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Janome New Home JD1722

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Brand: Janome

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 11:05
      Very helpful



      Excellent good quality sewing machine which isn't too complicated to use.

      I love to sew and always have done. I'm 21 and run a very successful small home-made children's clothing business. I love to fix things and make new things too. I have 3 sewing machines and an overlocker and all 4 have been bought for me. This Janome is what I use every day and my other 2 sewing machines are a heavy duty and one which needs servicing before I can use it again. I love this Janome as it is very sturdy and can sew almost any fabric I want it to.

      If your unfamiliar with sewing and want to start, I highly suggest getting a Janome. They are very easy to use, not too loud which is a plus in my house as I have a toddler who likes her sleep. This machine stitches a few different stitches (nothing decorative) which you turn the dial on the front to use. They are all lettered for example- A general stitch is A and a Zigzag stitch is C. It has a bulb which comes on when you turn the machine on (you have no option to turn the light on or off) which comes in handy when it's dull or you are sewing something which needs perfect vision. There are 4 stitch settings, 1 for tight stitches which are good for using waterproof fabrics, 2 which i use for all cotton products, 3 for stretch and fleece and 4 for gathering. There is also a tension dial which you can use to tighten or loosen the thread, so if your thread keeps snapping when you try to sew, then the tension is too high and if it is slacking slightly, your tension is too low. It comes with a little drawer at the front which can come off for when you need to get to the bobbin. This is where you should keep all your spare feet, bobbins and needles so there are all in one place. The bobbin can be wound on top of the machine, make sure you machine isnt threaded up when doing this as the needle still moves up and down.

      I have used all sorts of fabrics and haven't found any which create a problem except Thin jersey which gets caught in the machine when trying to sew.
      Fabrics i have tried are: Cotton, Poly cotton, Crepe, fleece, denim, wadding filled items, zips (over the zip to make it shorter in length), Interlock jersey (Thicker t-shirt material), netting, voiles and also suede.
      I've not had a problem with any of these fabrics at all! Sometimes it can become difficult if you are trying to sew the denim and suede with more than 2 layers, but a wider stitch will help that problem. I suggest testing your fabrics with a scrap piece before you go onto your projects. You can use all types of thread on the machine, embroidery thread, cotton thread, coat thread and elastic thread (wound round the bobbin). Once again, if you are a beginner, you will most likely be using a general cotton thread and cotton fabrics so don't panic if you're not sure what I am talking about. It is lightweight which is good for bringing it out of it's storage place with ease and comes with a built in carry handle. You plug it into your wall socket, then into your machine. The cable is also attached to the pedal, which you press down (like a accelerator) to make the machine sew. You'll need to practice to figure our your speeds and how hard/lightly you need to press on the pedal.

      The machine comes with lots of bits and bobs for you to use throughout your machines use. It comes with spare feet for zips, rolled hems and button holing. It also comes with spare needles (which need changing after every 2-3 uses of your machine), some screw drivers when you need to open the machine up for cleaning or if something is caught or needs fixing, some spare parts and a little tube of oil.
      I suggest once a month (if using often) you should oil your machine well. There are holes on the plate of the machine which you just put two drops of oil into each hole. Then get a scrap piece of fabric and put it under the foot. Make sure when you next go to use your machine, you run the machine without being threaded up just to work the oil around the machine, then wipe it down well as if you get oil on your good fabrics, it will stain.

      I love using this machine as it is just perfect for what i need. It's not too complicated and doesn't have a million different stitches which would never get used. It is easy to clean which I use a small children's paintbrush to sweep all the dust and fabric fibres from inside the bobbin area. I have always loved to sew and when I got this machine last year, I soon found it to be my favourite machine. It glides your fabric along very well and the plate has some measurement lines for you to follow when sewing so if you don't have a very steady hand, you can just make sure you keep the edge of the fabric on the line.
      I have had it serviced which costed me around £20 and they just put the tracking back in line for me. I always think of sewing as a bit like driving. If you put your foot down too hard, you might end up crashing (ruining your fabric and a wobbly line), if you drive it at different speeds which vary too much you can knock the tracking out and if you don't drive straight it properly you'll definitely crash and will have a long time of unpicking/ fixing your work. I would suggest this machine to anyone wanting to start a new hobby of sewing, or looking for a new machine. There are lots of Janome machines to choose from and I'm sure any of them will be work the purchase and i can definitely recommend this machine.

      As this machine isn't a newer Janome, most places on-line that sell the machine are second hand or have -been repaired and done up to go to a new home. I bought this machine from my Auntie for £70 as she had only used it once to sew some curtains, so it was like brand new still.
      I've seen one on-line recently which has been serviced from second hand and selling for £45.
      I recommend testing machines out before purchasing, so going to a shop which sells sewing machines is your best option. If you don't know of any shops like that, search on-line for one near you. I have 2 local to me which i didn't know about until I went onto the internet to look for them. When I purchased my overlocker, I went to a place in Ringstead, Northamptonshire which isn't too far from where I live.
      You should also ask if they offer a machine service and haggle for a free service if you buy a machine from them.


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