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Asda Photo Centre

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Type: Photo Developers

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2010 13:02
      Very helpful



      A Quality, Quick, Cheap Service

      Asda Photo Centre

      Asda Photo Centres are located in store most Asda supermarkets. They have not long been introduced as another way for supermarkets to expand their products and services and diversify in to new markets.

      -What do they offer?-
      In store they offer a variety of different services to cater to to the tastes of its huge market. You can pick up instant 6" by 4" prints on the self service at 24 pence a piece as well as hourly and 24 hour service prints that can be at a a variety of sizes standard to photo printing, these range from 20p to £1.30 for larger prints. The price will depend on the size of the image ordered and also how long you are prepared to wait for it which is common in purchasing photo prints.
      As well as prints they offer a variety of photo gifts such as coasters and mouse mats as well as unusual items like Teddy's with t shirts with your print on. There is a huge choice available and you are guaranteed to find something that takes your fancy. Again all of these products are available on the self serve machines which you then take to the till to process afterwards (a concept I don't quite understand).

      -The Staff-
      From my own experiences the staff truly vary as to how helpful they can be, as with any retailer the service they provide is only as good as the staff they employ. So sometimes you can be served by someone who really knows what they are doing and other times you can be served by someone who just wants to get the order and then be done with it.

      -My Experiences-
      I have used Asda Photo Centre a number of times as it is a hugely convenient service to me. Although online retailers for photo prints and gifts can be cheaper, I would rather pay for the convenience factor at my local Asda. I have purchased a number of prints from here and as I mentioned above you can buy instant prints for 24p a picture here. This is great as you do not have to wait around for your pictures, however this can be expensive if you have many pictures and also time consuming selecting the images on your data drive. The quality of the instant prints is not as great as other prints you can receive online at Snapfish for example, or on the hourly or 24 hourly prints at Asda.

      Recently I went in to my Asda Photo Centre hoping to purchase a T Shirt, A Magic Mug (heat sensitive so when it is hot the picture appears) and a mouse mat, for a teacher's leaving present on behalf of the group. I was told that due to the majority of the photo gifts being produced by a company externally it would take up to 14 working days for me to receive the products (not ideal as we all leave school for the last time very shortly). However having searched around for other companies to produce the same items for me it would take just as long and be twice as expensive. The items listed above came to under £20 at Asda, a bargain for personalised gifts, which was great as I was on a budget. I went in the store to order these items and they also told me that the shirt would be black or white and I could not specify whereas on the online Asda site there was a choice of 6 different colours. I was then told if it came out black I could have a refund but again this added time and having a deadline to meet this made life more difficult again. I also had problems uploading my image on to the mug as the picture needed to be a particular size so I left this purchase as I had little time and the woman who served me had not been very helpful prior to this.

      I returned to the store later that day to try and get guidance on the issue and was served by a lady who fixed the image to fit on the mug and told me that the T Shirt would be guaranteed white as they only get white at this store. So it just goes to show how different staff can effect the quality of your service here. I would recommend that if at first you have problems return later and speak to another member of staff as some can be very willing to help unlike others.

      When purchasing hourly prints here often I have purchased and received my print within 10 minutes and this is cheaper and a much higher quality than the instant prints. I would recommend putting your pictures in before your shop then picking them up on the way out. As you will get higher quality images for a much lower price!

      Great service with a good member of staff
      Cheap (compared to boots and klick) instant service for prints
      Innovative photo gift range

      Poor Service when staff are not willing to help
      Long waiting times on photo gifts as they are externally produced

      -Overall Opinion-
      Overall my opinion of Asda Photo Centre is high as they provide a great service. When the right person is serving you all your photo needs can be met and you can be away with your products in under ten minutes (product depending). However when you have someone who isn't sure and probably isn't in the mood to help you, it's best to return later when a better member of staff is there.

      4/5 as could be improved if all staff were consistent!


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        13.05.2010 20:58
        Very helpful




        In the foyer of my local Asda in Middlesbrough we have a large Asda photo centre, i have used this shop a few times in the last couple of months for prints and my partner purchased a camera.

        About The Shop
        My Asda photo centre is a shop within a shop, firstly on the sales side of things it sells everything from digital camera's, camcorders, batteries, cases, memory cards, digital photo frames and photographic gifts like cups, bags and T-shirts with photo's on, everything is on display for you to pick up and have a good look at, as it's part of Asda there is often some good special offers digital camera's and other stuff.

        The second service this centre offers is obviously Photo developing, everything from your traditional 35mm film roll to any digital picture from a camera, mobile phone or just about any type of memory card you have, the digital side of this service is sort of semi-self service, within the centre the are several machines with screens and slots for memory cards, you simply insert your camera or phone's memory card into the slot or even Bluetooth your pics over to the machine and then your on your way, all the pictures are displayed on screen and you choose the ones you want to print, then you can choose the instant or 2 hour service, go ahead and press print or go into the editing section were you can enlarge, shrink, crop and do various other things to get your photo's exactly how you want them, all this editing does not cost extra and you can take as much time as you like, once your happy and you press the print button the prints are handed to you by the staff and you pay for them.

        My Experience
        I often just pop in for a quick look about for bargains and have picked up some cheap memory cards like a 2g SD card for £4, my partner bought her digital camera here, the staff were very friendly and helpful without being pushy, explaining what functions and features you need/don't need and what good offers they had on at that time, we think we got a good camera at a good price.

        Printing Service:
        When we wanted some very small (3cm x 4cm) Photo's printed for a picture frame clock off we went back to Asda photo centre, the girl working in the centre remembered us from buying the camera and was friendly and helpful from the start explaining how we could Bluetooth to the machine or pop the memory card in, she then done a quick example of how to choose, edit (shrink) and print the photo's then left us to it, it took us about 10 mins to edit and print 6 pics and they were then ready to collect and pay for.

        The price for standard 6 x 4 prints is 20p each, although we shrank ours to a very small size it's still printed out on the minimum 6 x 4 paper and we had to cut them out, I was very pleased with the quality of the photo's.

        Good Points
        Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff.
        Staff speak plain English.
        Good choice of camera's and accessories.
        Very competitive pricing.
        Easy to use self service editing/printing machines.
        Good quality prints.

        Bad Points
        The self service screens are in view to other people in the store.
        Not for the serious photographer looking for 35mm lenses, filters ect.

        Everything you need for general photography at competitive prices with friendly staff and easy to use self service photo printers, if I need a camera or some prints doing I will be heading back to Asda photo centre, highly recommended.

        I dont know how many large Asda stores have photo centres but if you have one near you try it.


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