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St James Hospital (Leeds)

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2 Reviews

Address: Beckett Terrace, Leeds LS9 7

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    2 Reviews
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      18.06.2011 03:32



      Thanks to all the wonderfull staff that looked after my student son, when he fractured his skull.I was'nt aware for two days but they took great care of him, and I will be eternally gratefull.God bless you all.


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      21.01.2011 18:58
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Well obviously no one can write a review on every part of the hospital but I will write about my times in St James hospital, which have been a few times now.

      My first time staying in hospital

      On the day I was taken to hospital, I was 9 weeks pregnant with bad stomach pains; because I was pregnant they didn't make me wait long before seeing a doctor. On coming to see me they did a pregnancy test to make sure I was actually pregnant, and also inserted a drip. Now I hate needles but the doctor, spoke to me while inserting the drip, which I found comforting s it took my mind off the needle about to be inserted. I was given painkillers to make the pain subside a little bit, but they didn't wait long before rushing me for a scan. To which I was told I had an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor broke it to me as gently as he could, but still it's upsetting. I didn't really have time to let the news sink in as it was informed that if I didn't have surgery straight away to remove the baby or the tube would burst. They explained to me how dangerous it was and what an ectopic was but had no reason as to why it had happened. They did however explain that normally people don't have a second ectopic but they would still send me for a scan straight away if I were to conceive again, to which I was told to wait 3 months before trying. So I was wheeled down for the operation, and all seemed to go well.

      I was then admitted to a ward, granted the beds were not that comfortable and the food wasn't great but the staff there was ever so helpful. If I needed anything, as I couldn't get out of bed, I just buzzed and a nurse usually came within 5 minutes. The only problem I did have with this stay was I felt it a little bit insensitive. I was in the ward with mainly older women than me that were in for hysterectomies. To which I had no problem with that, the problem I had was the fact after 2 years of trying to conceive then doing so to lose the baby after 9 weeks, then to be put in a ward that was right next to the maternity ward. If ever I went off the ward I had to go past the maternity unit and see all the mothers with their child. That really was upsetting. Even with that said I couldn't complain about the staff there as they did their utmost best to keep me happy, look after me and help me in anyway they could. Finally after 5 days I was allowed home.

      My second time in hospital

      Well after discovering I was pregnant again just 3 months later, I was sent back to St James for a scan, only for it to be revealed it was a second ectopic pregnancy, this time I was in a right state when I was informed as I knew exactly what this meant. The staff offered to ring my husband for me, as I was in a state but I thought it should come from me, on his arrival the doctors sat us both down, and explained they could save my tube but obviously not the baby. As I was only 2 weeks pregnant the foetus was small enough not to cause damage to the tube. So the doctors went though all the options with us. I was also told if I kept the tube there was a 70% chance of having a 3rd ectopic. I wasn't sure my heart could go through a loss of a 3rd child. So we was told about IVF too and was told the waiting list would be about a year. So we did decide to have the tube removed. Yet again all run smoothly, I was also this time sent to a different ward, so I was nowhere near the maternity unit this time. The last time may have just been a lack of bed space. The staff on that ward was also very helpful and friendly anything I needed they always got me with a smile on their faces. If I was feeling down they would sit and have a chat to me, they also gave me some leaflets on counselling incase I felt I needed it. Again 5 days later I was discharged.

      I.V.F Treatment

      Well what a start we got off to with this, was told waiting list was only a year. Which it probably was, but because my husband had a criminal record from when he was younger we had to get a copy of his record. This was sent in and we waited months to hear anything back. Then I received a phone call informing me that I would need to get another copy of his record as they had misplaced the first one, so yet again our treatment was delayed. Anyway after 3 long years we finally started treatment. The staff at the clinic was really good and helpful. They discussed with us each stage of the treatment, and how long the cycle would take. Also we were told what we our options were if the cycle failed.

      I wont bore you with all the cycle details, but I will tell you about the staff and how they helped with any problems. Upon starting treatment I was given the option of a nasal spray or an injection in my stomach, as I am not too good with needles I opted for the spray. A few days into using the spray I had loads of big red spots down my throat and onto my chest. So I rang the clinic up straight away, to which the doctor asked me to go straight in so he could inspect it. I was informed I was allergic to something in the spray so I had to take the second option of injection.

      All the way through the cycle the doctors were only ever at the other end of the phone, if I had any questions or problems they were always there to help. On finding out the cycle had worked, I was told to go back in 2 weeks for a scan to make sure all was ok, then at the scan was told it was twins, the doctor did giggle when I swore at him loll. Even after I had finished the cycle the doctors were there to offer support and guidance, and they monitored me very closely.

      My third stay in hospital

      Thankfully this was a more happier stay when I went in to give birth to my twins, I was rushed in due to pre-eclampsia, and was made very comfortable, I didn't have to wait long to be set up in a ward. The only thing was I was waiting days to go into labour, they decided to wait before inducing me, as they were monitoring me closely. So after 3 days and me begging they decided to induce me, they started the labour off then just left me till it all started. The staff in the delivery suite was friendly enough, got me hooked up with gas and air and just left me to it, although they did come in every 15 minutes to check on me. After 16 hours they decided I needed a c-section. So off I went to theatre again but this time I was awake. The staff in theatre was really good and kept talking to me all through the operation. Even made fun of me for how I was talking due to all the drugs loll. Back up on the maternity ward they kept the kids in the nursery for that day while I came round from the drugs.

      The next day they took me for a luke warm shower. I had two nurses there to hold me up, as my legs were still a little wobbly from the epidural. They really couldn't do enough for me they were always at hand when I needed any help, they showed me how to bath the children, and even offered to show me how to breastfeed with twins, but I felt that to be too much hard work so never bothered.

      My overall opinion of St James

      There isn't very much I can say about the hospital that hasn't already been said in the review. The staff on the wards I was on were great, I really can't say a bad word about them, they were always on hand when I needed them and they was a great support. Also some wards are well secured you have to buzz to be allowed in. This is mainly in the baby units due to kids been snatched ect.

      The hospital seemed very clean, and the bed sheets were changed daily. The cleaners were in the ward each morning washing all the units, filling up your water, and mopping all the floors. Granted the beds were not that comfortable, but you had a comfortable chair at the side of the bed that the nurses would gladly help you into. Or if you had visitors there were wheelchairs available for them to take you downstairs to the café for something to eat or a decent cup of coffee.

      You are also fed well, you have a menu delivered to your bed to fill out for the next day's meals, you have breakfast, lunch and then tea. There are usually a few different choices on each meal. The food is not brilliant but its edible when you are not getting anything else to eat. You also have bedside televisions, but these you have to pay for if I remember rightly its £5 for 3 days and £10 for a week. The televisions are only small but they are watch able, I just begrudge having to pay to watch it. So I only did this on my first stay.

      The hospital is one bus ride from the Leeds city centre and the bus stops just outside the hospital gates, there are several busses that you can catch from town, bit the most regular are the 49 and 50 which both stop at the same bus stop in the center and are usually due every 10 minutes through the day and every 30 minutes on an evening.

      So overall in my opinion it's a great hospital to have to stay in, I know hospitals are not the best places to be but they sure do try and make your stay there as pleasant as they possibly can.

      Thanks for reading :-) x also on ciao under kineticspade


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