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Canon Canoscan LiDE 80

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2005 16:49
      Very helpful



      A new member to the deets family! A shiny new scanner, yey to me. No I don’t just buy this stuff as im a geek, I do actually need it for work. Considering I was recently in the FT (yeah shameless self promotion), I kinda need the latest kit to scan the article in uber high res ;)

      Anyway, onto the scanner. First things, this isn’t a cheap scanner. Saying that, its not overly expensive at £110 either, but probably over kill for someone getting into scanning. I started off with a £40 umax scanner that did the job fine for a while, but now I needed the extra resolution and features that comes on this scanner.

      For those interested, the scanners optical resolution is 2400 dpi x 4800 dpi and 48 bit colour. That basically means it can scan at very high quality and with an excellent colour reproduction. More than good enough for your home family photos or if you want to print them up on your home printer. The extra resolution comes in very handy if you want blow up a small part of your photo and keep it very high quality, which I do. The unit also comes with a negative scanner, so you no longer have to go back to the shop to get reprints, you can scan the negatives and print at home. Or if you have old negatives from years back, but don’t have the pics, you can now scan the negatives and get the picture on your computer. Very handy, a little more on this later.

      Right, so as I know this important to some folk (usually mac owners :p) heres a bit about how the scanner looks. Now, as much as I am a geek, I wouldn’t normally be too fussed over how something looks as long as it works well, but if they do both, well hey, break out the champers. This scanner is small, very small, height wise that is. Its about half the height of my old scanner and comes with brushed metal top, very nice! It also can be put on its side if your very short of space, nice touch I would guess, and it does work as I tested it :D

      Okay, the unit also has a nice touch, the usb 2.0 cable also provides the power, so no need to take up an extra plug socket. Very nice considering things were getting pretty crowded under my desk with optical mice, printers, monitors, all requiring their own power supply. The USB 2.0 also means it’s a fast scanner, much faster than my old usb 1.0 scanner. Its hard to say if that’s purely due to usb 2.0 or due to the fact that it’s a modern scanner with the latest technology, but USB 2.0 would always be the wise bet if your buying a new scanner.

      Onto the scans, at last I hear you shout!! Well as per usual with the scanner, when you select scan from your imaging software, it loads up the canon scanning window. This lets you select the simple or advanced mode. In simple mode you just select what your scanning, photo, magazine etc. then you can select preview and the software will crop to just scan the photo. If you select advanced then you can select all kinds of settings from DPI to scratch removal and other functions. Handy if you want to do something a bit more advanced, but the simple mode will do for your normal home scans. Once you hit scan, away it goes. If you selected simple mode, then a normal size print will scan pretty quickly, about 30 seconds. Of course if you changed anything under advanced, then expect it to take a little longer. The quality of the scans is excellent, the best quality I have seen from a scanner. The colour reproduction is excellent and the quality of the reproduction is also superb. You can zoom in and it still keeps the high quality, ideal for cropping the image down. I got my old dad to take a look as hes an expert butterfly photographer (oh dear, see its not my fault!) and he scanned in some of his cherished butterfly pics and was amazed at the quality. So deet Snrs gives it a big thumbs up :D It also has a built in dust and scratch remover, very handy because this can show up a lot more if your blowing up the image using the higher resolution settings. It will slow the scanning down considerably, but worth it if your wanting to blow something up.

      The unit also comes with plenty of software for scanning and OCR (optical character recognition) but I would be a lying little flea if I had said I had used any of it. I just do all my scanning into paint shop pro and macromedia fireworks as the TWAIN driver allows you to use whatever image software you have, but if you don’t have any, im sure the provided software will be good enough for basic stuff.

      Overall, very happy with the scanner, if I were a monkey I would swap all my bananas for one. but im not, so ill just say that its definitely worth considering if your looking for a good range, fast and well featured scanner.


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