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Bic Comfort 3 Pivot Razor

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Brand: Bic / Type: Razors

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2011 19:31
      Very helpful



      Kind to your chin skin

      Well, I am now in my third mid-life crisis and with my salt and pepper hair now showing itself as more salt than pepper on my chinny chin chin(s), the thought has crossed my mind that I should ditch the razor and go for a full set.

      White hair can be quite distinguished looking, but I'd rather go for a neatly trimmed beard than an Uncle Albert of 'Only Fools' fame. For as long as it takes me to make up my mind, I shall continue to shave and that means looking out for offers.

      I bought this 4 pack of green Comfort 3 pivot disposable razors from BIC. The 4 pack was reduced in my local discount store to only £1 and was an impulse purchase.

      Their lubricated strip contains aloe and Vitamin E. They are called Comfort 3 pivot disposable razors because they have a triple blade incorporated in the head which pivots and allows you to get close to the skin as you scrape it across your face.

      Now we have all seen those graphics on the TV which seek to explain why we need multiple blades in our razors. It's all a bit odd to me. Surely if they had one sharp blade, it could get the job done. If I need 3, then Numbers 1 and 2 surely aren't up to much?

      Anyway, for me, with a fairly light growth, a triple blade razor is fine and each of these lasts me about a week before needing to be thrown out. For the swarthier amongst us, I doubt whether these would last more than 2 or 3 shaves.

      The razors are quite comfy to hold and the ribbed handle helps to make sure they don't slip. They are proficient at removing my stubble, whether it's a day's worth or sometimes 2 days' worth if I have a lazy weekend. It compares quite well with other similar disposables I have used in the past and with 2 of the 4 razors now used, I have yet to nick or cut my skin.

      As with all disposables with the lubricated strips, the lubrication doesn't last more than a couple of shaves and it is more trouble than it is worth. As far as I am concerned, they can leave these strips off. If you use shaving cream, gel or foam which most men do, then these strips are superfluous.

      Finally, a note to Marketing: - Nobody has a violent green bathroom and the garish colour is not popular with my wife. She'd much prefer it if you did a nice Cath Kidston floral version and she'd willingly pay three times the price!


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      03.03.2009 12:49
      Very helpful



      Not bad but expensive for what it is


      This is another chapter in my razor experimentation whilst being abroad and not having my usual razor available in the shops. This time, we look at the Bic Comfort 3 Pivot Sensitive. Bic is a brand I vaguely remember using in my adolesece, and my abiduing memory is blue razors that kept on nicking me. No wonder I haven't used them since.


      The green Bic Comfort 3 Pivot Sensitive is not unlike the blue Gillette Blue II in appearance. The non sensitive version is in fact blue. The arm is actually better, as it has a slight concave curvature that makes it easier to hold and position against your face, and they both have soft plastic ridges on the arm to aid grip. But whereas the Blue II has 2 blades, the Comfort 3 has, unsurprisingly, 3. This is supposed to give you a closer shave.


      I used this with Gillette Gel Sensitive Skin as the lubricating agent for my face, as on previous razor reviews.

      The first shave is usually OK, quite smooth with not too much effort required, although it's quite usual to get a couple of nicks. The problem with nicks gets slightly worse as the usage continues. For a lazy sod like me, who shaves only a few times and week and ends up with lots of tough stubble, the performance goes downhill from there, with lots of hairs getting stuck between the 3 blades. Usually with multiple blades you can in some way eke these hairs out with perhaps the plastic protection cover of the razor, but this doesn't seem to work in this case, and much rinsing under the tap ensues, usually to not much effect. Both have pivoting heads which helps keep a contour on the face.

      The blade itself seems to be quite strong and goes blunt after 7 or so shaves. In fact the limiting factor of repeated usage seems to be hair clogging between the two blades, which makes you have to push harder and results in more nicks.

      The Aloe and Vitamin E lubrastrip isn't too bad. It doesn't disintegrate into little pieces and keeps its shape and effectiveness into several shaves.


      This isn't a bad razor, but not a great one either. At about £3 for 4 of these razors, they seem quite expensive for the performance they deliver.


      Website : http://www.bicworld.com/inter_en/shavers/men/index.asp


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      Triple blade razor with soothing strips /

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