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Bic Soleil Pivot

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Brand: Bic / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2013 10:58
      Very helpful



      perfect pivoting razors

      I'm not brand loyal when it comes to razors, I alternate between Bic, Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, picking up whichever ones happen to be on offer or seem to be the best value. I do always use the disposable razors, and I do have two other requirements as well; triple blade razors and pivoting heads.

      I'm currently using the Bic Soleil disposable razors. I picked these up on offer in Boots, the offer was a 2 pack offer - it was either a 'buy one, get one half price' offer, or a '2 for £x' offer. I can't remember the exact offer now as I've had them for a few weeks.

      The Bic Soleil range of razors come in what I first thought was different colourways, so I bought a yellow/green packet and a pink/purple packet. It was only when I got home that I realised that each colourway is actually a slightly different type of disposable razor. The yellow/green colourway is called Soleil Pivot, and are the ones that I'm reviewing now. The pink/purple colourway is called Soleil Scent.

      There's 4 disposable razors in the packet of Soleil Pivot, and each razor is a different colour; yellow, yellowy green, pale green and dark green. They do have the triple blades, and they do have the pivoting heads - hence the name Soleil Pivot I guess! Now the other packet that I bought, the pink/purple colourway, the Soleil Scent don't having pivoting heads - they have fixed heads.

      The Soleil Pivot razors are actually slightly scented, the rubber portion of the handle is scented with a citrus fragrance. The fragrance on the handle does fade the more you use the razor. The Soleil Pivot razors have a twin lubricating strip, coloured green and yellow, and this is fragranced with the same scent as the handle and contains aloe vera. Again the fragrance in the strip fades the more you use the razor. The razors come with the little plastic guards to cover the blades between uses.

      These are easy and comfortable to hold due to the thick chunky handle, and the rubber grip, which ensures that the razor doesn't slip or slide out of your wet soapy hands. They glide really easily over my legs, and it's especially easily to do the contoured areas around my ankles. They also glide really easy under my arms. The pivoting heads ensure that they move and catch all parts that I need them to reach very easily. I find that I can shave my legs and underarms very quickly and easily with these, I'm done in no time at all. I find that I get a really close shave using these razors, I'm left with no stubbly bits or missed hairs, and I don't get any razor rash at all. Even though these are quick to use they also seem to be safe as well as I've had no nicks or cuts from the razors, no matter how quickly I zip them over my legs.

      I also find that these razors don't need replacing at often as some other disposable razors that I've used, I get many more shaves out of these than I normally do out of disposable razors. The blades don't seem to blunt as quickly. I've used them with both shaving foam/gel and just regular shower gel, and they work just as well using both.

      I'll definitely buy the Soleil Pivot razors again, only the Soleil Pivot ones though, as I wasn't impressed with the other ones I bought - the Soleil Scent.


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