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Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic Centre (Romford)

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Address: 474 Whalebone Lane North / Romford RM6 6RL / Essex / Tel: 020 8599 4283

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2011 18:21
      Very helpful



      When I need to have my other two teeth out, I will certainly be going there again

      This review does not contain any gory details about wisdom tooth extraction!

      My Wisdom teeth:

      The top and bottom wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth became infected and started to cause me lots of pain around Christmas 2010.
      My dentist noticed that my wisdom teeth were growing in the wrong direction (horizontal rather than vertical) my gums were also inflamed around the wisdom teeth. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics to clear the infection and also referred me to Whipps Cross Hospital, to have the two wisdom teeth extracted.

      I waited 10 weeks for my letter from Whipps Cross, only to call up and find that they couldn't see my referral on their system. They were very unhelpful and asked me to call back in two weeks time, when the head of department would be back from holiday!
      My bottom wisdom tooth was infected again at the time and I was in extreme pain. I had already completed three courses of antibiotics, several packs of strong pain killers, and had a Sunday trip to the emergency dentist in Whitechapel. I needed these teeth out soon!

      Why I went to Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic Centre:

      My work colleague could see how much pain I was in and when I explained the trouble I was having with Whipps Cross, she suggested I try calling Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic Centre. She had previously had her wisdom teeth removed at the centre, and didn't have to wait too long for an appointment.

      I called the centre to check that they were part of the NHS (they are), and to see if I could just book an appointment myself. They explained that they would need a referral from my dentist and gave me their fax details to pass on. They were extremely helpful on the phone and also gave me a rough idea of how long I would have to wait for my appointment (which is another detail that Whipps Cross couldn't tell me). They also explained that I may be able to get an earlier appointment if I called them every day to see if there were any cancelations.

      A week later I received an appointment letter from the clinic. I would have a two month wait, but at least I had an appointment date set, and I had time to arrange childcare arrangements for my two young children (you are not allowed to take children to the clinic with you) and my partner also had enough notice to book the day off work (you will also need an escort to get you home safely).

      Along with my appointment letter, I was sent information about the sedation procedure, along with relevant information of tooth extraction, and after effects. There were also forms for me fill in and sign, which I would have to take along to my appointment.

      My first impressions of the Centre:

      The centre looked well presented from the outside, and was very easy for us to find. There is a drive to the left of the building, which leads to a small car-park located at the back of the building. The parking was very tight and some cars were just dumped in any space they could find, blocking other parked cars. Luckily for us there was one proper car-park space free when we arrived.

      The main entrance was round at the front of the building. There were no steps, and the doorways were fairly large, so there was plenty of room for disabled access. There appeared to be an upstairs area, although we had no need to venture up there. The downstairs area was very well layed out, and we had no trouble finding the reception, which was through the first door on the left.

      The waiting room was a fair size with plenty of seating. There were also toilets next to the waiting are, which were very clean and well presented.

      The staff:

      All the staff I met were very cheery, friendly and welcoming, which helped to calm my nerves a little and made me feel more comfortable there.
      I only had to wait a few minutes before I was taken into the next room for a scan of my mouth. I then had to wait several minutes before i was called into the surgens room.

      The surgen was very informative, he explained exactly what would be happening and checked that i had read my information leaflet on the procedure. He had the scan of my wisdom tooth on the wall and explained that due to the position of the tooth he would need to cut my gums 'open' in-order to remove the bottom tooth. He then asked if I would be happy for him to do this. My reply was that i was more scared of the sedation needle, to which he replied that it wouldn't hurt, and praised me as he put the needle in, which again, calmed my nerves!

      After the prodcedure I was helped into a wheelchair by an assistant, who then wheeled me into a little resting room, where patients wait for the sedation to wear off a little.

      The assistant was lovely! She kept checking whether I was ok and had a little chat with me. She even, gave me two stickers, one for each of my children, which I thought was very nice of her. I was then given extra wads of cotton wall to take home, to help with the bleeding. She waited with me whilst my partner went to collect out car, and then helped him assist me to the car.

      The exit is on the side of the building, which is nice, as you have easy access to your car, with the added bonus that people walking down the main road will not see you dossed up and walking funny!

      My overall opinion:

      My experience of Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic clinic was a positive one. Although having a tooth extraction is never going to be pleasant or enjoyable, the staff managed to put me at ease and made my experience better than I had anticipated.

      Everything was timed well and seemed to run smoothly. My appointment was on time, and the surgeon was well prepared, having already analysed my scan, which was pinned onto the wall before I entered the room.

      The general layout of the centre also seemed well prepared, with patients coming through the front entrance and leaving through the side door.

      The clinic also had good communication with their letters. A week beforehand I received a letter reminding me of the appointment date and time. It also informed me that building work was commencing on the day of my appointment, and they apologised in advance for any noise or disruptions. I felt this was a nice thing to do. Although I personally wasn't aware of any building work on the day of my appointment.

      General details:

      I paid the standard NHS price for wisdom tooth extraction of two teeth which was £47.50. I was able to pay with this on my debit card.

      My Summary:

      I have decided to knock a star off, purely because of the limited parking situation. The parking was very tight, and people were getting blocked in, although this didn't happen to our car. I also had a brief view at their website and found that they do not have disabled parking, although they do have disabled access and toilets inside. I understand that they have a small parking space to work with, but I thought that it was a legal requirement to have a disabled space these days? My granddad has recently had his leg amputated, and I can imagine that I would have trouble parking if I ever needed to take him there.

      That being said, I was extremely happy with every other aspect of my visit and will be recommending Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic Centre to my friends and family.
      When I need to have my other two teeth out, I will certainly be going there again.

      Contact Details:

      Whalebone Lane Anaesthetic Centre
      474 Whalebone lane North
      Chadwell Heath
      RM6 6RL
      Contact number: 0208 599 4283
      Opening times - 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.


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