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Gillette Game Rain After Shave Gel

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Brand: Gillette / Type: Shave Gel

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2002 21:21
      Very helpful



      I suffer from Sycosis Barbae, also known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (phew - what a mouthful). Basically this means that some of my facial hair grows at an angle, into my skin, and not directly out of the follicle. Fortunately, this only affects me in a small area at the base of my beard area, on my neck. The result of these hairs growing into the skin, is an inflammatory reaction, resulting in a red, inflamed, and sometimes sore area. It can make shaving that particular area particularly painful. Aftershave is a no-go area for me. It just makes the whole area sting excruciatingly. I have even found that certain shaving foams and gels make the problem worse for me. Several years ago, I found a shaving gel that is not only kind to my skin, but also leaves a nice smell - subtle and not overpowering - Gillette Series Gel, Wild Rain. It is green coloured gel, that foams up upon application to the face. I always wet my face with warm water first, as I read somewhere that it helps to open your pores and make shaving less painful(!) The gel is 'aloe enriched', is skin balanced and contains conditioners to avoid leaving your skin dry. The waffle on the back of the tin states, "Advanced lubricants with aloe for unsurpassed razor glide. Helps protect sensitive skin. Gives you a closer, smoother, more comfortable shave." In real terms, it's just a good shaving gel. It does it's job well, and leaves you feeling fresh. This is the point where I list all the ingredients in an attempt to fill out space and make my opinion look longer and therefore worthy of a 'very useful' rating. So here goes; Aqua, Palmitic Acid, Oleth-20.... Only joking, (there's 18 more ingredients by the way) and sorry for being cynical. Gillette Series Gel doesn't only come in the green 'Wild Rain' variety (which is the only one that I like), but also in 'Cool Wave' and 'Pacific Light
      '. Can I describe the smells? Er, no, sorry. Once you've tried them, you will choose you favourite - it's a personal taste thing. You can obtain the aforementioned shaving gel in most supermarkets and drug stores. It comes in a 200ml can, and normally costs around £2.95. Wait for the 3 for 2 offers that come around in cycles, and you can save yourself some money. Despite having used this for years, I have never mastered the judgement of how much to squirt out, and I always, without fail, use too much. Having said that, one can will still last me at least a month. Going back to the sycosis barbae - if you also suffer from the same, then you should know that using double or triple blade razors can actually make the problem worse, allegedly. They leave the hair too short, and ready to re-grow back into the skin. (http://www.studenthealth.co.uk/leaflets/PseudofolliculitisBarbae.htm - I only found this out today. Not sure if I can part with my Mach 3, though!) Antibiotic lotions, or tablets may help the problem (they didn't work for me), and, as I was told as a 16 year old boy by the dermatologist that I saw, the only solution may be to grow a beard. Anyway, that's it, try Gillette Series Gel if you want - I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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