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Fastlove Speed Dating (England)

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Address: 33-35 Cheapside / Liverpool / L2 2DY / Tel: 08456 442083

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2010 19:13
      Very helpful



      A north west based company providing speed dating events.

      A couple of months ago my newly single friend was in desperate need of cheering up following the end of her relationship with her boyfriend. We couldn't really risk another night out in case she broke down again after a bottle of wine in the middle of a bar which then resulted in the forbidden "drunk dialling" that you're always going to live to regret. In an attempt to try something different we thought we'd give speed dating a go... whenever anyone's mentioned it in the past I've openly cringed at the idea of attending such an event but I was willing to give anything a go and really, after a bottle of wine, how bad could it be?!

      After researching possible companies and venues we selected Fast Love purely as it seemed reasonably priced and the locations were easily accessible for us. Fast Love advertises itself as being the north west's leading provider of speed dating events and it has been established for over five years now. It currently works with bars in Chester, Didsbury, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nantwich, Southport, Stoke and Wilmslow to name the majority of the locations it operates in. The bars and restaurants used all seem to be fairly well known brands with places such as La Tasca and Revolution appearing frequently.

      The company offers a range of events for a range of age groups. The youngest age group is 21 - 35 while the oldest age group is the 40-55, there are various overlaps in between as I've seen events for 25 - 35 so you can just select the one you feel most comfortable within. They don't actually run any age checks so it would be fairly easy to buy a ticket for a younger or older age range if you really wanted to! They run speed dating events (where you have a series of mini three minute dates), singles parties (where you can meet up to 300 other singles) and also elite events (which are speed dating events for working professionals).

      The easiest way to find out more about an event and to book one is using there website which can be found at www.fastlovespeedating.co.uk. The website is really easy to use and I managed to research the events and book two tickets within about ten minutes with absolutely no fussing and no stressing. It's easiest to search for events by location, the details will then be presented in an easy to understand table which tells you the location, the date and time, the age range, the price and if places are still available. After that it's very simple to pay through Paypal which made me feel that the transaction was more secure.

      Following your payment you'll be sent a confirmation email and then all you need to do is count down the days to your event with excitement... or trepidation in my case! We arrived in the town holding our event a couple of hours early as we'd already decided we'd need a fair bit of dutch courage in the form of alcohol to actually make it through the door! You're invited to attend and register for the event half an hour before it starts, we were met by the owner of the company who was really friendly and informative. We were given a name badge (quite amusing!) and a score card along with a pen to score our up and coming dates!

      We then spent the next twenty minutes having yet another drink and trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone! There was a good atmosphere and people did turn up on their own and striking up conversations at the bar. The man in charge then explained how the event would work - basically each female would sit at a table, they'd have a three minute date, the whistle would be blown to signal the end of the date and the guy would move onto the next table. While all this was going on we were also told to write down our date's name and any thoughts along with a tick in either the yes or no column... more about that shortly!

      After the first two or three dates I really relaxed and actually found myself quite enjoying the whole experience. Yes there were a fair few odd balls, especially one guy who couldn't speak English and another one who insisted on spending the whole three minutes talking about his cat! On the whole the guys I met were really chatty and friendly, despite being really nervous beforehand and dreading the thought of any uncomfortable silences there really weren't any and the three minutes passed really quickly. There was a fair amount of repetition in terms of where you were from, what you did, etc. but it was a good laugh.

      Once each date had left my table I tried to jot down some note about them that would make me remember them, I generally went for what they were wearing or what they did. I also had to put a tick next to their name in a yes or no column on my score sheet. A yes tick meant I wanted to see them again and a no tick meant I wasn't interested. At the end of the night all the score sheets were collected in and we were told our matches would be emailed to us in two days. We had fourteen dates in total and the whole thing ran for about an hour and a half, along with a break in the middle to allow you to buy another drink!

      Even though I'd really only attended the event to give my friend some moral support I did end up ticking yes to two guys... although I think the large amount of wine I consumed had something to do with that! Sure enough, two days later we both received an email; if either of the two I'd ticked had ticked me as well then our details would be sent to each other. You could opt to exchange just email addresses or mobile numbers too if you wished, these were recorded on the score cards you submitted at the end of the night. I got two matches and my friend got three so we had a really successful night on the whole I'd say.

      Tickets for the speed dating events are currently priced at £15 per person although there does seem to be frequent deals running on the site and we actually only paid £10 per person. If you leave booking to just a couple of days before they often reduce the tickets to £10 in order to fill up the numbers they need. I believe that if they don't have sufficient numbers they'll offer to move you to a different event so you won't turn up and find a shortage of men or women! I'd definitely recommend the experience, if nothing more it's worth going for the laugh as we were in hysterics the whole way home! A firm five stars from me!

      Thanks for reading.


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