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Pet Stop Luxury Cattery Ltd

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Animals Health/Service Type: Cat

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2008 23:48
      Very helpful




      The only bad thing about having a pet is that when you go on holiday, for the majority of the time you do have to leave the little ones at home. Last year me and my fiancé went to Spain for a holiday and our little cat needed to be looked after. We decided upon Pasturefields cattery as we had heard some very good reports and I always take peoples opinions as a good way to judge a place. I was worried about my little cat but after a tour of the cattery and meeting the owners I felt a lot more at ease. I will let you know in this review why I trust this place.

      First the address of the cattery is as follows;

      Pet stop luxury cattery ltd
      Pasturefields farm
      Great Haywood
      ST18 0RB

      So the cattery is located on the A51 which is very easy to find if you are in the West Midlands as it does cover quite a large area. As you approach the cattery there is a sign to let you know you have arrived at the right place and opening hours and the phone number is on the front gate. They are open every day but you can only collect your animals at certain hours which I will get to in a bit.

      So there is a huge gate and when it is open you can drive through and park your car in the spaces they have there. It is a lovely family run business so you can immediately feel at ease when you are there. From where you stand in the kind of courtyard you can see the owners home which is a huge house which looks stunning and makes me quite jealous to look at it as it is so lovely.

      You can see the cattery in front of you just to the right and it is a very modern building with a sign and also a nice light when people are there. You will also spot to your right a huge cage which has rabbits in which are so tame and must have a very nice life indeed with lots of space.

      Ok so the cattery! When you walk in there is a small room which is where people take your details. The owners are fantastic and are very nice people and with the lady we had a right good natter about all sorts of animals. The room is warm and they have lots of testimonials from people.

      They take a lot of details down and also will ask to see the cats vaccination records so make sure you have the certificate with you. They do things very by the book which makes you feel at ease and they do seem to really like the animals as they were fussing with our cat for ages.

      Into the cattery as we asked to take a tour, we were shown around. It is a very long room with lots of separate rooms. In these rooms they keep one cat and they have there own bed by a radiator, litter tray, scratching post, toys, food and water bowl and fleece. It all looked very cosy indeed. The hall is very warm which is nice for the animal and there is music playing so they do get company.

      The owners do check on the animals and make sure they have enough food and water at all times and they do fuss them. Our cat apparently just slept the whole time we were away by the radiator as he just loves being warm.

      When we had Harry back he looked brilliant and did not seem traumatised by the experience so they obviously look after the animals well which is exactly what you need. I felt good about leaving him and would leave him there again.

      Now prices are £5 per day which is not that bad at all and I felt very pleased with how they treated him. You can pick or drop your pet off every day but on the weekends it is only between 7 and 9.

      If you are going to leave your pet somewhere while you are away, you need to feel like they are getting looked after and that it is somewhere you will trust. I found that this cattery loved animals, treated them well and the owners are great so you cant really go wrong. I will use them again if I need to.

      Thanks for reading.



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      Pasturefields Farm Pasturefields / Great Haywood / Stafford / ST18 0RB / Telephone: 01889 271361

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