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2 Reviews

Meoncross School,Burnt House Lane,Stubbington,FAREHAM,PO14 2EF
Phone: +44 (0)1329 662182
Fax: +44 (0)1329 664680
Email: meoncrossschool@rmplc.co.uk

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    2 Reviews
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      18.01.2009 03:41
      Very helpful



      A good school with great results

      I am writing this review from a students prospective as i attending the school for 5 years until i left school in 1999.
      I also have friends who's children attend this school now.

      ** A BIT OF HISTORY **

      Meoncross school was originally founded in 1953, but didnt move to where it is located today until 1983. Meoncross is a private school which offers education from kindergarten to senior. So a student could literally be in this school their whole life, which many of my friends had been.

      ** FEES **

      The fees today are :

      Kindergarten (age 2+ - 3+) £395-£3510 per term
      Infant School tuition fee (age 4+ - 7+) £1980 per term
      Junior School tuition fee (age 7+ - 11+) £2225 per term
      Senior School tuition fee (age 11+ - 16+) £2830 per term

      School lunches (optional for seniors) £166 per term
      Milk (optional) £28 per term
      Juice (Infants only) Twice daily £53 per term
      Juice (Infants only) Once daily £29 per term

      Fees may be paid by standing order over 10 or 12 months. A full term's written notice is required by the first day of term before a pupil is removed from the School. In the absence of such notice, the full term's fee must be paid. Fees are increased annually, each September.

      The fees have been increased probably 10 times since i left and they were certainly a lot cheaper back then.

      ** TEACHING STAFF **

      The head master of the school now and back then is Christopher Ford. He is a very firm man, but he is very caring and does really care about the students. He expects the best from everyone and gains respect.

      The teaching staff have changed a little bit since i was there, but all teachers are trained and educated to a very high standard and always get the best from their students.

      ** STUDENTS **

      The school is very small and only has a small amount of students. Each year only has two classes/tutor groups which usually only have around 15/16 pupils in each.
      The education is often one on one, which is obviously what a parent pays for.
      Their GCSE results are outstanding and remain the same most years.


      The school is very strict in all aspects, education, uniform and they always expect the very best from you. They will always push you to pick up that extra subject etc.
      The school sports teams are excellent and win many competitions.
      The cafeteria was always very tasty and offered a wide range of foods.


      If you can afford to send your child to a private school meoncross is one of the best in hampshire.
      I was an unruly teenager and i personally hated school but meoncross calmed me down a great deal.

      Meoncross School
      Burnt House Lane
      PO14 2EF

      Tel: 01329 662182
      Fax: 01329 664680


      ** address details and fees taken from www.meoncross.co.uk


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        03.10.2000 03:38
        Very helpful



        I spent all of my school life at Meoncross, from 4-16 and generally enjoyed it greatly. It is a small independent school situated in the village of Stubbington, near Fareham, 2 miles from the A27 and 5 from the M27. The academic staff are very good and work hard to get to know the children so as to fully comply with their needs. They have a genuine care and concern for the well being and education of the children in their care. A lot of the staff and parents make friends and get along, which form a parental point of view is great as you can find out exactly how your children are getting along. As a child it's a bit annoying "coz u can't get away wiv nofin!" The school is in four main sections. Kindergarten 3-5, Infant 5-7, Junior 7-11 and senior 11-16. Each is sitauaed in a separate area within the site. . Formed in 1953, the school is based around a family atmosphere and the kids are encouraged to look out for one another. This does actually happen which is a wonderful feature of the school. The years consist of two mixed sex classes with around 35 pupils in each year. This enables the children to interact well and everyone knows everyone even kids a few years above or below them, which is a really nice aspect of school life. Most of the school is well equipped with up to date technology in the classrooms. There is also a lunch hall, science block, computers, library and special needs centre. The gym is slightly outdated, but when I left improvements were being planned. The classrooms are fairly large, with the exception of two junior classrooms, which are in the main building. However, as the classes are small, there is always plenty of room to move about and an ample amount of space at the desks. I must tell you about the school lunches as they are so impressive. Who remembers soggy chips and gunky peas? Yuck! Not at Meoncross! The lunch staff provide freshly baked baguettes packed with all sorts of h
        ealthy goodies, pizza, chips, and assortment of other hot meals, salads and soem delighful little treats for pudding! These are all cheap to buy, full meal for about £1.50 (so I'm told). The students are issued with "smart cards" which they must get charged up at - give a cheque to the kitchen staff and they will top it up for you - and then there is no need to bring in any money! However, should your little darling fancy a sugar-filled delight at breaktime, then they must use some of the Queen's finest pounds (or her not-so fine pounds as the case may be). Senior school only though I'm afraid. GCSE results are generally around 90% which is very good. The school are generally happy to take on children of any ability. It is also common for children to occasionally be placed out of year to give them better opportunities if they are slightly behind with there studies. One of my best friends found this beneficial following a lengthy illness, which had caused her too miss much school time. Although the sport facilities are slightly lacking - small gym, small sports field, 3 tennis courts/soccer pitch/2 netball courts - the school obtains very good results in its main sports of lacrosse, netball, tennis, rounders, cross country, football, cricket and athletics, coupled with the occasional hockey or basketball match. There are usally a number of children representing the county of Hampshire in various sports from each year! Something that the school is very proud of! Children are also given the oppurtunity to take part in athletics and cross country events run by the Independent Schools Association (I.S.A.) of which the school is a member. The school generally obtains results of an extremely high standard - we have had many pupils in the finals of events over the last few years! The school itself has a cross-country race for Juniors and Seniors every year at the end of the summer term. There are also plenty of extra curric
        ulur activites with many sports matches and residential trips from the age of 8 upwards. In recent years the school has had trips to North America and Canada for the football and lacrosse teams. Ski trips to North America, Canada and various resorts in Europe and there have been adventure trips to Germany, Spain, Italy and France. As well as a few foreign exchanges. The junoir school has made trips to Yorkshire, Wales, Isle of Wight and Dorset. All in all this is a lovely school and has to be visited for the full Meoncross experience! To learn more please visit www.meoncross.co.uk


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