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The hottest new drama. The freshest comedy. Groundbreaking documentaries. Choose two of your favourite mixes below for just £15 a month. Or enjoy a fantastic range of top entertainment with all 6 mixes for £21 a month.

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    34 Reviews
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      20.01.2013 00:45
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      part of my everyday life

      While there are some obvious advantages to having sky (I must add I have sky plus hd set up) namely the recording system, which is a life saver for me as I am a busy mum and often miss my programs because one of my three children is up to no good or needs my attention, I can record my shows and then set series link, which is fantastic as I can watch my programmes when it suits me rather than going along with the channels schedule, however I am continually dissapointed in how often the same programmes are repeated, i'm not entirely sure where our money is going but sadly I now know it is not to make fresh new shows, The tv menu and listings are very clear and easy to view which makes iy easy to find something you would like to watch, I have to say as cross as I am about the repeats I could not live without sky now.


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        18.01.2013 18:42
        Very helpful



        Phone and speak to Sky, see if there are any discounts available for you

        We have been a constant customer of Sky since 1999

        We first got an analogue box all those years ago, when Granada TV in the high street were about to close down, we had been renting a television and video from them (remember that, when it was normal to rent such things?)

        We decided our TV was due for an upgrade and went into Granada, where we were told of a good special offer, for the same price we were paying, we took out HP for a TV and Video and got a free Sky box and free installation - we haven't looked back.

        Over the years we have had the basic entertainment package, occasionally with the Movie channels - but we realised that we didn't get the time to sit down and watch the movies very often, so my sports mad hubby and son convinced me that it would be a great idea to have the sports channels, which is what we have now - Entertainment and Sports.

        Around 8 years ago (it must be about 8 years, although I do lose count) I upgraded our Sky box to a Sky + system - which we found brilliant and cannot really imagine not having any more.

        I believe that when you sign up to Sky+ you take on a 12 month contract, during which time special offer deals are hard to come by - we however have been out of contract for about five years.

        Firstly I will list the channels that our package lets us watch:

        Sky Atlantic
        Sky 1
        Comedy Central
        Dave & Dave Ja Vu
        Sky 2
        Discovery Real Time
        Sky Poker
        TCM & TCM2
        Movies 24
        Travel and Living
        Sky Living & Sky Living It
        Sky Arts 1, Sky Arts 2
        Good Food
        Home & Health
        Sky News
        Life OK
        Star, Star Plus, Star Gold

        240 Free to Air channels, which I assume can be watched on other Freeview boxes (including BBC/ITV/C4/C5 etc

        We also subscribe to Sky Sports, which shows the Premier League.. and the men in my home would be lost without..

        Anyway, being out of contract I was in the fortunate situation to negotiate with Sky and with the ever increasing costs of houshold bills, I wanted to cut some costs..

        My phone bill from BT came through and I realised that I was paying over £130 to them, per quarter for my broadband... I know that Sky have a broadband package, so I phoned them up for a chat..

        Absolutely superb.. I explained to them that I was looking to cut costs - they were aware that I was out of contract with my Sky package and keen not to lose me as a customer.

        They basically have saved me around £100 per quarter with one phone call (but it gets better with phone call number two)

        I was offered the broadband and calls package with Sky at a bargain price of £6.00 per month for 6 months, followed by £12 per month for the further 6 months, on a 12 month contract, this contract however is only for broadband and calls and does not touch my TV package. They assured me the swap over from BT to Sky would be simple and in about a fortnight, I received the router in the post a week later with all the details and information, and they were right, the swapover was trouble free and simple.... the broadband service is perfect too, no difference to the BT service - great, recommended to anyone.

        So at this point, my Sky monthly bill is £47.50 for the TV and £6.50 for BB and phone...

        A month later, I phoned Sky once more, it was Christmas time and again, I was looking to cut costs, so I explained that I wished to cancel my TV packages and just have the free channels...

        To convince me to stay, Sky offered me 25% off the whole of my monthly bill for 6 months, including my phone and broadband... and my TV is still out of contract

        Ok!! they convinced me, I didn't want to leave anyway, just save a few pounds.... so I now have considerably more with Sky that I did before, at a considerable discount..

        I was told that in 6 months when this offer runs out, to phone back and they would see if they could help me further.

        Well worth the call, give them a ring and see what they offer you!


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          11.11.2012 20:50



          Not good value for existing customers

          I have been a customer of sky tv for close to 9 years. Recently, I have been looking at ways of cutting my monthly expenditure and the £84 that I pay to sky each month for tv, phone and broadband had to be called into question.
          In previous years, I was informed that if I called sky once per year, I would be entitled to a discount of up to 25% off. I was very happy with this offer and would have continued to be.
          However, upon calling this year, I was informed that I wasn't entitled to any reduction in my bill. At first, I thought that this was fair enough, until I entered into a discussion with a friend who had recently cancelled his sky subscription, only to be contacted by sky a few months later to be offered a 75% discount for 12 months.
          This was also forwarded to my email address by my friend as further proof.
          Upon contacting sky, I was told that I wasn't eligible for such an offer as that came from sky's commercial team and because I was an existing customer, I wouldn't be afforded the same offer.
          Trying to forward a complaint to sky is difficult enough but to be acknowledged is almost impossible. After waiting on the phone for 12 minutes to talk to somebody about why they see fit to offer different tariffs to different people, I was greeted with an advisor who was obviously following a script and had no interest in sorting my problem/issue out.
          I would advise anybody who is looking to subscribe to sky or virgin media to compare them both very carefully and consider swapping companies annually to achieve the best offers as they both seem more interested in new/previous customers than they are existing ones.
          Loyalty is obviously not rewarded by sky and as a consequence, I will be switching my tv package to virgin media very shortly.


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          24.08.2010 22:35



          steer clear of this outfit

          the sky package of tv, broadband and talk sounded good value, however this has sadly proven not to be the case. firstly problems with the broadband, then trouble with sky talk. spent a few frustrating hours on the phone (which i had the privelidge of paying for) spoke to managers and they assured me it would all be sorted. sadly it still has not been sorted months later. obviously in the meantime i have had to pay for calls through the out of contract bt line at £20 a month.
          sky has proven to be an expensive and frustrating mistake.
          the customer service is terrible as you spend a minimum of 45minutes a go trying to sort problems, and speak to operators who have no authority to amend or change anything.
          the best thing is that even though sky have never adhered to "the contract" - you, as a customer cannot get out of the aforementioned contract!
          my best advice would be to stay well clear of sky altogether


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          16.07.2010 14:11
          Very helpful



          would recommend a hundred times over

          Ok so after having BT Vision and having really poor customer service, poor reception and seeing the deals Sky were offering I jumped ship!

          I really don't regret it either. I opted for Sky plus because I loved the function that enables you to pause, record, Fast Forward and Rewind.

          I had a deal where I got installation for £30, and a £50 Marks & Spencers Voucher which was a months shopping thank you very much! i've included everything in this review as I bought a package when I bout the TV subscription:

          ~~~The Price~~~
          I went for a package that covered my tv, my phone and my broadband - the biggest attraction was that I now get one bill and one direct debit going out, with BT my billing was a mess and they were forever making mistakes.

          I pay £44 a month, this gives me: 3 entertainment Packs (Music, Knowledge, Variety) 1 Sky Movie Package, Free 20mb Broadband, free unlimted calls to anywhere in the UK and 20 countries and includes my telephone line rental (i don't pay anything to BT anymore) which I think on the whole is not bad, the packages start at £19 for TV,Phone and Broadband which I think is reasonable!

          You can also add packs at any time (i added music for an extra £1 a month) pay for a larger broadband allowance, international call packages etc...

          ~~~Organising Installation~~~
          So when I called to order my sky I was transferred to a local company to arrange installation. The staff at the call centre were very helpful, Went through all my package options with me and answered ALOT of questions (i think i tested his training to the full!). i was then given an installation date and a rough time and told the engineer would call me an hour before arriving, this gave me plenty of time to get home and I didn't have to loose a days holiday!


          SKY TV: As arranged the guy called me, turned up installed a new dish (I had an old one, so he didn't have to but he said it would save any problems later) took me through the basic functions and cleared up the dust from drilling to feed the second cable through. He was a very pleasant man and extremely helpful. I was very impressed with the service, the only downside for me is that the box needs two cables as this allows you to record a programme and watch another and they are brown but that is all I can grumble about.

          SKY PHONE: Literally all I did for this is give sky my details, I call BT to tell them that I was moving over and that was that, Sky wrote and told me when I would be switched over, BT wrote to say Sky had been in touch and that was that -very smooth, kept my old number very happy

          SKY BROADBAND: I had to get a special code from BT for them to port the broadband, which I then called through to sky, I had a new wireless hub delivered at no extra cost and again no problems! Worked when they said it would how they said it would

          ~~~The Equipment~~~

          SKY TV: The box is no bigger that a DVD play although alot deeper making it look a lot bigger. Its white in colour and comes with one remote, although you can purchase additional if you wish - note to remember do no spill nail varnish remover on the remote it melts it!!

          SKY PHONE: well it just my old phone no change!

          SKY BROADBAND: a very thin grey box (shame as the plus box is white) it just plugs into your phone line, and away you go

          ~~~The Packages~~~

          SKY TV: there are 6 Entertainment packages,

          Variety (included Sky 1, gold, living, virgin etc),
          Childrens (includes the Disney channel, cartoon network, nick)
          Knowledge (includes National geo, Crime investigation, history, discovery)
          Style & Culture (includes TCM, Sky arts, Real lives)
          Music (MTV, VHM etc)
          News & Events (Sky sports news, euro sports)

          There are 2 movie packages
          Movies One: comedy, family, drama & Romance, Modern greats, classics
          Movies Two: Comedy, action & Adventure, Crime & thriller, sc-fi & horror, Indie

          NOTE: you only get premier & Showcase channels if you have both movie packages - bit of a scam!

          There are 2 Sport packages Which I don't know much about i'm afraid!

          I chose Variety, Knowledge, Music and Movies Two and I think i got a pretty good selection of everything my only disappointment is the premier channel for movies is not available I can add it for another £8 a month so i'm deciding at the moment, I'd have to watch a lot of films to make it worth while as I wouldn't watch the standard movie channels that come with the additional package and you have to pay for each premier movie on top.

          SKY PHONE:
          I'm paying £5 at the moment for "Talk Unlimited" this allows me unlimited calls to the UK and 20 international countries, there is "talk Freetime" which has no subscription and gives you free evening and weekend calls to UK numbers and a discount on UK Mobiles. You can also ask sky to take over your line and pay them line rental cutting BT out all together this is £11 a month (50p Cheaper than BT!)

          "everyday Lite" is £5 a month and allows 2GB of monthly usage at a 20MB speed or Broad band unlimited for £12.50 - and says what it does on the time truly unlimited!

          ~~~Other Services~~~

          When you become a sky customer you also get a log-in for the website, this allows you to check out the schedules, make payments, check your bill, alter your packages, and another wonderful tool - the remote record! If you sky is plugged in an on standby at home you can send it a text and I will set up to record the programme! It costs 50p but brilliant if your out and someone mentions you favourite programme that you forgot about. You can also set up your box to record something using the schedule planner, i often have a nose at the film channels during lunch and schedule my recordings!

          SKY ANYTIME
          Not too sure about this service yet I haven't got round to using it, from what I have seen it looks like they are starting to break into the BT Vision thing of having a library of save programmes on your machine that you can watch anytime and that changes every month or so. Its only a small selection but its growing!

          SKY PLAYER
          Now this is a website that you get access to, I run it through my WII so it displays on my big TV and that really is the TV on demand, it has movies and series of your favourite programmes and comes in handy when you discover a programme but you missed the first two series! I also like this for when I'm travelling as I can log-in on my laptop as a sky subscriber and watch movies in my hotel room without the hefty charge!

          SKY MAGAZINE
          You also get an A5 magazine once a month with highlights of new movies of programmes showing that month, completions and a couple of interviews, not quite the radio times but good to have a flick through to see whats coming up!

          ~~~Customer Service~~~

          Sky have been fantastic, they seem really customer focused. The installation was painless, the staff were knowledgeable why i bombarded them with questions, when I called to add my music package the channels were available before I hung up the phone to them and every time I make a change I get a courtesy call about a month later to find out if I had any problems. The call centre staff are well spoken and eager to please I can not fault the level of customer service I have received - a breath of fresh air!

          ~~~My Overall thoughts~~~

          I love it my mum always told us that it was a waste of money but I am so glad I signed up. There is ALWAYS something on I want to watch and I love the fact that I know exactly how much my bill is going to be every month rather that getting an unexpected charge or underestimating my bill. I love the facility to pause live TV especially when the phone rings or my dinner boils over!, the recording function is equally as good as I never miss a thing and by Sunday I always have plenty of films saved to watch while chilling on the sofa!


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            19.03.2010 16:41
            Very helpful



            Sky TV - great choice of programmes.

            I have been a Sky customer for nearly ten years and to be honest I'd be pretty lost without it. In November 2009, I changed from the basic Sky box to a Sky Plus box and find this even better, as I don't have to miss anything now!

            I love that I don't have to miss a minute of my favourite programmes. If someone comes to the door or if the phone rings, I can pause my programme. I can then settle back down later and start watching, exactly where I left off. Goodness knows how is all works, but I think it's amazing.

            I can also record a programme I'm watching or one on the other side. Before I had Sky Plus, I would always find that all the best programmes were scheduled for the same night and I had to miss at least one. On other nights, I had absolutely nothing to watch. Now I can record anything I want and I always have something enjoyable to watch, every night of the week.
            When you do get the chance to sit down and view your recorded programme, you can fast forward through adverts or rewind and watch a part all over again. You can also keep a hold of your recording for as long as you want, but the hard drive will only hold so much, so you can't keep everything!

            Whenever I receive my new T.V. magazine, I always have a read through and put anything I want to watch or record into my planner. I think this is great, as it means I never miss even one episode of my favourite programmes.

            My favourite programmes are mainly the American drama or sci-fi series like Supernatural, Fringe, Fast Forward, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Lie To Me, Medium and Prison Break. There are so many, it would take me ages to list them all.
            I also love enjoy American comedies like The Big Bang Theory and My Name Is Earl. The new series are always shown on Sky first and I would find it really frustrating to have to wait for it to come on to terrestrial telly.

            The other thing I specifically love, are the music channels and I tune in regularly to Scuzz and Kerrang, for a quick fix of rock or metal.

            I don't have either Sky sports or movies, as I find there is enough on the other channels to keep me contented, although there are too many repeats.

            I pay £23 a month for Sky and have 6 entertainment packs.

            I have also been very lucky with customer service and have dealt with them a couple of times in the past 4 months.
            The first time is when I moved house last November. I had to cancel my subscription with them at my old property and set it up again at my new address. This was all very simple and I had Sky up and running, with a refurbished Sky Plus box, new wiring and a new satellite dish within 4 days of my move, for a fee of £29 only.

            Everything went smoothly until 16th March, when my refurbished Sky Plus box decided to stop working. I phoned Sky on the 17th and was talked through a few checks by the customer service person on the phone. I just had to turn the box off and on and detach and reattach some cables, but it still wouldn't work, so an engineer was booked for the next day. On the 18th their engineers were at my door, at the designated time. They were polite, friendly and very efficient and as they did not have a spare refurbished box, I was given a brand new one at no extra cost. I couldn't have asked for better service. The only downside is that I have lost a few programmes I had recorded.

            I can truly say that I am a very happy Sky customer, so much so, that I also have my telephone and broadband with them too!

            In the nearly ten years I've been with Sky, I have had no problems at all. The only negative is that it can be hard to understand some of the customer service representatives, as most seem to be Indian. They also have problems with my strong Scottish accent and it can lead to some frustrating moments.


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              16.02.2010 12:50



              I wish I could get out of this shitty 'deal'

              Sky TV.

              Worse than old analogue for signal, and when there is interrupted signal, everything stops.

              I believed the hype and signed up, not the biggggg package just £50 a month, I am SO GUTTED... IT IS SHIT. CUSTOMER SERVICES ARE CRAP, three week wait for an engineer!

              We have had sky since August, and have spent £40 calling their customer services and head offices in both London and Lothian. BOTH DIRE< BOTH RUDE.

              SKY WANT your money, but the signal is at best touch and go, everything on my sky + is either part rec, or failed...

              In short, if you are in South London,


              The worst company I have ever been tied into a contract with.. service level agreement means nothing to them.. DO NOT DO IT, JUST GET A FREEVIEW BOX, HONESTLY it is so bad


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              03.01.2010 21:11
              Very helpful



              Some great offers for new customers

              I've had Sky TV since i bought my fist house so to me it seems the norm, especially on those days when your feeling a little under the weather so have a duvet day in front of the TV and have 100's upon 100's of channels to choose from, theres always something you can choose to watch.

              I don't subscribe to the films beacuse i think my husband would be in front of the TV for too long! I also think adding the little packages such as the films can soon add up to quite a bit so if youir not watching the channels just give Sky a call and get that option taken off and save yourself a few pennies each month, you can always add things on at a later date if you change your mind.

              I often find the offers you get differ from who you speak to / the time you call, so its worth ringing back and being a bit cheeky to get something extra.

              Don't forget Sky do phone and internet packages which you can usually add on pretty cheaply to save money if your paying out to other suppliers.

              Over all its expensive to watch TV but compared to the TV liscence for the terestrial channels i'd say it's better value for money!


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              06.11.2009 15:55
              Very helpful



              My whole family are addicted and could not go cold turkey even with help from bt vision

              I have been a sky tv customer for about ten years now excluding a small break last year when I went to bt vision (god how I missed Sky 1)

              After reading the reviews I have to agree with the view that Sky is getting more and more expensive however in my area the only other option is freeview or bt vision (no virgin where I am) and sky is by far the best option out of the available packages for me.I have always found that sky are quite determined to keep customers and if you phone up complaining about the price they tend to do some type of deal, I recently switched my broadband, phoneline and upgraded to hd and I am saving approx £90 a quarter compared to having them all seperately. Plus switching was a breeze.

              I have the full package including movies and sports and find that there is always something I want to watch and usually something I want to record too! with hundreds of channels to choose from you are guaranteed something new to watch.

              Sky one is my favourite channel with programmes like house, 24, cold case, Lie to me to name but a few i find that approximately 60% of the time we watch sky one.

              In 10 years I have had no poblem at all with Skys customer service other than sometimes having a long wait to get through to someone, staff have always been polite and helpful. Whenever I have had a sky box start to play up (only twice in ten years) I have rang up and threatened to cancel and they have replaced it free of charge.

              The main downside is the original one year contract if you get it decide it is not for you and find you are stuck for a year so I would definitely look into what channels you will watch and compare it to other packages first. Also if you decide you do want it check if any of your friends have it and will recommend you as this tends to mean you get a discount,upgrade or shopping vouchers as does your friend.

              When the weather is really bad outside this can affect your signal meaning your sky will go off, but I think this happens with most methods of recieving tv channels ie: aerial, freeview etc. however if you have internet access you can watch sky tv online at sky.com.

              After trying for 6 months I could not live without I think all other providers pale in comparison.


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              09.10.2009 09:46
              Very helpful



              All in all Sky offers viewers a great selection of programming for an excellent price

              I took up Sky TV when I was moving into my flat as I just needed to have more than the basic offerings out there and with my area not yet having freeview availability (and not set to for another few years) and with Virgin Media telling me they would need to come and investigate if I could get service and not having a time frame available for doing this. Offered it to be installed for on the day I moved in and I have to be fair...they turned up and fitted it on the day and cleaned up before they left aswell so all looked good.
              I switched on and was happy to see a nice clear picture and so began to flick through the channels to see what I could watch and was delighted to find that some of my favourites were on regularly like Simpsons, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Cops and Most Haunted.
              I decided to go for all of the mixes (minus the sports and movie offerings) and after time I decided that most of the stuff was repeats and so I would begin to flick channels and have now found some gems out there including Family Guy (I had never seen this before), Crime Scene: Missing Persons, Crime Scene: Missing Persons, First 48 and even such things as Brooke Knows Best (a good one for my wife and I to sit and watch of an evening).
              I have still found as many people say that there are a lot of repeats on and fully agree that there should be new programming out there but I love watching Masterchef when I am sat with nothing to do to get all my creative juices flowing and my wife simply loves having the ability to flick onto Judge Judy during her lunch hour.


              - Value for money
              - Excellent service during installation and after sales care
              - Great signal reception
              - Quick and easy to setup
              - Box does not look out of place on my tv stand
              - Huge variety of channels and programming
              - Great selection of pay-per view services also available
              - Games also available on demand
              - Radio provided on Sky
              - TV Guide


              - A large amount of repeats
              - Need to change card every so often
              - Box constantly going online but solve this by unplugging like I did

              All in all I have had Sky for quite some time and have loved it as it gives some new programmes so old gems and no matter what offers a variety to your viewing that is worth the money.


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              27.08.2009 23:40



              Becoming less and less impressed with Sky.

              We have had Sky Tv for a number of years at home and Sky plus for about two years. I cannot belief how expensive it now is, I have been thinking of exploring something cheaper. Is it only me that finds it difficult to find something to watch? They seem to repeat the same episodes of programmes over and over again. They also seem to have a lot of channels that are total rubbish, for which I seem to be paying a fortune. Why do Sky seem to make it impossible for you only to have the channels that you want, why do you have to have a whole package? I am less and less impressed with Sky as time goes by. I had a massive bill last month as my daughter had bought several movies over a six month period but I had been billed on the one month as the information had not gone from the box down the phone line to sky. I have also found out that the Sky plus box we have we a reconditioned one not a new one as I thought at the time, not impressed.


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              26.08.2009 16:41
              Very helpful



              Reasonable range of channels if you have no other options

              I was previously a Sky customer, and once my contract ran out, I promised myself I would never go with them again. This was because I found their customer service less than helpful, and like some others who have posted reviews here, I did not realise that the 12 month contract renews if you move house. I found myself in the frustrating situation of being stuck in a contact I did not want or need, even though I had been a Sky customer for well over 12 months. Also, my Sky Plus box had stopped working and there was nothing I could do about it apart from pay for a new one. Finally, Sky TV is expensive compared to other options, and in my opinion (because of the type of programme I like) no better than Freeview.

              Unfortunately, I moved house again recently to an area with virtually no TV reception. I could not recieve Freeview. As I had become tied into a contract with BT for a landline, and paid a connection charge (because of the move), Virgin cable was not a cheaper option for me than Sky - and so I became a Sky customer again.

              It is great to have TV again (I went months without it) and I am happy with the range of programmes and channels I get. I am on the most basic package at £16.50 a month. I do think this is expensive, but then I think it's not bad compared to the cost of a TV license which is only for the BBC.

              I resented paying for another box, as I have already bought one (the one that broke) and installation (as there was already a dish here) but was in a difficult position without much choice.

              Once my 12 months is up I intend to end my subscription and just watch the free channels.

              I would advise trying Freeview before subscribing to Sky, and if you are going to go with Sky, I would not recommend anything over the most basic package - not worth it in my opinion.


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              21.06.2009 15:20
              Very helpful



              When it works its great, when it doesn't - arghhhhhhhhh!

              I first became aware of sky tv back in 1990, then called bsb, it was in the room at the hotel I stayed in for nearly 7 weeks while I was intending to relocate to Bristol with a previous employer, the thing I remember then was watching cricket test matches - England v West Indies.

              I was so impressed at the time, that when we could afford it, we went into a local store and signed up to sky tv. At that point it was analogue, and we took out a 5 year gurantee on the box - surprisingly the box lasted exactly 5 years blowing up the following up the following day. I was pretty sad about it because although it was a little expensive we could control it with the videoplus and it was less temperamental than the digital version.

              Still, things are set to try us, and once it blew up we had no option than to upgrade to sky digital. We noticed (my first wife and I) straight away that the price was higher, but as our second eldest had been diagnosed with autism and we had more money to spare we subscribed. We took out the full package (including sports and movies), but we noticed pretty soon that the movies was a bit of a rip off, ok they should a number of newer films, but they showed them at least 4 times a month, sometimes on seperate channels a few hours apart - I assume they thought people wouldn't notice.

              Sports were good but our interest was mainly football and cricket, so there were big gaps in what we watched - and certainly not worth what they charge now.

              At this point I think I should make it clear, that when you subscribe to sky, you actually purchase the digibox, which has a 1 year guarantee, but if it breaks down in this period you get a reconditioned box (ie one that had broken down before) not a new one irrespective of whether its 1 day old or 1 day short of the guarantee period. Unfortunately, we didn't know that at the time and one afternoon we had a massive thunderstorm which blew up the tv, sky box and modem in my wife's pc. Sky refused to do anything about it as it was at that point over a year old, and their solution would be to pay for a new one from an external source - luckily our insurers replaced it for us.

              We were persuaded to upgrade to sky+, but our experience was pretty bad - the boxes kept crashing and we had exngineers visiting almost on a monthly basis.

              When I moved down to Plymouth my 2nd wife already had cable tv from Eurobell (Telewest) and I thought at the time that it was not as impressive as sky, so being a sky fanatic (think that's probably a little heavy) I suggested we move to Sky. As they had 3 cable tvs, we replaced them with sky multiroom - 2 basic boxes + sky+ in main room. This became highly expensive and my wife suggested transferring to Virgin which we eventually did - to their VIP package, which coincided with the purchase of my lovely 40 inch Samsung full HD that my wife still has after we split up last year.

              Another disadvantage with sky+ is that you can only record 2 programmes at a time - you can't watch a third unlike Virgin. Other disadvantages with Sky are the price - minimum £16.50, but with all the extra channels you could pay around £100 per month - we're curently paying £26.50. Like BT, a little unknown clause is that if you move home your contract starts again at the new property - so I'm stuck with them for nearly 18 months, not the 12 we thought! In addition we had to pay another £60 set up fee despite the dish already being installed on our wall at the new house - and fully cabled! The other thing I don't like is that a lot of their channels repeat too frequently - they should provide a better balance.

              I certainly won't miss Sky when we eventually transfer, but I will miss the sky remote - it's far easier to use than Virgin!


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                16.05.2009 11:58
                Very helpful



                A fair service but highly overrated compared with other cable/satelite services.

                After recently moving house I have, for the first time in my life, subscribed to Sky TV.
                Initially I wanted Virgin Media as I have always used them in the past and although I had teething problems with them I have found their service reliable and consistantly good value. I was, however, told that I couldn't get Virgin in my new house and so I called Sky.

                With the Sky package I wanted, you need a phone line and set up would cost £130. Sky suggested I take out the multiroom subscription which for only £9.75 per month extra meant no set up charge. I did this and had the 6 tv package, broadband and phoneline and multiroom for £31.25 plus £10 line rental.

                The set up with Sky takes a long time. They do the dish first after a few days. This is a relatively quick process although they need a tv to be installed in order for them to check the boxes etc. We weren't actually moved in so used a portable one which was fine.
                About a week or so later thay set up the phone line which, again, didn't take long at all although they only set up one phone for you and don't check any additional sockets you may have.
                Finally after another 2 weeks they send out a modem with instruction manual and cd which you have to set up yourself. This can be confusing for someone who isn't very technically minded. You have to wait for an activation date before you can actually set up the broadband so in total the complete process took about a month.

                So far we have had a few problems with the picture freezing for no apparent reason. The people at sky didn't really know what was wrong and initially said it might to the weather...It was clear and fine outside. in the end we just rebooted the system and it stopped for a while but a few weeks later started again. An engineer is coming out on tuesday to sort the problem once and for all hopefully.

                The biggest difference I found between sky and virgin are the on demand services which are excellent with virgin but not exsistant with sky, you could watch programs you missed in the week without the need to record them. Also with Sky, even if you have the sports package you still have to pay more again for Setanta whereas on Virgin it was free with the XL tv package.

                What i love about Sky is some of the channels dedicated to health and fitness (for myself), weddings, religion etc. There is something for everyone.


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                18.03.2009 23:26
                Very helpful



                Good offers and customer service is good

                I bought the basic package on Sky TV and this was mainly because I liked the offer on the broadband and phone calls. So far all has been well.

                I have had little problem with recieving signal etc and its installation was smooth, no delays etc.

                The person on the phone was very helpful and freindly. Though as with all big companies trying to get past those "press one for blah...press two for blah blah" is a bit of a pain and time consuming. I have only had to ring them once since its been installed.
                My remote control went wonky after changing the batteries but the lady on the phone took me through it and we retuned the remote to the TV easy enough.

                Not being a TV fan anyway I found the endless repeats of shows I barely liked tedious. But if you love TV then this is for you. I have enjoyed re-runs of old comedys on GOLD and some shows on BBCTHREE etc.

                Loads of channels with the basic package and getting the broadband and phone calls together has saved me a bundle. Their bills are easy to read and you can access your account on the TV itself which is something I never knew until we got SKY. Another bonus is the NHS information on a huge range of health issues is also built into the box, this is like a handy family health encyclopedia, complete with symptoms and treatments....I have used this quite often!

                No trouble with the broadband, not like when I was with Aol before...the phone bills are here every month and paid Direct Debit and I have saved at least £30 per month having this package. I spend between £50-60 per month all in!

                Check out what you are paying for your broadband,phone calls and cable and see what works out better. Customer service with Sky has so far been fantastic!


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