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National Asthma Campaign

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The National Asthma Campaign is the independent charity working to conquer asthma, in partnership with people with asthma and all who share their concern, through a combination of research, education and support. The Campaign was formed in 1989 from a merger of the Asthma Research Council (formed in 1927) and the Friends of the Asthma Research Council and Asthma Society (formed in 1980).

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      19.11.2000 23:27
      Very helpful



      As asthma is on the increase and more and more children are developing it I thought all parents should know about support and help that is available to you. A very useful organisation is the National Asthma Campaign This is probably the best resource place for anyone with asthma, you can find different sections. All About Asthma This has lots of sub topics included in this section is- Questions-all your questions and answers Asthma News- All the asthma news Booklets-booklets that are available Factsheets-get factsheets explaining different areas of asthma Resources-all the resources available to you Search- can't find what you want? Search for it News Section contains all the press releases referring to asthma and all the latest news Research-Find out all about the research which is being carried out or which has been done. Topics under research include- Genetics Inflammation Prevention Treatment Triggers Get involved- this section gives you all the information about how you can help. It also contains information about Events, Fund raising and donations. Kid Zone This is a must for children with asthma, they have their own area of the web site which includes- Facts for Kids- designed for kids to understand about asthma and treatment Quizzes- special asthma quizzes that test how much a kid knows about asthma Asthma club- this is the asthma club for kids The web address is- http://www.asthma.org.uk/ Children's Asthmatic Support Trust The children's asthmatic support trust is a registered charity. It raises funds to buy vital medical equipment for children suffering from asthma. They offer an Emergency Nebulizer Deliver service to all health centres, doctors and direct to a childs home. The service is available to all children that need a nebulizer in the home, and works in order to make a child lead a better
      quality of life. The trust will not supply a nebulizer without written confirmation from a doctor. The Emergency service hours are- Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-1pm. If you would like further information here are the details- They are based in Nottingham and can be reached by phoning 0115 9497700/22 or by email- childrensasthmatic@prima.net These are just a couple of useful resources for asthmatics and parents of asthmatics. There are thousands of web sites on the net all dedicated to asthma, some are very good and some are awful. I've looked into a lot of sites and a word of warning, if you are told by anyone to try a different medication or to stop taking your normal medication you must NOT do this, you should speak to your GP. Too many people seem to think they have a miracle cure for asthma, when in reality they haven't. I've been told to try different methods and try herbs instead, thankfully I know that these methods do not work. We all get desperate at times, especially as a parent of an asthmatic child, to see your child gasping for breathe is heart wrenching, you feel completely useless, but you are not useless. One of the most important things to do when your child has an asthma attack is don't panic, a child will pick up on a parent who panics causing them to on most occasions get worse. Although asthma is on the increase new medication is being trailed and in the future, better medication will become available with less side effects and better outcome.


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