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Bic Soleil Shimmer Clic/System

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Brand: Bic / Sub-type: Women's razor with replaceable blades / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2011 20:18
      Very helpful



      Very good value for money replaceable blade razor

      Please Note, I am reviewing the Bic Soleil Clic razor system, not the Shimmer as pictured above. Dooyoo has insisted it is the same product. It is not. Among other things, the Shimmer has a different colour scheme and contains almond oil rather than aloe and shea butter in the shaving strip above the blades.

      I, like most ladies, try to maintain smooth, hair free legs and underarms. I've had my dalliances with waxing and creams, but in general I've found shaving works best for me. Over the years I've tried numerous razors, both disposables and ones with replaceable cartridges. The Bic Soleil Clic Razor System is easily the best value for money razor I have ever found.

      The Bic Soleil Clic razor comes in an oval dome shaped package. There is a predominantly yellow piece of cardboard making the back of the package with a clear plastic dome encasing the orange razor and two blade cartridges. Refill cartridges are available in boxes of 4. They share the orange and yellow them, making them easy to distinguish from other Bic Soleil cartridges which carry different colour schemes.

      The Razor:
      Bic Soleil Clic system is made up of an orange handle with replaceable triple blade cartridges. The head pivots forward and back, making it easier to work around those feminine curves (and knees). It has a lubricating strip with aloe and shea butter to help the razor glide over the skin. The handle is curved with a rubber grip and indented thumb rest so it is easy and comfortable to hold while shaving. The cartridges snap into place without trouble. They can be removed by pushing two white buttons at the head of the handle.

      Price and availability:
      I started buying Bic Soleil Clic razors while I lived in the USA. I frequently found coupons for them which I could then combine with sales and end up paying remarkably little. There I could find them at most supermarkets and chemists. In the UK, I have not seen the Clic razors in stores, but they can be bought from a number of places online. I recently picked up a handle and two blades for £2.99 off ebay. A handle plus 6 blades is currently listed at £4.79; boxes of 4 blades cost from £1.50.

      My experience:
      I have tried many different razors over the years. I honestly think these work as well, if not better than, many far more expensive brands (Gillette Venus razors cost 2-3 times more and don't give me any better of a shave). I use the Clic razors with shower gel (Johnson & Johnson 2 in 1 works particularly well). They also work well with shaving gel. Even regular bar soap works fine. I would not recommend using them dry. These blades give a nice close shave without irritating even my very sensitive skin. I rarely nick myself (which I have been known to do frequently with other razors). I shave about 3 times a week and tend to keep each blade for about a month (or more if I forget). I feel this is pretty good durability for a razor.

      Side Note: I am far less pleased with the disposable version of these razors (which is more widely available in UK stores). The Clic system has replaceable cartridges. Do not confuse them with the Disposable Bic Soleil razors with the same colouring.


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