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    1 Review
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      30.03.2011 22:44
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      A great scanner that has such innovative technology in it, but can be taken to office or home use

      At the moment, I think most businesses are trying to go paperless, and free up some needed space. Well, we certainly are. This is one of my jobs, it's quite dull and can drone on, but luckily having a machine that's fast, reliable and easy to use makes it much better!

      The product --> This scanner scans documents up to A4 in size. It has a cream coloured body, which is the size of a standard printer (with cartridges size), has the kodak logo on the front, and the model name underneath this. The cream body meets a grey bottom, with a blue input tray and a blue output tray. There is a grey button which brings up the program on the computer screen, and buttons which increase the speed. It has a very stylish design, is a bit bulky but generally is appealing. There is a tiny button which lights light green when working fine, and orange/red when there is a problem. Within the blue input try, there are expandable clasps, which can be set at the size of the document, such as if it is A5/6, it can be shortened, in order to keep it straight - which gives more chance of if being kept neat once scanned. If an A6 document is put into this at an A4 measurement, believe me, it finds a way of tilting and coming out all over the place on screen! So it saves a job. At the back it has the on/off switch, and the USB port which has to go to the computer, plus the connection to the plug socket.

      How it works --> In order to get the best out of this scanner, it is best to have the document at the ready to be scanned, as it does process the paper really fast. It can do 25 pages a minute at optimum speed. It also does duplex scanning, therefore 50 pages are scanned in one minute. About 20-25 pages can be inserted at once, so if it is a large document, it will need to be constantly fed in. If more than about 25 pages are put in in one go, the scanner can take 3 pages through at once, and this can have a number of consequences. The first is that valuable pages may not be scanned, so information is lost. The second is that a paper jam can occur, and this then prevents the job from completing properly, as the program will stop responding, and it will have to be done again. Once the piece of paper goes through, it is uploaded onto the screen pretty speedily, and can be saved to wherever. It can be collated with other items, to name them together. The driver is TWAIN.

      Colour --> The colour mode is black, white, greyscale and colour. In fact it does scan colour documents really well. Newspaper articles, old documents, business cards, receipts can all be scanned, and the quality adjusted so that faded writing can be picked up stronger.

      Noise and Problems --> It works fairly quietly, if the document being scanned isn't creased or of 'tracing' paper. Normal A4 paper can go through with minimal noise, but if there is a jam - it certainly can be noisy. Jams usually happen for 2 reasons. The first is an overload of paper. The second is if paper is attached together through a staple for example, it builds all the paper up and completely freezes. It then makes a very horrible and loud grinding sound! The best thing to do is to grab the paper from the top and pull out, or press the release button (which is to to right at the top of the scanner) which opens up where the paper gets scanned through. This means the pressure is off, and it can be released quickly. Another problem I sometimes find is that, it is hard to concentrate on another job when you are needing to feed the paper in the machine. If you leave a document for about 10 seconds (so 10 seconds after the last piece of paper has gone through) it will assume you have finished the document and bring up on the monitor a notice of 'Do you have more pages to Scan, Name this document and cancel this document'. So if you are typing on another program, whilst scanning, it will go off this to go onto the warning.

      Advantages --> However, the best thing about it is how quick is really does process, and the fact that it picks up everything on the page. The duplex scanning is great (this can be enabled/disabled at any time). It doesn't weigh much, and can be moved from PC to PC, as long as the software is downloaded. It also can take a lot of paper in a day, currently I can process about 1000-1500 separate pieces of paper. It has the innovation of far larger machines, yet is completely accessible. It also offers high standards of colour resolution, being up to 600 dpi, and giving 24 bits of colour output.

      The software I use with --> This works with a program called 'Paperport' and this is what I use with this particular piece of hardware. I find it accelerates the good points of the scanning, you can flip work, email work, save them, and they original store on a friendly user face 'desktop on the program. Then you can see the front cover of the document you have scanned, so you can title and author it properly. It works with Windows XP, Vista and XP. It comes with software called 'Kodak Capture Desktop' but if you are using this for large and many documents, I would recommend you purchase or download the 'Paperport' one. It is far more easy and better to organise what has been scanned in. It also processes much faster.

      Weight and size --> It is easy to move around, weighing about 4 kg. It's width is 13inches, by height of 6 inches (with input tray this is about 11 inches).

      Cost --> It is expensive at around £479, but does do its job. It won't let you down, whether you are a large business with 1000's of documents, or a family home who just wants a scanner. Used, could be picked up for about £400.

      I find this product stunning, and really innovative. It gives out what huge scanners do, and really doesn't weigh that much. It also gives great results, a scanned document can be printed off and look like that document still - quality doesn't need to be compromised. Fantastic gadget, especially for the office, but for the home too.


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