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Goodmans GHD1621F2

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Goodmans / Type: Freeview Recorder

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    2 Reviews
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      24.10.2010 17:33
      Very helpful



      This Freeview Recorder has made my TV viewing so much easier and convenient. Wouldn't be without it.

      This Freeview recorder offers fantastic value for money when you consider all the features you get with it.

      The fact that you can simply record onto a hard drive is enough for me. Gone are those days of having to use blank tapes/DVD's and worrying about whether you were recording over something or you had enough space on it. It's so convenient and saves on storage space and money as you don't need all those blank tapes. And I find that 160GB is plenty of storage on the hard drive. I think it roughly translates as 80 hours of recording (that's a lot of blank tapes) and I've only used a fraction of that (as I ofter delete programs after I've watched them).

      Add to this the fact that that you can pause and rewind live TV, record 2 programs at once and record entire series at a touch of a button. All these features are incredibly useful and at the price it really is fantastic value for money.

      It looks great too. I think a lot of these set top boxes are ugly but this one is in my opinion the best looking. It's very easy to use and generally it is a reliable unit although on the odd occasion it does fail to record.

      My only real complaint is picture quality. When compared with watching the built in Freeview through my TV the quality really is not as good. The picture isn't dreadful but can get quite pixelated and it's the same whether watching live TV or playback from a recording. Because of this I tend to watch Freeview through my TV and only turn this box on when I want to record something. This of course renders the pause and rewind live TV feature redundant.


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      16.11.2008 18:45
      Very helpful



      good, worth the money

      With our Sky contract coming to an end, and having put up with the last three months of the contracts price going up each month we decided not to renew the contract but to get a digital tv recorder.

      We decided on the recorder bit of it because we had got used to Sky plus box which let us record one programme while watching another and pausing programmes while we went out of the room and start them off again when we returned.

      We did have a bit of a problem finding a preview recorder with a hard disc so that we could record a programme we werent watching, plus finding one at a reasonable price.

      In the end we settled for Goodmans GHD1621F2 bought from would you believe Sainsburys Supermarket for £99.99

      What you get

      In the box you get your digital television recorder, a remote control, SCART lead, 2 x AAA Batteries and a RF lead.

      You may Need

      A rooftop aerial or a booster. We bought an aerial with a booster as when we telephoned to find out if our area could get freeview good they did tell us that we would not be able to get it at all. We sorted this out by borrowing one and found that we got a great signal but with that extra bit of boost it was perfection.

      Specific ations

      Hard disk 160gb giving up to 80 hours of recording
      Tuner and Channel - Twin tuners
      Connection - Fixed type

      To Set Up

      You plug everything in, which is the SCART lead aerial lead etc turn the television on and then the freeview recorder on and it will come up telling you to select your picture size. Having done that it will go into set up and find all the channels for you which in our case was 84. This, considering we arent supposed to get it in this area is marvellous.


      Your remote can control most if not all of the box.

      Guide - tells you what is on which channel
      Navigation - up and down the channels
      skip backwards/forwards - this is great if you have recorded a programme which has adverts inbetween and you can just press this to bypass each and every ad till you get to your programme
      Pause - when watching live TV you press this once to pause the programme while you make a cuppa or leave the room and then press again to restart it. I use this and then when you get to the ads you can speed it to catch up where you were and miss the ads.


      Go to the programme guide select the programme you want using the up and down and left and right keys, press record and a notice will come up asking you if you want to record just the one episode or all the series. It is as simple as that.

      It has twin tuners so that you can record two programmes at once although if you do this you do have to be watching one of them. If recording one programme then you can watch a different channel.

      We get a brilliant picture with just over 50% signal strength and at least 80 channels!

      This is one of the cheapest freeview boxes but it really is good and well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this.

      also on ciao

      Thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      The BBC and ITV bring you freesat, a brand new digital satellite TV service offering FREE HD programmes at no extra cost. freesat has no monthly subscription, just a one-off payment for a Digital Box, satellite dish and installation. And because freesat is broadcast via satellite, it's available throughout the UK and to almost every home.

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