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Gillette M3Power Razor

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Brand: Gillette / Type: Razors

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    7 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 18:54
      Very helpful



      Overall a good razor with the added benefit of battery operation and not stupidly priced.

      As far as my memory serves me, I believe this was the model Gillette released after the Mach3 and what a vast improvement this particular design offered. The Gillette M3Power was the first razor in the world with 'Micro Power'. The actual design of the razor itself is very much based on the Mach3 but it came with a complete makeover. The shaft of the razor has a new silver finish and there are flashes of vibrant green which promote the 'Power' innovation. The M3Power was the first razor (I believe) to have this 'Micro Power' function, the vibration from the razor is said to improve the shave.

      At around £10 the M3Power is still available today, but there are always new Gillette innovations so it could be wise to try their newer models. Generally, the replacement blades are priced similarly for each model, although I would advise you to check replacement costs before shelling out for the unit itself. Buying a razor like this is like buying a new games console - companies attract you in with a competitively priced base unit and make their profits on the games (or in this case replacement blades) due to the fact you have to buy them.

      I am not a great fan of these Gillette razors overall, but the fact that I own a number of their razors just goes to show that there must be some attraction there. I find that the replacement blade cost is such that it can be offputting and it has driven me to buy an electric shaver, they are a lot cheaper to run. Getting back to the M3Power, the shaft of the razor has a button to turn on-off the power and although it vibrates vigorously it is easy to accurately control and noise is minimal. The moisurising strip in front of the blades contains Vitamin E and Aloe and the lubrication it provides helps the razor glide effortlessly over your skin, and as it is bright green it is a good indicator of when your blade needs changing as it will fade away. The razor comes with a battery so you don't need to purchase one of these in addition to the razor, and one battery will last many months of regular use as very little power is needed.

      The whole package costs around £10 and can easily be found using a quick search online. It may be a little harder to find in-store but they are still available, it just may take a little more searching for than the latest Gillette models. I have found that after I used this battery powered razor for a period of time that it felt odd reverting back to a non powered razor. I think overall there is generally less pull to the skin when cutting through stubble and could give young men starting to shave the incentive to do so due to the novelty factor.

      *This review also appears on Ciao under the username danielclark691.


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      23.08.2010 15:50
      Very helpful



      It's a very good quality razor but watch out for the expensive blade refill cost.

      To answer the headline. No, not really.

      We've all seen the adverts on TV with the slogan "The best a man can get". All the advertisements around actually ultimately made up my mind in buying this razor.

      As I went for the power version, it came with two AAA batteries and a green button that when you press it, it gives a slight buzzing sound. When I used it on my face while having it switched on for the first time, I knew it was a big con. Having the button on makes it harder to shave accurately and it doesn't make the shave any closer than having the button off. After about two weeks of using it, the razor juiced out the batteries anyway, so if it's an electric razor your after, don't buy this one.

      When you buy this razor, it only comes with one blade. This blade needs replacing every month or so and for a pack of four new blades it costs about £10. So at £2.50 a blade, it isn't that cheap seeing as the razor itself only cost about £15 to buy in the first place.

      It does give a reasonable close shave, and it does look very stylish with the sexy green and black colouring on the razor itself, but the expensive replacement blades leaves a lot to be desired.


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      05.03.2009 10:04
      Very helpful



      A brilliant product! Must buy!

      Everyone uses different razors, some depend on the make and some depend on what is best for the person themselves. I have very sensitive skin what is very prone to those awful, annoying shaving cuts. If i use a make such as Bic, im guaranteed a cut. If i use another normal Gillette razor it does the job but also dries my skin out. That is why i use Gillette M3Power.

      Most people are put off by prices, especially because this brand is at a fairly high cost. But I think every penny contributes towards the job. Other people buy depending on the looks of the product, but I can honestly say this razor certainly looks the part with its neon green and silver colour, making it stand out from the rest.

      The M3Power is a vibrating razor, to give you that close shave like no other. You don't have to worry about purchasing batteries, as it comes with it and I haven't had to replace that yet, although I use it everyday. Changing the blades is simple enough, with a small button on the rear to release the old one, all you have to do is slide on the new one. I didn't get a spare with mine, but the prices off spare blades are at a low cost although you do get a few with it. The handle of the razor is gripped, making it easier to hold and use with.

      I preferred this razor to most others. The reason for this is because when I shave usually I end up with dry skin from where I have had to push down fairly hard to get a close shave. With the M3Power the vibrations and the closeness of the blades give a tight cut even from just running it gently over the skin, keeping all that natural facial moisture locked in. It also leaves a great, smooth feeling afterwards. Another issue I have had with previous razors is shaving cuts; I have not had one with this razor. The blade adjusts slightly to run smoothly over your face structure.

      I purchased this razor at about £8-9 from Tesco, prices vary depending upon the place purchased.

      I would definitely have to recommend this product to anyone as it has proven to be reliable, long lasting and very efficient for me.

      I hope this review helps and thanks for reading


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      16.07.2008 14:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice razor to have if you have uncomfortable skin

      Many men would state that shaving is a chore and one of the worst things they have to do. I'd have to agree with this statement and we don't all end up looking smooth and amazing like the various celebrities that advertise these products on the tv and as we all have different skin types and styles it's important to find a razor that suits you.
      Since I first started shaving at about 16ish I have long searched for a razor that would offer me a comfortable shave without affecting my skin which is rather sensitive.

      I tried a whole range of shaving foams and aftershave but had always steered away from Gillette's products due to the cost. However I finally subcummed to buying an M3power razor.
      As somebody who is often attracted to products with interesting colours the neon green and black style of the razor itself was intriguing and already comes with a battery which after 6 months of owning the razor I have still not needed to replace. The razor has a replaceable head meaning that once you have purchased it you only need to be concerned with buying more blades though these themselves are rather expensive - the only disadvantage to the product though you can usually get about 3 or 4 shaves from each blade before the quality starts to wear off.

      The blades themselves I found offered a much closer and gentler shave on my skin in particular my neck than other razors I'd tried. When using the foam designed especially to work in conjunction with the product I found that the facial hair was removed more easily and with the aftershave parent my skin felt a lot more refreshed and didn't look so damaged.

      The blades are simply enough to attach to the razor by pushing the little black button beneath the head upwards you can eject the old one and attach the new one with ease whilst the orange strip located at the top of the blade will fade as the blade's quality diminishes.

      Overall I have remained loyal to the GilleteM3 brand despite the steep price of the blades due to the fact that it provides me with a hassle free shave and also saves me worrying about the state of my skin afterwards.


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        13.05.2006 15:56
        Very helpful



        Great shaver but the blades are expensive

        Before you begin to read this review, yes it is and will be about the Gillette M3 power, but first I would like to write a little about shaving first, the reason will become clearer further in the review.

        As little boys grow into men we start to develop facial hair, we are also quite shy about it, some of us shave at the first sign of a hair, others resort to plucking the one odd hair as it appears, still others try to grow a moustache with the wispy stuff, not realising that instead of it looking manly, mummy may well pass a comment about the bumfluff, never realising just how delicate and shy us men are at this crucial time of our lives.

        We are also a very proud if not silly breed, very few of us actually ask for help when it comes that time to remove the offending facial growth. Worse still when we grow older we tend not to offer help to our children in the process. The end result being a lot of blood, screams of the after shave and the infamous five o’clock shadow at about nine in the morning.

        So with all that in mind here follows a short description on the correct way to shave. Go with the grain, not against it. That in essence is it.
        Let me explain a little more. Hair does not grow straight out from the skin, ask any cat that has had its fur rubbed the wrong way. So if you imagine the arrow is the direction you should shave in ---> ///////////
        Not against the grain ---> \\\\\\\\\\\\\\
        Okay I hope that explains that in an easy to follow way. Lubricate the beard well, go with the grain and you will find less cuts and or sore skin. Try it.

        It would also be worthy of mentioning that facial hair differs not only from person to person but from one part of your face to another (it also gets courser as you mature, but your skin also tends to get less sensitive), so with that in mind try to slow down the speed at which the blade passes across your skin as this can help in reducing abrasion and get a closer shave. Better to spend an extra five minutes shaving rather than ten trying to stop the blood and soreness.

        Now I am already a satisfied user of the Gillette Mach 3, so what would make me try the M3 power?
        Was it the promise of the vibrations?
        Was it the snazzy luminous green colour?
        Well none of the above is the answer, it was a simply a question of special offer. Yep a bargain a day and all that.

        When I compared the Mach 3 and the power, all the only difference that I could see (apart from the aforementioned colour) was a button on the front, as well as a space in the handle for me to place one AA battery.

        The blade looked identical in shape to the Mach 3 (three blades close together) and having realised from the Mach 3 that three blades do shave closer and tend to cut less, I was confident in using this for shaving.

        As is my way, I washed my face thoroughly, then whilst my skin was still wet applied shaving gel and produced a nice creamy lather. To save me repeating this throughout this review, that is how I always prepare for a shave.

        The first couple of times I tried the M3 power I did so without the battery (I did not have one to hand, and felt a little worried by having sharp blades buzzing and vibrating next to my skin), but in a way that was fortuitous as I can say that this razor gives the same results as the Mach 3 when not using the power button.

        Then it was time for the buzz. I was quite apprehensive the first time I depressed the button on the front of the handle and the razor sprang to life, I carefully placed the now alive little green beast against my moist chin (complete with one day of beard growth).
        It felt a little strange the fairly quiet buzz running along my jaw bone, not an unpleasant feel, just strange, the vibrations were impossible to actually see such was their delicate nature, but even so the power was there for me to feel.
        The first time I used it powered up so to speak, I did not notice a closer shave than I achieved when using it unpowered or using the Mach 3. I did carry on using it power on and off for months before I started to realise its true worth.
        The battery should be changed every six months, I would say that when you notice the power waning it is time to change the battery, this therefore would depend on how often and for how long you have it switched on.

        The secret

        On the parts of my face where the beard is thicker (mainly around the chin itself), I have found that by using the M3 power slightly slower than normal and not always going with the grain, I can achieve a closer shave than I have ever managed. I am not sure of the exact reason why this works, nor for that matter if it will work for others, but it seems the vibrations and going slower help to make the bristles stand proud of the skin and therefore I am able to achieve that closer shave.

        The Downfall

        This is not a fault specific to this razor, rather it is the same with all multiple blade wet shavers. If you have much more than a days growth, they struggle to reach the skin and give you a clean shave, the blades will clog up very quickly with hair and the end result will be a lot of time and effort before you get a hair free face. I find the best way to not get into this situation is to either make sure you shave daily or if you have a lot of growth, then either use an electric shaver or use a single bladed shaver as these do not clog up so easily.

        Blade life

        I tend to get up to three weeks (if lucky) before I need to change the blade, although I do find the keen edge has dwindled before this, I do try to make each blade last as the cost of them is high. A tip here to increase blade life, do not place a protective cover over them straight after use or leave them laying face down on a no porous surface, either of these will mean leaving the blade wet and open to rust or at least losing its edge, far better is to place the blade on a towel for a few minutes so the water is absorbed before placing the shaver away.

        The safety bit

        Never leave shavers in the reach of children’s hands, if they have seen you shave they are sure to try and copy you, even the safest of shavers can result in accidents, imagine that curious child running their little finger across the blade, ouch.


        Yep they do happen occasionally with these, not that often though thankfully.


        Although this review is about a shaver, I have found that a good quality shaving gel really does help when it comes to shaving.

        Changing blades

        As with most razors, the pack of blades has a space for the old one, It is simply a matter of placing the old blade in the space, pressing a button that is just behind the blade, thus releasing it from the handle, then placing the handle against the new blade, click and you can withdraw it from the case.

        That power button

        One slight niggle, it took me more than a few shaves to get used to it, not because it is hard to reach or to turn on and off, the opposite in fact is the case. The button sat nice and snugly either under my thumb or forefinger with the same result, switching off and on when I did not want it to. I have got used to where the button is now and that is now a thing of the past.

        The final secret

        I am not sure if Gillette will approve of this, I have done it though and have not found any detrimental effects from doing so. The proper replacement green blades are very very expensive, so I gave the black original Mach 3 blades a see if they fit and work test. Guess what, yep they fit, yep the shave is as close and even better the price saving is fantastic


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          19.04.2006 16:15



          Good Razor but it is expensive system.

          Hello, if anyone is qualified to write a review on razors it is certainly me. I am a man who has been shaving since I am 9 years old. By the time I was in Junior High School I had to carry my razor with me at school and shave between classes or else I would be mistaken for a teacher. It was a few years later I started carrying a straight razor with me but that was for a different type of protection.

          Most women dig men with lots of facial hair, they know us poilou are virile and masculine but sometimes I need to look nice and I have to regularly shave my back. I would get waxed but I like my pelt, but if I go to the beach I get sick of people saying "Look there that man is wearing his sweater to the beach". I am so hairy that they have tried to have me declared a new species of primates "Homo Hairyassus". Hell, I was even an extra in the last Planet of the Apes movie and I didn't even have to get my make-up done I just went straight to wardrobe every morning. I got more hair sprouting out of my ears and nose than most people have on their heads

          SO you get the picture, I need to shave a lot and intensely and I can't be messing around with any less than the best razor. Until recently I have been having money problems and had to economize but now I am in line to get so much money that I buy whatever I want without looking at prices. See I was sitting at home reading my life insurance policy and noticed that it pays out for my spouse too. I was also talking to a guy at the bar whose wife died and he gets $700 per month survivor benefits from social security (I am Canadian living in the USA). So what did I do? I started writing to all the women I could find on death row. I had my lawyer (sick Rick) review their cases and find the one most likely to actually be executed. So now I am sitting around waiting for the state to kill her. It is a great deal, I can't see the woman except like once a month, she can't call me, and I don't have to deal with her much at all, but we got married and all I have to do is write a few sappy poems about redemption and hope and stuff. When they go an snuff her I can claim to be a widower and everyone will have pity on me. It is a greta situation. In case you wonder she brutally murdered an old man who hired her for some stuff. It was a pretty famous case.

          So anyways I just go to the store and buy whatever I want now. So I go to the store and see these M3 razors. I thought, wow look, a razor with an MP3 player onboard so I bought it. I saw it came with batteries and stuff so I thought that all I would need to do is hook up my USB cable and load up some songs.I never got it to work. Now I don't buy tehse any more because someone else came out with a razor with 4 blades, so how can I feel uppity shaving with a mere 3 blades while someone else may be shaving with 4 blades? Still this is not your grandfathers Bic Twin or plain old Shick, this is a "system" that should mean something, a "shaving system"

          The razor is pretty cool. It has a curved handle so it is very comfortable. I have to shave in the shower often to get rid off all that matted body hair. The handle has these grippy things on the handle kinda like the handles on my Heritage Softail classic. I can reach around my shoulders to shave the back of my spine and not drop it. This makes it very efficient, so much in fact that I have the drain of the tub looking like Donald Trumps wig fell off in it, in just mere minutes.

          I have found it is good to use on my choad as well as my nape of my neck but I do not like how it feels on my adam's apple. Having an adam's apple has been a thorn in my side my whole life, but being reminded of it kills me. It is fast as a rocket when I shave my arms when I get new tattoos and it does well on me head when I shave my head. But I play hell trying to shave that little bumpy indentation right on the back of my head that people always miss shaving well.

          Also the razor looks nice, when I travel I want to impress the people going through my luggage and when they inspect my stuff they have to like my razor.

          I guess the razor blades are kind of expensive if you are not enterprising like myself and can hear the gravy train coming around the bend. You can't get generic cartridges for these yet so you are stuck spending a lot of money on the blades. I have also found that sometimes I need a loose blade to cut up certain things and the cartriges are very hard to dismantle, for most people this would mean that they are good quality but for me it is inconvenient when I need to cut something and I can't get the blade apart and then I put it in my mouth to try to break the plastic and I end up biting all the blades, not good.

          So all in all it is the best blade on the market until they come out with a battery power M7 with the capabilities to download all media formats including Itunes.


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            15.02.2006 23:10
            Very helpful



            A bloody close shave

            "Darling, feel this!"

            What is it with women and men's hair? You know what we're like when you choose us. What you see (well, eventually) is what you get. And for a while you find it attractive, sexy, sensual. It must be part of what attracts us to you? But, eventually, you can't resist the temptation to tinker.

            Now, I admit I'm a hairy man by any standards; always have been, always will be. As with most men my age, I am finding that my hair is growing sparse in some places and more luxuriant in others. Unfortunately, all of this is happening in the wrong places!

            I do my best to maintain a presentable appearance. I am willing to submit to a certain amount of indignity in order to keep the one most important to me happy. I have submitted to back waxes in preparation for summer holidays. The excuse given by my better half is that it makes it easier to apply suntan lotion! Seems that chest hair isn't a problem however! Maybe it's so dense in there that the sun never reaches the surface?

            Take my beard for instance. Or should I say, ex-beard. Yes, it's gone. Now, I had that beard, or at least, various versions of it, for around 35 years. I was very attached to it!

            I originally grew it by accident. Now, I know what your thinking, "How on Earth can you grow a beard by accident"? I was in my early twenties and was on a cycling holiday in Scotland with a bunch of cycling club friends and forgot to take my razor with me. Two weeks later I returned with a fairly impressive beard; that's how fast my bristles grow. I decided to keep it.

            Over the years it has changed through the full range from full hippy to classic goatee (the most recent iterance). However, even that was apparently not satisfactory. Hints were dropped. Finally, the Christmas before last, as an additional present to my loved one (small in monetary cost, large in personal trauma), I shaved it all off.

            My incentive was in thinking, "Well, I can always grow it again if I really can't live without it". It really has given me some insight into the turmoil smokers and drinkers undergo whilst trying to go "Cold Turkey". Now, after all the emotional conflict that it cost me, my sacrifice wasn't even noticed immediately!

            During all the years before, during and after, with only a few exceptions I still shaved. There were always areas that needed "tidying up". But, since the beginning I have been a dry shaver; I've always used an electric shaver, mostly Philishave models.

            Now, I've always thought that the electric shaver did a good job. Certainly I hadn't had any complaints that would leave me to believe that my face resembled sandpaper. So, you can imagine that it was with some surprise that one present from my beloved was a Gillette M3Power wet razor.

            The M3Power is one of the most recent versions of Gillette's razor. I'm sure you're familiar with them. They're advertised by a certain Mr Beckham. All its predecessors have been more or less the same design as its competitors. The M3Power, as its name suggests, has a new trick up its sleeve. It vibrates!

            Half of the handle pulls away from the rest of the razor, revealing a space in which is fitted an AAA battery. Just above this is a green button that switches the vibrations on and off.

            "So, what does that do?"; you may well ask. Well, the blurb indicates that it is supposed to encourage the bristles to stand up the better to be chopped down. Now, that wasn't why my Beloved bought it. She did so because it seemed at first sight that this was actually the first commercial version of a development of wet shaver technology that was the subject of a TV program on new inventions.

            The technology that was being developed on the program was to enable the blades to vibrate side to side in a sawing action. Experimentation had shown that all wet razors only cut halfway through a hair. The rest snaps off, so leaving a jagged edge, which causes the roughness. By vibrating the blades they saw all the way through, so leaving a clean cut.

            Looking at the M3Power, I don't think that's how this razor works. A little tongue sticks out of the end of the handle and simply rests against the razor head, which detaches by pressing a grey button just where the head joins the handle. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't see how that can vibrate the blades as the invention proposes.

            The head itself appear very similar to the normal M3 replacement heads, as far as I can see from comparing them in shops when buying replacements for this razor. Gillette do say that you can use ordinary M3 heads with it but they do manufacture heads which they say are specifically design to used with the M3Power. Marketing scam? Who knows?

            The 3 in M3 and M3Power indicates that the head contains three separate blades, mounted parallel to one another so that in a single action the hairs are subject to three cutting actions in close succession. I think the idea is that the first blade, in cutting a hair, pulls it a little out of its pore. Before it can retreat back below the surface the second blade chops a little more off, and so on.

            Be that as it may, how does it perform. Well, bear in mind that my only comparison is against an electric razor. I can't tell you whether it is better or worse than other wet razors as I have never used any.

            This is a wet razor so clearly water is involved in the process. The edition of the razor presented to me also has an aerosol canister containing a "TurboGel" shaving gel, which is described as "Refreshing". I'm not sure if the "Refreshing" refers to the action on the skin or the perfume. What I can say is that the smell is quite strong but not unpleasant. If you don't like it then it does disappear in the shower, as I have discovered.

            The instructions state that the razor may be used to shave against the angle of the hair or with it. I find that only shaving against the angle of the hair gives the closest shave but this means that you have to shave in various directions as facial hair does not seem to grow in the same direction all over! This is not something I previously appreciated.

            I have also found that a single stroke is not enough. For maximum effect three stokes of the razor are required. In this case the desired effect is achieved.

            I don't know if it's because I have never previously been a wet shaver but so far I have been completely unable to complete a single shave without drawing blood, something I never experienced with an electric razor! However, I will freely admit that I have never previously experienced a shave as close as that achieved with the M3Power.

            Not only that but it's a shave that lasts. Normally I could expect to have a significant five o'clock shadow that would benefit from another shave when I get back from work. Not now.

            The razor heads don't of course, last forever. The front edge of each head has what is described as a Lubricated Strip. It's coloured yellow and the instructions state that once it has worn away to show the underlying white surface, the head should be replaced. In fact you start to notice that the quality of the shave has already started to degrade by then. This is after about four or five shaves, so they don't last that long.

            The initial set, which includes the razor, four razor heads and the canister of shaving gel costs around £14, so it doesn't cost as much to start off using it, certainly nothing as much as the typical cost of an electric razor.

            I have checked around and the place I found the cheapest replacement heads was Tescos. A pack of eight new heads costs £11.95 at Tescos. Elsewhere they cost as much as £14.95. So shaving this way is not cheap or, at least, not cheap by electric razor standards once the initial outlay has been made.

            So, can the M3Power be recommended? Well, if your objective is the closest shave then "it does what it says on the tin". If my experience is anything to go by then you must balance this against self-inflicted injury and high running costs.

            On balance I would just about recommend it but, in the end, it's your choice.

            UPDATED - Jan 09
            The razor is now dead! I discovered a design defect in this razor that has resulted in it no longer working as an "electric" shaver. Now I will either have to continue using it as a "passive" shaver or else buy a replacement.

            The problem is with the battery compartment in the handle. Where it joins the rest of the shaver the plastic is relatively weak. Consequently, over time, the battery compartment fractures where it joins on and so the battery contacts don't hold the battery securely. In addition, the cover doesn't then properly seal the battery compartment and water gets in and eventually stops the on/off button from working.

            All in all, not really well thought out by Gillette. I must therefore withdraw even my qualified recommendation. I suggest you look to an alternative to this model.


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          • Product Details

            Consumer testing, conducted according to the industry's most rigorous standards, concluded that M3Power is preferred overall and on every one of the 68 shaving attributes that were tested, including closeness, comfort, efficiency, safety and less irritation /

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