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INTERPAL or International Palestinian Relief and Development Fund is an independent non-political and non-profitable British Muslim charity organization set up to serve the Palestinian cause.

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2001 00:55
      Very helpful



      Everyday we see on the news and in the newspaper about the Middle East, the war between Palestine and Israel. We may not have the power to stop the war but what we can do is help the millions of Palestine people suffering. Not many people are aware of this charity and I hope, by writing this opinion people will know more about Interpal and help the people of Palestine. Interpal is a independant non-political non profitable British Muslim charity organisation, which is set up the serve the Palestinian cause. The charity is mainly concerned with providing much needed support to poor and needy Palestinian refugees in areas like Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank. Having helped the Palestinians in times of calm and in times of crisis, Interpal has fed, housed and clothed tens of thousands of fleeing refugees. At the same time, Interpal is providing basic amenities which include education and health care to improve their standards of living. Interpal's main areas of concern include education, health, humanitarian aid and maintenance of holy sites. Interpal co-operates and co-ordinates with other local and international charity organisations to help the Palestinians lead a good a life as they can. The Muslim charity currently has established numerous welfare, educational, medical & health service centres within the areas of operation including orphanges, school clinics and nursing homes for the elderly. Interpal, who consider training a long term investment in promoting self dependency and development in society, supports a project to train women in the weaving industry at a special cntre. It is seen as crucial development, such training programmes give the Palestinians the necessary skills to become valuable members of the labour force. In the area of education, Interpal has organised various programmes to provide schools in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with the needed facilities such as computers. It also maintains
      programmes to help the disabled by a school for the deaf. Medical care is another area of primary importance to Interpal, who have established a medical analysis lab in Ramallah. Interpal is also active in the maintenece of holy sites. In a joint programe with other estabhlishments, it has provided funds for the installation of new water taps at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and bought a new cleaning vehicle to maintain the ground of the Mosque. The organisation has gained a lot of support, respect from across the globe by doing ongoing programmes such as Sponser the Orphan Programme, Sponser a Family and other programmes like these. When the holy Islamic month of Ramadan approaches, Interpal hosts the Ramadan campaign which concentrates in four main areas: Food Parcels, Collective Ifars, Eid Gifts and Zakat and Fitrana Distribution. The food parcels contain foodstuffs such as rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar etc. The collective donations are those given to the Al-Aqsa Mosque at Iftari (when the sunsets and Muslims break the fast). With this, many peole are fed who are fasting and also feed the poor. The mosque provide 400 meals everyday and 700 meals every Friday. Eid is a very special time for Muslims, especially for children who look forward to the festivities with eager anticipation. However, it can be a sad time for children whose parents are ill and who are unable to to provide for them. Zakat an Fitrana distribution is when Muslims give part of their possessions and distirbute it to the poor. Fitrana is money given also by Muslims to ask for forgiveness for any sins they may have commited in Ramadan. Interpal distributes the money to the poor and needy so they can join in with the Eid celebrations celebrations and provides relief from the poverty and harship that they face daily. Every charity that had been established must be given praise for, people have given up their spare time to help others and Interpal is one of those
      charities that must be praised. I have only mentioned some things that Interpal do but overall, it is a lot. Interpal is a charity which needs to be more recognised so more Palestinians can be helped.


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