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Lanark Grammar School (Lanark)

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Lanark / South Lanarkshire / Tel: 01555 662471.

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2006 00:46
      Very helpful



      A brilliant school with brilliant teachers.

      Lanark Grammar School is a great non-denominational secondary school which is, funnily enough, situated in Lanark (who would have thought?). There are tonnes of brilliant teachers and the classrooms aren't that bad either! If you went to this school or are currently going, please tell me as I would like to find out how many people on dooyoo have actually went to L.G.S. (thats the short version of Lanark Grammar School).

      There are loads of great teachers. All of whom are very good at their job and are highly trained. My current favourite teacher is Mr. Clark who is a substitute but is still a great maths teacher. He gave us all sweets on Friday because my class was great all week.
      This year the tutor groups increased in size from 20 to 30 and so many people had to change tutor teacher. I was one of these people. I really liked my old tutor teacher, Mrs. McEwan, but at the end of term last year I had to say goodbye to her. Now I've got Miss McFarlene who is just as great and also teaches my little sister so I can check up on her in the morning.
      There also guidance teachers (sorry, they are now called "Pupil Support Teachers") who we have to speak to if we have any problems. I have Mr. Robson, who also takes me for PSE (Personal and Social Education). Oops, it changed last term as well. It's now called EPSD (Education for Personal and Social Development).
      In addition to all these teachers, there are also plenty of people on the Senior Management Team. Mr. Sherry is the head teacher and always greets pupils with a smile. We also have Mrs. Buchanon who is head of the school network (along with Mr. Kilgour). Then there is Mrs. Blakeley. I am with Mrs. Blakeley all the time, helping her with the Kenyan Orphans, the school's charity. There are also others whom I am not going to mension as I am already droning on and on and on and on and on..... so you probably want me to move on to something new. Well... okay!

      There are around 20 departments. They include;
      Buisness Studies
      Home Economics
      Lerning Support
      Physical Ed.
      Every department is great. My favourite subject is currently classics. It was tough choosing between Mr. Clark and Miss Creighton, my classics teacher, so I flipped a coin to decide who my favourite was.

      Other Features
      Well, there's not much more to say. L.G.S.'s only downfall is the state of the toilets. They are filthy! I'm on the pupil council this year so I'm going to try to get them all cleaned up but it'll be hard and it would cost a lot of money!


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