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Scruffy to Fluffy Mobile Grooming

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Type: Dog Grooming / http://www.scruffytofluffy-doggrooming.com/

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 22:24
      Very helpful



      I would recommend Scruffy to Fluffy


      Mobile dog grooming parlours are equipped as a static parlour would be but usually on a smaller scale. The groomer will ask to connect to your home's power supply. Once this is done they can begin. The van will have a dog bath in it which will probably be spa type bath. There will also be a grooming table and the groomer will use his/her own products.

      As I don't drive I find it convenient to use a mobile dog grooming service to cut my West Highland Terrier's hair. My dog, Joey, needs to have a haircut three or four times a year. I do attempt to trim his hair in between visits although I feel that he prefers to have the full treatment from a professional.

      My dog has been using a mobile dog grooming service for several years now. Previously we used a company called Dial-a-dog-Wash. I was very pleased with this service which is run as a franchise until the groomer who used to cut Joey's hair left, a year or so ago. We had used someone else from Dial-a-Dog-Wash who had the franchise for a neighbouring area. He already had existing customers and really was too busy to cove another area. To be able to book him I found I had to ring him a long time beforehand. If a Saturday appointment was required then the wait was even longer.

      Joey was in need of a haircut. I had endeavoured to trim the long hair from over his eyes so that he could see, as well as cutting hair from a few other places, but with Joey it is an effort to do this. The best way I find is to kneel down next to him to be able to cut his hair but as I had dislocated my knee cap this just wasn't possible. Nor could I lift him at this time to place him level with myself.


      I wondered if there were other mobile dog groomers in my area and when looking on the internet came upon 'Scruffy to Fluffy.' Well, looking at Joey at this time he was decidedly scruffy and so I decided to give these a call.

      A lady answered the phone and straight away I was impressed by her friendly manner.

      I explained that my dog was a West Highland white terrier who was overdue a haircut.

      Not only was she friendly but very flexible on the times she was available for an appointment. I wanted his hair cut soon and so although she couldn't fit Joey in for the coming Saturday (I rang mid-week) she was happy to come around after five one day the following week in the evening. This suited me as I had daytime doctor and hospital appointments arranged that week) and so a mutually convenient date was arranged for the following week.


      I was given a price of £25 which, as well, as cutting Joey's hair, also included bathing him, blow drying his hair and clipping his nails.

      But as dog breeds come in different shapes and sizes and have very different hair which means the time and difficulty of the cut can be very different, understandably, prices vary. Prices are shown clearly on the website and I would say as a guide they start from around £20 for a British Bulldog and a Staffordshire bull terrier increasing to around £45 for a Bernese mountain dog.

      Nail Clipping is priced at five pounds.


      I think it's a great bonus that Scruffy to Fluffy are so flexible with times, even agreeing to appointments after six p.m. at no additional cost.

      Some of the services offered are:

      An express wash and dry for doggies in a hurry.

      A full grooming service which, I understand includes cut/clip, wash, dry, nail clipping and a health check.

      (As stated on the website: A health check is carried out on all full grooms, which includes the ears, nose, eyes, teeth and paws. The ears will be cleaned as a matter of course and treatment carried out if required. Customers can buy further treatment from the groomer if an ear infection is found.)

      Nail clipping on its own is priced at five pounds Specialised Hand Stripping (for certain breeds)

      Flea shampoo/treatment (may incur extra charges) A 10% discount off the treatment/cut etc. if you require more than one dog treated/cut.

      I noticed from the website that Groomers from this company are qualified with City & Guilds being amongst their qualifications.


      (Taken from the website http://www.scruffytofluffy-doggrooming.com )

      We now offer Pet Sitting Services, if you don't like the thought of putting your dog(s) into kennels while you have your well-deserved holiday, then we can either stay in your home for the duration or the dog can be placed with an experienced dog loving family!

      TOP DOG

      On the day of Joey's hair cut I had him prepared as much as possible, although he hadn't been take out for a walk unfortunately, as I wasn't able to take him out at this time owing to my knee/mobility problems. I had tried to let him run around in the garden to wear him out a little.

      The groomer rang to warn me that she was running a little late as a cut she was doing was taking longer than expected and would this be a problem. I had things to do and it really didn't matter to me, as long as she turned up; I was pleased she had taken the bother to let me know she would be late. She soon arrived with mobile parlour and an assistant.

      When mobile grooming parlours are parked outside my home much interest is always generated from my neighbours as well as passers-by; this time was no exception. As this type of doggy hair dressers isn't new to me I wasn't too curious but, I this was the first time I'd used this particular company I thought it prudent to take a look around the van to make sure it looked up to scratch, so to speak. I considered the van looked well equipped with doggy bath and grooming table appearing clean to me.

      I explained to the groomer that Joey was a runner and so could a lead be attached to him and the van if/when its doors were open. I also explained about the lack of a walk, that Joey didn't like having his hair groomed and there was a possibility, although this hasn't happened, that he could growl at her or possibly bite. Also he was in dire need of a cut. She seemed completely un-phased by this and was introduced to my pet.

      Joey is an old hand at mobile dog grooming parlours by now and was keen to get into the van. I could have gone with him but find Joey gets distressed more if his family are present. He starts off alright but does become stressed after a while and especially when hair is being cut from around his face or his rear (understandably so!) I left them to it but admit to peering out of the window from time to time in case I spotted a small white dog running away from home and the grooming parlour!


      I was very pleased with Joey's haircut; he really did look a smart pooch at last. He looked clean and smelt wonderful; I love the smell of the shampoo/conditioner used. His coat had been cut just as I'd asked, in a short style without the westie 'skirt' but with his face looking westie-like but matching the rest of him.
      I was informed that Joey had behaved well and although getting a little stressed towards the end of his appointment he had still been a gentleman. She said she had expected his coat to be in a state as I'd said he really needed this cut. She made me feel better by telling me that many dogs she grooms are scruffier than Joey was.

      She went on to say that she could have cut his fur a little shorter on his face but as he was getting distressed she felt it best to leave it how she had cut. If I wished she would cut it shorter. Looking at him I was happy with the cut and knew he would have been growing anxious by then.
      I paid the agreed price plus a tip which I felt was well earned.

      The mobile parlour and groomers drove away and Joey showed off his new hairstyle.
      By now hubby was home and we both had a good look at Joey. He turned around and posed, almost performing a pirouette, and then hubby laughed when he saw the pale blue bow attached to Joey's collar.
      I loved the pretty bow and thought it a lovely touch but my eldest son refused to take Joey out for a walk if the bow wasn't removed.


      Scruffy to Fluffy covers areas of Essex including Ilford, Loughton, Chigwell, Romford, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Wickford, Woodford and East London. I understand that other areas will be considered.



      I thought the website was pretty comprehensive. I was impressed that prices were displayed.
      And there is also a guide to how often certain breeds should require a haircut. I was also impressed to see tips on having your dog groomed, such as walking it before the occasion for relaxation and toileting, and tips on getting nervous dogs accustomed to being groomed.


      Telephone: 07813 205952

      Website: http://www.scruffytofluffy-doggrooming.com/#!contact

      On the website there is a contact page with Emailing details.


      Although I was pleased with Dial a Dog Wash I must say that I preferred Scruffy to Fluffy. I found this company very flexible and willing to fit in clients at times to suit the customer. I felt confident leaving Joey with the groomer. As to the haircut I was really pleased with it and found my dog's coat has stayed looking good longer than most other cuts he has had. I will be using this company again.


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