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Cardiff's College

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2009 17:11
      Very helpful



      Would suggest a serious consideration

      Coleg Glan Hafren is Cardiff's largest territorial further education establishment and regularly has around 12,000 students studying at one of their campuses. Although in recent years there has been a motion to change the name of the college from Coleg Glan Hafren to Cardiff Territorial College. The name of the college is in welsh, meaning college by the river seven.

      The college was originally created in 1989 and in 1993 came under the royal charter. Originally the college was designed to serve only the eastern side of Cardiff, with a separate college serving the western side of the city. But this was subsequently stalled and the college now serves the whole of the city, with the college operating three sites in the city.

      There is the Trowbridge site, which is the biggest of the three campuses and for this reason contains all course that have a practical element to them, such as all the science A levels, all sports course and labour course such as plumbing and building qualifications.

      The second site is the City Road campus, that contains two buildings, an old ten story post office building that has been converted and another two story building. Within this campus the main courses that are taught are A levels and other theory based courses, such as foreign language students. Although on the second and third floor of the old post office building is a hair salon that is used to teach the hair and beauty course. When I studied at the college this was the main campus of study for me.

      There is also a third campus that is situated directly in the city centre as this a salon shop where the students that are studying the hair and beauty course can apply their skills under the supervision of the teaching staff.

      In terms of the teaching staff they are all helpful and polite, whose main aim is to get you passed your exams. When you do have a problem, the staff are easy to approach about your problem, with the college student focused. As seen by the fact that each student is given a personal tutor that the student meets every week in small groups of other students, to see how they are doing, making sure the students are on track and if they have any problem.

      The only problem that I had with the college and the campus that I studies at, which was the City Road campus, was the design of the building. As the stair were small and could only sit two people side by side, making it difficult to move up and down the building. Although the building did have two lifts they are incredibly small and would only fit a handful of people at a time. Which was a pain as the majority of my courses of A level subjects were mainly on the 7th, 8th and 10th floors of the building meaning you were exhausted before you even started the class.

      With Cardiff there is only two or three choices of where to study in further education, this is Colege Glan Hafren or two sixth forms, St Davids or Fitzalan sixth form. The reason I chose to go to Glan Hafren over the other two is that the collge was easier to get to for me and the way that the course are taught at the college. As the teaching style, for the A level course at least are in the same style that university course are lectured. By going to Glan Hafren you almost get a taste of what it will be like to study at university. As it is just not young student that are at the college, as there are also mature students, with one student reported to be in their 80s studying there.

      For this reasons I would recommend Coleg Glan Hafren to any person that is looking to study further education, anywhere in or around Cardiff, as it prepares you for university and has good links with all the local universities.


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