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    1 Review
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      07.04.2002 05:09
      Very helpful



      GENERAL INFO College is known as "the great escape"- the chance to let your hair down and enjoy yourself after 5 hard years at school. Unfortunately, there's also the work aspect! Holy Cross College is renowned for it's academic excellence, and the opportunities it offers to students. In fact, it has recently been in the Top 20 of colleges with the best A-Level results in Great Britain. Not bad, hey?! Offering an array of A-level subjects, Holy Cross is fab for those thinking of further education. Not many GNVQ subjects are offered though. At the moment, there's only Health & Social Care and Business Studies, but maybe there'll be more in the future. THE HISTORY Originally, Holy Cross was ran by nuns, and was only open for Catholic students. This rule has changed in recent years. People from all denominations are now accepted, yet preference still goes to Catholics when applying. Don't let this put you off though! Re-iterating my point, Holy Cross is a multi-cultural kinda place, where you can meet loads of new mates. THE TEACHERS AND TEACHING HABITS (Most of) the teachers here are friendly and helpful, and want you to get the best possible results in your exams. However, there is a sense of strictness here, as opposed to other colleges. Similar to school, we students are constantly watched and assessed, and sometimes it feels slightly tense. But maybe a bit of discipline is better for us? After all, it teaches us to get our work in on time, and not to slack. It all depends on the individual. THE COLLEGE ITSELF Holy Cross is quite a small college, and is composed of 4 seperate buildings, each named after a founder or a co-founder of the college. The actual buildings have always been seen as "old-fashioned" looking, compared to newer colleges. However, one of the 4 buildings is brand new, and another is just a few years old. Facilities here include: -LIBRARY
      I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the library, expecting it to be small and pokey with hardly any books. I can happily say we have a large and plentiful collection of educational books and lots of working space, including a seperate "silent room". But I have to be honest and say that the fiction selection isn't up to scratch, but hey- not everything's perfect! -CANTEEN/COMMON ROOM This is my pet hate of the college. The canteen/common room is in desperate need for a makeover. Saying that, it did have a mini-makeover a few months ago, with the addition of new chairs and bins. I hardly ever spend any time in here, as it's always so busy, and the only place to socailise on the campus. If any Holy Cross teachers are reading this, BRING US OUT OF THIS RUT!! I best mention the quality of the food, which isn't really so bad. The prices are reasonable, and I must sing the praises of the magical cookies sold here. It's worth scrambling your way through the masses to get your hands on one!! -SPORTS HALL I can't really say much about this as I'm not a very sporty girl, but I do know that it offers quite a wide selection of sports which you can play in your lunch hour or after college, including football and badminton. -IT SUITES There are many IT rooms located around the college, including one open until 8pm (Mon-Thurs) after college has ended. There's only one "open" IT suite, which we can all use at any time. Thankfully, it's quite large, so there's usially a computer available to use. The gneral rules of the IT suites are: -no "casual" e-amiling or web-surfing until after 2pm -no eating and drinking Quite reasonable really! WHERE IS HOLY CROSS? Holy Cross is situated near the centre of the magical town of Bury, North West England. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but Bury's not a bad town really! It offers a wide selection
      of bars and clubs, and the "student night" is Thursday, where we can all get into places cheaper and stuff- yay! Also, there's a decent set of shops, including the usual: WHSmith, Topshop, Boots...It's your average town really. As for transport, there's a couple of bus stops directly next to college, and a short walk to the centre of Bury means we can get the tram (which travels directly to Manchester, and the like). Basically, the college is in the midst of a public transport heaven, making it easier for us students! For those with cars and motorbikes/mopeds, there is limited parking space around the college for your vehicle. MY OPINION I started at Holy Cross in September 2001, and I'm a first-year AS student, studying English Language, French, German and Graphics. Although it's coming up to the dreaded exam period now, I'm still enjoying the "college lifestyle" and I plan to stay on next year. Overall, I think Holy Cross is a friendly, intimate college (it has around 3000 students), and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent education and a fun time!


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