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British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association (East Sussex)

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2 Reviews

Address: 143 Hangleton Valley Drive / Hove / East Sussex / BN3 8FE / Tel: Set up to find homes for pure breed Chihuahuas

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2011 20:16




      As a Trustee of the BCCRA I was very touched by the comments from Mocha's new owners. Having arranged the re-homing of Mocha and already knowing that she was in a SAFE and HAPPY HOME such a nice review is heart warming, you also remembered "Instead of sending Christmas cards save the money for charity" plus you help save a tree.
      Here on the Isle of Wight we have people already HOME CHECKED waiting to adopt our little Chi's.
      In the last two months we have re-home 7, three had to go to together after their dear mistress passed away, they were 13, 12, and 9 years old, How could you seperate them?
      Another Chihuahua PIP came into rescue at 4 years old with his friend a small Jack Russell aged 6yrs. We at the BCCRA took PIP under our wing and "Friends of the Animals" helped us with the Jack Russell, again they to had to stay together. Here at the BCCRA we can only re-home Chihuahua's but thankfully with the help of "Friends of the Animals" another registered charity dogs can stay together with and all that entails. For instance we both make sure that the dog's are all neutered, micro chipped and vet checked before we re-home them.
      PLEASE think of rescue when you are thinking of having a dog.


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      01.07.2010 11:01
      Very helpful



      Rescue a Pooch today, or make a donation.My lifes complete with Mocha at my feet .

      I so wanted to get a Chihuahua, No its not because they are en vogue, but because they are such lovely little creatures .My Husband is retired and while I'm out at work he needs company.I have to admit I trawled through the Internet looking for Chihuahua puppies, but after a few months of daily searching we spoke about re homing a rescue dog.We wanted a dog that needed constant company and a loving home.

      I typed Chihuahua' s and Rescue into the search engine and up came the British Chihuahua Rescue Association.
      The BCCR are a registered charity made up of kennel club members and breeders of Chihuahuas.

      The aim of BCCR is to re home chihuahuas, most of them are ex show dogs or bitches that have been used for breeding but now retired, some come from people who can no longer afford them or who's personal circumstances have changed.the main aim of this charity is to find these beautiful loving dogs, forever homes.
      On site you can download an application form which after filling in you send to the club secretary.At this point I will say that unlike most rescue centres BCCR actually acknowledge receipt of your application by return post.

      The re-homing process is very swift indeed , because of the lack of foster families available BCCR try to re-home their dogs into their new homes as quickly as possible .

      I will explain my own process so you understand.

      I received a call at 10 am Saturday morning telling me they had a beautiful little bitch who was in need of a home and would I be interested .

      After getting a few details we agreed that this would be the perfect dog for us and accepted.I was then told that a home check needed to be completed before the dog could be moved to us , and sure enough less than an hour later a home check volunteer came out to our home and passed us.

      Later that evening I received a telephone call telling me that a courier would be able to deliver the dog to us the following day.

      Even the courier was a volunteer, he was on his day off. A sign of the BCCR's dedication, he had agreed to drive from his home to pick the dog up and then then to deliver it to our home address, you may think yeah well ? let me explain.

      I live on the south coast, The courier lives in Wiltshire and the dog was in Southampton. It took him three hours from Southampton, to ours .

      Unlike most rescue centres BCCR do not charge an adoption fee, however they may ask for a donation towards the cost of petrol.I had explained that I don't have any expendable income and they took just £20 , these people are totally amazing as the cost of fuel on the round trip would have been £110, their main interest was that the dog was rehomed in comfort as soon as possible.

      After being with us for a day our beautiful little girl has started to settle in nicely, and I couldn't imagine our lives without her now.I rung the lady who had offered her to us and told her that ,the dog was settling in nicely, but that I felt terrible over the dismal amount I was able to contribute, she reassured me that they understood our situation and asked me to keep in mind things I could do to help.

      This year instead of sending Cristmas cards I will instead make a donation to BCCR, I will also highlight this dedicated caring rescue as often as I can using every medium available.

      If you are interested in either rehoming a chihuahua or making a donation you should check out their website http://www.the-british-chihuahua-club.org.uk.

      A worthwhile Charity that deserves a huge break for doing such a fantastic job .They have my eternal thanks and gratitude.

      My Summary

      Life is now complete with our Little Mocha at our feet, make a difference, make a donation or look into rehoming one of these beautiful dogs .


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