugged the scanner into the USB port and away I went.

      I primarily bought this scanner so that I could copy and digitise all of my old photos. I have to say I am impressed with the resolution that you can acheive (which is 2400x4800dpi) and my scanned photos looked as good if not better than my originals. I also found importing the scanned images from the scanner software into my picture software very easy.

      In terms of appearance this is a basic flatbed scanner, it's black and has 4 buttons on the front, which are called EZ buttons, they are Autoscan, pdf, copy and e-mail, so pretty straightforward to use. The other thing that is good about this scanner is that it doesn't need to be plugged into AC power to run, it just runs straight from the USB cable and although the one supplied is quite short, I just used an old one that I had and that has worked fine.

      All in all I would say this scanner looks good, is easy to understand and use, scans great picture quality and is very affordable, retailing at around £50 if you look around.


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      07.06.2011 13:24
      Very helpful



      All in all I would recommend this if you are looking for something very cost effective and simple...

      I like the look and design of this scanner. It is has a very nice black colour covering the whole feature. It also says the word "Canon" in very bold letters on the front of it. I am proud of this company because I have bought numerous other branded products from them and they have been of very high standard like this purchase. Therefore I have every confidence in this product, due to my previous experience. I like the simple user interface that they have gone for. Everything that you ever need are at the tips of only 4 buttons so very easy to use especially good for somebody who is not that confident with using computers or may not have a lot of skills. My mum for example is 47 and she can use this with no problems and finds it as simple as I do to operate. As a result it is very user friendly and I cannot commend them higly enough for this matter. The quality of the tasks that I have scanned into my computer such as pictures and documents have been very exceptional. Sometimes I even felt the image I was left with on my desktop was looking better than my original. Also the installation process was as easy as pie. I only had to insert the disc it took only a matter of minutes and then updated the necessary drivers from the Internet. The whole process was very quick and efficient. I did however feel that the length of the cable was not quite long enough and I feel that I was disappointed at not recieving a slighly longer one becuase it left me not being able to position it where I had anticipated, however to me this was a minor flaw. The processing of the documents were completed very quickly and there was no lag at all. I also found that the noise when scanning was very low pitched and not distracting for somebody who is working on something else simultanouesly. My favourite feature has to be the fact that no power supply is required to operate this and it is fully operated by USB cable. I know this may seem only a minor detail, however I must stress this is fairly unique and very few companies if any will actually offer a scanner without the need of a power supply because it cannot operte efficiency but they have managed to achieve this. As a result this makes it even more compact then what I originally thought it would be becuase this featue really surprised me and I was not expecting it. This would therfore be ideal for somebody who likes to store it becuase there will be far less wires, which makes it look tidier and the appereance is appropriate. It did not bother me how big it may have been becuase I had a spare shelf on my desk and it was just going there no matter what. Very good reasonable priced scanner and I feel the advantages certainly outweigh any minor disadvantages therefore I would defenitely recommend to buy this for anybody looking for a simple but very effective designed scanner. It is very highly compact and very robust in design. Also at the price £49.99 its a steal.


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      30.12.2010 22:55
      Very helpful



      Definitely room for improvement

      I'd hoped for a simple-to-operate scanner with state-of-the-art OCR to pull documents into Word. Instead, this has confusing terminology with limited scan features. I'll divide this review into Installation, Documentation, Operation and Performance.

      On the Quick Start sheet you're told to insert the installation disk first. This installs the usual suspects, help files and a driver, both of which are updated automatically once the usb is connected if the computer has internet access. The scanner works from usb alone; it doesn't need a separate power source, which is good.

      There is a fair amount of paperwork in the box, most of which you can immediately recycle. It covers basic instructions in half a million languages. There is also the Quick Start Sheet mentioned above, but the main documentation is in the on-screen Help loaded from disk. I had issues with this. I read through it carefully and at the end had little idea what to do. The technical writing wasn't clear and the authors have given peculiarly odd names to the Scanner processes. Even the Main Menu is called Canon Solution Menu EX. Why not "Lide 110 Main Menu"? Then there's the MP Navigator EX with Scan Gear which is overly complicated driver settings. Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I like things simple and easy to understand... and this isn't.

      There are four buttons on the front of the scanner and these speak my language. I haven't tried them all yet, but they are pdf, copy, autoscan and email, so you could probably get away without reading the manual and just press the buttons to get what you want... but not quite. At some point you have to use the on-screen menus and these are not straightforward. There are three pop-up buttons on the right of the screen called the Desktop Accessory, the Main Screen and numerous submenus, some of which show alarming warnings with complex settings. I found these menus intimidating.

      My main use of scanning is to bring documents into Word where they can be edited, and as far as I can see, the Lide 110 doesn't do this. It has basic OCR to bring documents into Notepad, but hey, that's primitive. My previous scanner was a Benq with Mira Scan software which was far better than this. You can bring scanned images into your chosen graphics software, but the file formats are limited to a few basic types. The scan itself is okay, neither spectacularly fast nor slow, quiet nor noisy, just okay.

      I'm disappointed. Maybe in time I'll get used to the operation and revise my view, but first impressions count and they weren't positive. Perhaps "Canon can", but in this case they didn't.


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    • Product Details

      Are you looking for a dedicated scanning solution with great quality, versatility and a compact design? Then the CanoScan LiDE110 color image scanner is sure to impress. The CanoScan LiDE110 features the quality, speed and ease of use you need with a maximum resolution of 2400 x 4800 (optical) dpi for excellent scanning quality for both photos and documents.

      You'll immediately notice how easy the CanoScan LiDE110 is to use. Auto document fix automatically delivers beautiful, easy-to-view scans by advanced image analysis and area-by-area data correction while the auto scan mode feature automatically detects the original and saves its appropriate settings. Need to share information? The CanoScan LiDE110 has four EZ buttons that enable you to scan, copy, email or create a PDF faster than ever.

      You'll also be able to proudly join the generation green initiative as its one USB cable for data and power provides lower power consumption.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Canon CanoScan LiDE 110 - flatbed scanner
      Device Type: Flatbed scanner - desktop
      Interface Type: USB 2.0
      Max Supported Document Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
      Input Type: Colour
      Grayscale / Color Depth: 16-bit (64K grey levels) / 48-bit colour
      Grayscale / Color Depth (External): 8-bit (256 grey levels) / 48-bit colour
      Optical Resolution: 2400 dpi x 4800 dpi
      Interpolated Resolution: 19200 dpi x 19200 dpi
      Scan Speed: 16 sec / page
      Max Document Size: 216 mm x 297 mm
      Supported Document Type: Plain paper
      Document Feeder Type: Manual load
      System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Apple MacOS X 10.6, Microsoft Windows Vista SP2, Apple MacOS X 10.5, Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, Apple MacOS X 10.4.11, Microsoft Windows XP SP3
      Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 25 cm x 37 cm x 4 cm
      Weight: 1.6 kg