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Janes Photography (Newmarket)

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Photography service based in Newmarket, Suffolk.

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      02.09.2011 23:15
      Very helpful



      A fabulous service and wonderful photographs

      When we started planning our wedding we had a list of the main things that we had to have on the day, one of these was a photographer. We wanted someone that was local and also someone who was good at what they did and not too expensive. Trying to find an affordable photographer was not exactly easy, we got a couple of quotes from people that wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of money for a basic wedding package. We were starting to think that we were going to have to pay more for the photographer than we wanted, that was until my mum was having a look on the internet one day and found a local photographer who lived down the road next to where I work and she was very reasonably priced, to be honest her prices seemed too good to be true compared to what we had been quoted, but we decided to contact her and have a chat about what was available to us. To our surprised the prices on her website were the actual prices she charged and there were no nasty hidden extras, needless to say we decided to book her for our wedding and chose the package we wanted.

      The photographer we went with goes under the name of Jane's Photography, she is based in Newmarket where we live and works from home with her partner as her assistant. Before we decided to book Jane for our day we had a look around her website, her website is very easy to navigate your way around, on the home page you will find a slide show of some of her work along was a small paragraph of writing introducing herself as a photographer and listing what she does. Along the top of the page are several subheadings including "About Me", "Weddings" "Portraits" "Prices", "Contacts " and "Gallery". Each of these links takes you to a separate page which then goes on to describe a bit about what that section includes, for example the portrait section talks about the sort of shoots she does, including children, maternity, pets or families. The online gallery was quite a big help in deciding to chooses Jane's Photography for our wedding, some websites just include half a dozen photos which does not really give you much of an idea about how good they actually are, however Jane's online gallery was very detailed she had included a lot of photos of all different styles of weddings she has done in a variety of settings, also included in the gallery were photos from a variety of other photo shoots she had done for people, this gave us a good view of her work and actually showed she was very good at her job and able to work within a variety of settings, after looking at her online gallery we were very impressed with her work.

      Obviously the section we were most interested in was the wedding sections, the website is very detailed in that it gives you a step by step list of what is included in each wedding package and how much this is. Jane's Photography offers 3 main packages, but these can be altered slightly to fit in with each couples requirements and also to fit within any budgets people are working to. When we first chose Jane's Photography to do our wedding photos we did not know that she was in the process of revising the packages that were available, however we were given the option to stick with the original package we had chosen or switch to the new package which was the equivalent of the one we had already chosen. As it happens the new packages were much better value for money compared to the old ones so we ended up choosing the new package which was exactly the same price as the one we originally chose and booked.
      *Package 1
      This is the cheapest package that is offered and costs £450.00, included in this package you receive
      1 hour pre wedding consultation
      Location check
      Unlimited number of photos taken
      Arrival of photographers 1 hour before the ceremony until about 1 hour after
      Photos of guests arriving, bride and groom arriving, the ceremony, signing of the register, group shots and private shots of just the bride and groom
      Information cards for the guests and an online gallery if requested
      A disc of 150 photos suitable for printing up to 12 x 8 inch photos
      Personal usage licence
      Gift box containing 150 6 x 4 inch photos

      *Package 2
      This is the middle package offered and the one that we opted for. This package costs £650, and we felt that this was the one which suited us best and worked out the best value for money. The package included
      1 hour pre wedding consultation, this took place at our house and at a time which suited us, we ended up having our consultation during the evening after work as this suited us best
      Location check - We had a meeting with Jane at both the church and The Rowley Mile Racecourse where the reception was this allowed us to discuss where we did and did not want the photos to be taken and also gave the photographers a better idea of what space they had to work with
      Unlimited number of photos taken
      Arrival of photographers 1 hour before the ceremony until after the speeches and cutting of the cake (just before the reception began)
      Photos of guests, bride and groom arriving, the ceremony, group shots, private moments with the bride and groom, shots of the guests at the reception, speeches and cutting the cake
      Information cards for the guests and online gallery if requested.
      A disc of 250 photos suitable for printing up to 12 x 8inch photos
      Personal usage licence
      Gift box containing 250 6 x 4 inch photos
      2 mounted 8 x 12inch photos (we got to decide which 2 we wanted enlarged by having a look through the photos we received in the gift box)

      *Package 3
      This is the most expensive package and costs £850, this includes
      1 hour pre wedding consultation
      Location check
      Unlimited amount of photos taken
      Photos of arrival of the guests, bride and groom, the ceremony, group shots, a private moment with the bride and groom, speeches, cutting of the cake and reception photos including first dance
      Information cards for the guests and an online gallery if requested.
      A disc of 400 photos printable up to 12 x 8 inch photos
      A gift box containing 400 photos
      Personal usage licence
      2 mounted 8 x 12 inch photos
      A gift box containing 400 photos
      A £30 gift voucher for future photo shoots

      We decided to go for the middle package as we felt it best fitted our needs and also gave us plenty of photos of the whole day. All of photos are edited to remove any blemishes in the background or anything that may be spoiling the photo, when we looked through the photos they did not look like they had been edited at all they all looked very natural. The photo editing includes all of the photos within the gift box and also all the photos which are on the disc as well.

      A disc is included in all 3 packages that Jane's Photographers offer, they include high resolution photos which are all suitable for printing, this was something that was not offered as standard in the original packages that were available when we booked Jane for our wedding, the original packages only included an album. Personally we preferred the new package which included the gift box of photos and the disc containing printable photos as it meant we could make up and choose our own album making it as big or small as we wanted. We also liked the idea of having the disc of printable photos as it meant we could print extras off for ourselves and also for our friends and family, the photos could be printed in a variety of sizes up to 12 x 8 inches, this has come in very handy so far as several family members have asked for us to print off some photos for them, having the disc means we can print the photos as many times as we like. Having a disc of the photos also makes sharing them with friends and family easy as it means I can up load them onto my computer and share them via Facebook and e-mail.

      All of the photos in the box come in colour, however Jane's Photography specialises in black and white photos and sepia photos, therefore all of the photos on the disc come is colour, black and white and sepia meaning you actually get 3 times the amount of photos in different variations, she also puts in a few colour splash photos, this is where the majority of the photo is black and white with a few areas of the photo done in colour, for example we have on of me and Mark outside the church the whole thing is black and white apart from my bouquet, marks cravat and handkerchief which were all pink, personally I think this is quite effective and really like the colour splash photos however Mark isn't too keen and prefers the regular coloured ones. I like the idea of having the option of choosing whether the photos in the album are colour, black and white or sepia as some photos really do suit the different styles and it makes your album that little bit different.

      None of the packages come with an album, the idea behind this was as I have mentioned to allow people to choose and make up their own album, by doing this you are not limited to the amount of photos you can have in it, whereas with the old packages you could only choose a certain amount of photos to include in the album. We are yet to purchase our photo album yet as we would like to get a large one and include as many pictures as we can so we are still hunting around, however you can have an album made up by Jane's Photography if you require at an extra charge, this costs £400.00, this includes 40 10 x 10 inch photos and you get to choose from either a leather or suede album which is then presented in a gift box. This is quite a lot of money to pay for an album however you are receiving 40 quite large photos as well as the album itself. Personally we will be using the smaller photos included in the gift box to make up our album as by doing it ourselves we have more choice, but the option to have it ready made for you is there should you require it.

      Other added extras include additional discs both including a disc of 100 non printable photos costing £100.00 or a disc of 100 printable photos which costs an extra £200.00. Personally we did not feel the need for this as we had one disc with the photos on which were suitable for printing should anyone require copies, but again it is useful having the option there if you or anyone in the family required an extra disc for themselves. All of the discs come in a leather gift box to help protect the disc.

      For an extra £100.00 you can hire the photographers at Jane's Photography to take pictures of the bridals morning preparations, these can be taken anywhere you wish and include photos of the bride, bridesmaids and other family members getting ready including hair and make up. Again this was not something I went for, we took our own pictures of us getting ready personally I was not keen on having my photo taken without my make up on and with my hair looking a mess before it was done, I think this option is down to the individual, most brides do have photos taken of their morning preparations but not everyone will want a professional photographer taking their picture when they are not looking their best, I certainly didn't.

      Jane's Photography offers what's called a Newmarket residents special, to qualify you have to live within Newmarket and the venue has to be within a 10 mile radius. This option costs £350 and includes all of the stuff in the regular packages, the consultations etc and a disc of 120 printable photos. This is quite good value especially if you were going to go for Package 1 as you get slightly more photos for the same amount of money, however we did not feel this was suitable for us as we wanted the extra photos which were included in Package 2.

      What we particularly like about using Jane's Photography was that before the wedding was everything was made so easy, Jane would travel to your house for the consultation and also meet you at the venues to discuss all your needs, for this there were no extra travel charges on top of the package price providing you lived within a 60 mile radius. For us there were no travel charges at all as our ceremony was in Exning Church just outside of Newmarket and the reception at The Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket, however the photographers will travel to areas such as Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and Hertfordshire, they are prepared to travel to venues outside of this area but there will be extra travel charges on top of the package prices, this was partly why we wanted a local photographer.

      We received our photos extremely quickly, she did tell us that we would receive them 3 weeks after the wedding which we were happy with, however 2 weeks later she rang to say they were ready a week earlier and that she would drop them round to our house there and then. The service we received was excellent, both Jane and her assistant were extremely helpful, they were very professional yet friendly and approachable, we both felt comfortable contacting them with any questions we had, I communicated mainly by e-mail with Jane as this was more convenient for me, however she would always reply very quickly within the same day. When we received the gift box of photos we were very pleased with them, I think there were actually just over 250 photos in the end and all of them were of excellent quality, whilst they had been edited slightly to remove any blemishes in the background they still looked very natural. They did an excellent job of covering the whole day from the moment the guests arrived to the moment the evening reception began, we had a good range of photos which showed all aspects of the day and which at some point included all of the guests. We chose the 2 photos we wanted enlarged and again these were ready for us extremely quickly, these were of the same excellent quality that the smaller photos had been.

      I would definitely recommend Jane's Photography in Newmarket, we knew nothing about the company when we chose them and literally went on the basis that the photos in the online gallery were very good and professional and also that they were reasonably priced. For the money we paid we got excellent photos and received a very high standard of customer service. If anyone is looking for a photographer within the areas she covers I would certainly recommend her whether it is for a wedding or a different style of photo shoot, they cover a wide range of venues and settings to suit your personal needs. Should I need a photographer in the future I would certainly use Jane's Photography.


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