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Apple Mac mini MC408B/A

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2010 15:11



      a computer for the everyday man and woman

      i am not very good a technical specs so this review will be for the people who are like minded and find technical talk both dull and confusing. the main questions you are asking are how good is this? why have you chosen this over a window computer? and why didn't you buy an Imac? well....

      firstly this computer is very good. with a powerful processor like the one in this you will be able to go around your day to dad computing and rarely see a loading bar. i often have 4 -5 programmes running at once and the computer doesn't flinch. there is more than enough room to store all your music, photos and videos for years to come on this. unless you are very serious about computers and use them for really demanding things such as profesional level design then you might want to look at a higher spec model but for anyone who just uses a computer for surfing the internet and listening to music and social networking then this computer is more than you can ever want.

      i couldn't do this review without facing the much asked question Mac or windows? This is down to preference and what you use your computer for. a mac is by far easier to use and doesn't get viruses and problems on the level a windows computer does. After about ten minutes of playing on a mac to find out the very few differences Macs have to PCs you will fall in love. Windows computers are for people who are very into computers. people who play games on PCs need a windows computer as gaming for mac is a bit lacking. also if you are really into computing you can easily prevent viruses and upgrade your computer over time but this takes knowledge that i dont have and i know a lot of others don't have. This is why in my mind mac wins every time.

      And finally why didn't i buy an imac? quite simply i already had a good monitor so i saved a bit of money. if you get this or an imac you will be more that happy with either.


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