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Civil Ceremonies (Cambridgeshire)

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Address: 6 Nene Road / Bicton Industrial Park / Kimbolton / Cambridgeshire / PE28 0LF / Tel : 0845 0048608

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2010 23:32
      Very helpful



      A perfect modern way to celebrate a childs life

      A Naming Ceremony is a way to celebrate the birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into the family. It is also a perfect way to welcome step children and adoptive children into the family too. A great way to bond a family unit. The child can be any age.

      To enquire about a Naming day service phone your local council.

      There are different ceremonies to choose depending what you want and require but they all have the same meaning.
      * Classic ceremony
      This is basically what I have explained above, to deliver for anyone and any age.
      * Bespoke ceremony
      This one is a very special way to celebrate the birth of your new baby. An opportunity to show your promise of being the best parent you can and for supporting adults and Grandparents to confirm their special relationship to your child. This is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your childs future development
      * Birthday ceremony
      This ceremony you would have on your childs birthday, lovely for a first birthday.
      * Script only ceremony
      This ceremony is for someone that wants to do the service themselves or have someone else in mind to do it for you.

      Your service can be at any suitable venue of your choice, it does not have to be local nor licensed.
      - Pub
      - Resturant
      - Beach
      - Home
      - Garden
      totally upto you but you have to make sure with your registrar first.

      Cost can be anything from £75 to £350 with an additional cost £30 for home services so they check before hand that its suitable.

      Give yourselves time to organise the event as its just like organizing a small wedding! So much to think about.

      Service depending of your choice can be from 15 minutes to 30 minutes long.

      You get a certificate of your beautiful day which includes 'parents promises' and I believe now your childs supporting adults and their Grandparents do to so they have a remembrance of there special day too and there promises they made to that child.

      Neither the naming ceremony or the documents issued for the naming day has legal status.

      We had a Naming day for our daughter Madeline when she was 9 months old. We chose this service as we want her to make her own decisions on who she wants to be. We are not a religous family and I don't have anything against it I just feel she should be a free person and she should have a choice to be what she wants. It would also be extremley hypocritical of us to get her christened just to have the day. I know far to many parents and godparents that lied to the Vicar just so they could get them christened. (Please don't take this as a critism to who have decided this or that I've been judgemental, it's just my opinion) :-)

      We chose two special friends to be Maddie's supporting adults. These are like a godparent but in a non religous way that support the child throughout life just in general. Not meaning financially just guide them the right way.
      One we chose has a tremendous amount of will power and determination something we could all grow up around or learn.
      The other supporting adult is intelligent, caring with a lot of common sence, however hasn't remand committed but thats life and whoever we chose whether it would be a relative or a friend I wouldn't no how they would keep up with there responsibility they promised to Maddie.
      It hopefully won't be too upsetting for Maddie when shes old enough to understand why my step father and her supporting adult isn't in her life anymore.

      We stupidly booked it 6 weeks before which didn't give us anytime! And we chosed to have it at my Mum's house hoping that it would be lovely sunny day in her big garden. Lucky the weather for us was ok but alittle windy to hear the ceremony.

      We hired glasses and champagne glasses and bought a marquee just incase the weather was bad but this would of still been useless as it would of only held a quarter of the guests!!
      We got one of those garden metal archways and decorated with flowers.
      My Mum has a huge deck which we used as a stage that us the parents, Grandparents, supporting guides, the registrar and of course Maddie stood on for the ceremony.

      The ceremony itself consists of the parents to repeat after the registrar their promise to the child the same with the supporting adults and Grandparents.
      Our supporting adults also read in their own words what they thought of us and Maddie it was very special.
      One of our supporting guides made a CD of the music that were big hits of that time which I thought was a great idea! That is now safe in Maddie's keepsake box in the roof.

      As it was at our home we did all the organizing, catering and decoration. We forgot to take any pictures but lucky enough my Nan took some before her battery went dead on the camera! But thats all we have! Our friend did a super job on the video but can't hear much as the wind was to strong on the mic! We watched it the other day as we recorded it onto DVD, it bought some lovely memories back.

      So from our experience I would book in advance and ask for help with friends and family before the event and on the day. We did it all on our own and it just made us tired and stressed.
      This was such an emotional beautiful day that everyone enjoyed the feedback was surreal!

      I would recommend a Naming day to those that has views like me or have a child they would like to join in a special way to the family.

      I hope this has been useful to you and thank you for reading :-)


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