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London School of Photography

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3 Reviews

London School of Photography offers daily, evening and weekend courses and workshops in photography

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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2011 21:48



      Fantastic learning experience. Worth the money!

      It's not easy forking out near on £600 without really knowing what you're getting.
      I recently took the plunge on the "Photojournalism & Street Photography" course and am eternally grateful I did!

      Class size: 7
      Teachers: Alex Mita & Luciana Franzolin

      As it so happens, Alex & Luciana are married. That said, it's not usual for the class to be split across 2 tutors. Unfortunately Alex had a business trip so Luciana did the latter part of the week.
      In hindsight it was an absolute bonus experiencing them both.
      They have very different characters & teaching styles. But both incredibly passionate about what they do and are both great teachers.

      Class structure: About 40% of time is spent out on the street taking photos. Wear walking shoes and be appropriately dressed! You may not always return to the class after the day's shoot.

      Overall learning experience: this was a completely new area for me so there as a *lot* to learn and absorb. At the end of the week we were given a CD with tons of valuable information to carry us forward to continue the learning experience.

      Verdict: I will wholeheartedly recommend "London School of Photography".

      A big thank you to Alex & Luciana!


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        28.04.2011 19:24



        I've been trying to book a class there for 2 weeks and not only did I have to follow up a million times with them because they wouldn't give any news... (VERY VERY NOT PROFESSIONAL) but when I called I always got major attitude from the owner. He actually YELLED AT ME ON THE PHONE..! They only care about your money and nohing else.I ended up going for photographycourselondon.com and what a difference... very professional and they actually care about you learning, not just your wallet! Enjoy!


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        17.06.2010 16:46
        Very helpful



        A must for beginners in D-SLR photography

        A while ago I decided I needed a new hobby and after some consideration plumped for photography. I enthusiastically bought a D-SLR and set about reading books to try and bridge the gap between using a 'point and shoot' (='normal') camera, which requires you only to press a single button to take a photo, and a D-SLR (="proper") camera which requires you to decide on the ISO, shutter speed and aperture before you press the button (unless of course you use your D-SLR in full auto mode. Which quite frankly for me defeats the object of owning a D-SLR.)

        After a while, and a variety of both successes and failures in terms of my end photos, I decided I'd like to take some lessons in photography to try and increase the ratio of successes to failures in favour of the successes. I had a week of holiday to fill so a week-long course seemed like an ideal solution, and after some research I decided to attend the London School of Photography's (LSP) Beginners Photography Course. So did this do the trick?


        LSP is located on Oxford St so if you can get to London its central and easy to find. The 'classroom' is a light, modern room located on the 6th floor of an office building, and thankfully there is a lift.


        'Lessons' run from 10:30 to 16:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday being left free for you to do a project assigned at the end of the Tuesday class. Our group was 5, but I got the impression groups could probably be up to double this in size. Some of the time is spent sitting in a semi-circle in the 'classroom' being taught the more theoretical aspects of photography with the aide of powerpoints (and regular use of your own camera to reinforce what is being discussed) while a proportion of the time is spent out on 'location', for example in Soho Square for a tutorial on 'tracking' and shutter speed, in China Town for a mini project and in Covent Garden looking for 'patterns' and 'reflections'. Each evening you are also given some 'homework' to do which you then bring back to discuss the next day.

        The scope of what is covered in the week is phenomenal - everything from focusing to exposure to white balance, flash and composition. By the end of the week I felt I controlled my camera (rather than the other way round!) and there were no longer any buttons/knobs whose function were a mystery.

        The teacher

        Our teacher was Luciana, who has got to be one of the most bubbly, patient and perpetually optimistic people I've ever met. She smiled continuously, was genuinely enthusiastic and clearly loved photography. Although teaching photography is her full-time job (alongside some freelance professional photography) she seemed utterly passionate about it in a way few people are about something they are paid to do. She broke complex things down into easy to understand steps and was always ready with an analogy to help us if we didn't understand something. She managed to be always positive without being patronizing, which is an incredible skill few people possess. With her energy it was impossible not to be swept along in a wave of exhilaration at the possibilities mastering your camera/photography presented.


        At £595 for the 4 day course it isn't cheap but I think it was excellent value for money - the teaching was fabulous and I now feel I have all the 'basics' to go forward and practice on my own. I would unhesitatingly recommend this course to friends.


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