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Gillette Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shave Gel

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Brand: Gillette / gel for women, scented with Lavender / Type: Shave Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    5 Reviews
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      09.01.2014 10:30
      Very helpful
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      I would buy it again, but only if the price was right.

      Recently, I have made a bit of a vow not to purchase any more cosmetics and toiletries until I have used up what I already have; I have a huge stockpile of assorted creams, lotions and potions at home, and whilst I love trying out new products, I can't really justify the purchase of any new items when I have so many at home.

      One item that I recently unearthed in my huge cupboard of toiletries was a canister of Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel, in a fragrance called 'Lavender Kiss', with this review outlining my experiences of using the product.

      The canister is a generous 200ml in size, and I believe this cost me in the region of £3 from www.amazon.co.uk a few months back, although the cost here as @ January 2014 is more expensive, coming in at just under £6, with free postage.

      As with most other Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gels that I have purchased before, the canister is sturdy and well-made, and I have experienced no difficulties in using the product, or its packaging, even though I suffer with limited strength in my hands. The metal canister is coloured in a white shade, with some decorative 'swirled' designs on the front that are coloured in shades of purple, and the image of a small piece of a lavender plant appears at the bottom of the can. I do think the appearance and image of the product is fairly appealing and quite feminine.

      To use the Gel, I simply need to press down on the canister's plastic 'nozzle', and again, I haven't found this is difficult for me to do. One press will dispense a small 'squirt' of the pale lilac coloured gel into my open palm. I find the amount dispensed is ample for my own requirements, and I find the dispensing of this product is rather fuss-free and easy, which is ideal for me.

      The Lavender Kiss Gel turns into a thick shaving foam upon contact with water, and I find this transformation takes place very easily, without much effort on my part. I tend to wet skin and then rub the Gel over my leg, and this will easily create a thick foam which covers skin in a white layer. This provides necessary protection of the skin's layers, but also acts as a bit of a lubricant for the razor when shaving, allowing it to remove hairs without 'sticking' or (hopefully) nicking skin.

      I find that the Gillette Lavender Kiss Shaving Gel works beautifully, allowing my razor to glide through its foamy layers quite easily, removing hair as it goes. I don't recall ever having any cuts or nicks whilst this Gel has been used, and I do think this result is far superior to that achieved from the use of other branded Shaving Gels that I've purchased before.

      I like too that the Gel's foam is not so thick that it poses a problem with the razor's head getting through it, nor does it 'cling' annoyingly to either the razor or my skin. I found that all traces of the Gel were removed quickly and effortlessly under the shower head in just a moment, with the same being true of the razor.

      I admit that I was slightly cautious about the Lavender-scented Gel being suitable for my sensitive skin type, but I have to say that the product's scent is VERY understated, to the point of me questioning whether it was present at all. I did have to actively 'seek out' the scent in order to find it, and whilst it is pleasant enough, I couldn't say the fragrance was at all strong or even particularly noticeable. Therefore, I'd not recommend buying this product purely on the basis of it's Lavender name and scent.

      On the plus side, I have found that the Lavender Kiss Gel is indeed entirely suitable for my sensitive skin, and I've never experienced any of the signs of irritation that often go hand in hand with newly-shaven legs, such as itching, or intensely-dry skin. Instead, I've found that the product has a surprisingly gentle formulation, and even when I've used the Gel on my underarm area, I've never experienced any tingling or itching. Based on these results, I do recommend the product as being entirely suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin issues.

      Dryness is, unfortunately, still a problem where my legs are concerned, and I have to admit that I've used rival Shaving Gels that have been considerably more 'moisturising' to my dry skin than the Gillette Lavender Kiss. After shaving my legs with the Gillette Gel, I have found it necessary to apply a good quality Body Butter or Body Lotion, to try and replenish the dry skin on the legs, and smoothen the newly-shaven skin. I do recommend the E45 Body Lotion as being particularly effective when used at these times, as it seems to 'compensate' for moisture lost during the shaving process whilst being extremely kind and gentle on my sensitive skin. After shaving my legs with the Lavender Kiss Gel and then applying a generous helping of the E45 Lotion, I have found that my legs are completely baby-soft, free from dryness and, thanks to the Gillette Gel and my razor, completely free from hair.

      Taking everything into account, I do really recommend the Gillette Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shaving Gel, and I would repurchase it again in the future, although I wouldn't pay the £6 which represents its current asking price online, as this feels overpriced. Admittedly, the product's scent whilst quite nice, is a bit lame, but the other aspects of the product more than make up for this slight weakness. I do feel that top marks in the rating score are appropriate on this occasion.


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        31.10.2011 10:59
        Very helpful



        a good shaving product

        Gillette is a company who offer a wide range of razors and other shaving products. The main focus is on men with the tag line "The best a man can get", but they do have quite an extensive range of ladies products.

        ~Satin Care~

        The Satin Care range from Gillette, is a range of gels and foams designed to make shaving a little bit more comfortable. The products come in various scents and some are suited to those with dry and sensitive skin types.

        This review discusses "Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Lavender Kiss".

        This shave gel is designed to be used when shaving your legs, underarms and bikini area. It is enriched with lavender oil to leave your skin soft and smooth after shaving. The gel is also scented with a blend of calla lily, pink roses and lavender.


        The gel is presented in a tall, chunky cannister with a click on lid. This particular scent can be identified by the two tone purple and white colouring. The gel is dispensed by pressing down on a large, pump like dispenser.


        A 200ml cannister will cost :

        *Boots - £3.25 (currently on 3 for 2 offer)

        ~My Thoughts~

        Shaving is a chore for me..I hate it and find it expensive and time consuming. Unless I want to look like an ape, I do need to oblige and get on with it! I normally use Gillette razors so usually opt for a Gillette gel to use with it. I occasionally use a good lathering shower gel but find I get better results with a proper shaving product. I purchased my 200ml cannister of Lavender Kiss in a Boots clearance sale a few months ago. I paid 80p at the time but feel the current price is fair even with the initial outlay.

        ~Lavender Kisses~

        The cannister is pretty and doesn't take up too much room in the bathroom. I mainly use this for my legs. The pump top is easy to use but does get messy after a while. I give mine a rinse to get rid of any residue. A word of advice here, the gel comes out really quickly and if you spray too much, you are likely to be attending your own foam party in the shower! The gel is thick, very cold and a pale purple shade.

        Once my skin is damp, I can get going. I wouldn't recommend using this outwith the shower as it does get really messy! On contact with wet skin, the gel foams up really quickly hence a tiny blob being needed. The foam is thick and luxurious and clings to my legs. There is very little waste unless i accidently slip back under the shower. The gel feels very soothing on my legs. The scent isn't a strong lavender scent but is pleasantly floral with a sweet undertone.

        Running a razor up and down my legs is very quick and easy to do when lathered up. The razor does of course fill up with foam but is easily rinsed under the shower head. I have yet to experience any cuts or discomfort since using this gel but that could be down to the quality of my razor blade. I get a close shave but my skin feels oily after I am finished and needs a really good rinse to get rid of any excess residue.

        The result is soft, smooth legs. I occasionally get a bit of dryness but this is rare and I can resolve that with some body butter which I would be applying any way. As I said, I mainly use this on my legs. I have used it a few times for my underarms as I do them almost daily but even the tiniest amount foams up too much and ends up all down my arms and sink. Not so bad in shower but my underarms feel weird after using this and this makes applying a deodorant a sticky experience!


        Although a bit messy to use, this gel performs well. I use my cannister several times a week and have done so for a few months. I still have half a can or so left and I feel this has proven to be excellent value for money overall. It isn't my favourite scent but for 80p I forgave that.

        Overall I can recommend Lavender Kiss and even moreso if you can purchase it on a special offer.

        Thanks for reading x


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          13.03.2011 23:17
          Very helpful



          An easy to use shave gel

          ~Gillette lavender shave gel~

          I recently bought some of this Gillette Satin Care Lavender Kiss shave gel when I saw it reduced in a small local Boots chemists store where it was sat amongst a large selection of other reduced hair removal products. Having quickly checked the normal sale price for the gel I knew that at the reduced sticker price of 80p it was very good value for money, so I snapped it up along with one or two other items. What I ended up with for my pennies was a neatly presented can of shave gel that had a very soft lavender and rose scent when in use, having a nice soft texture when placed on the skin with it being easy to use when needed. I have found the texture of the gel to be light and easy to work with and the light scent given off is pleasant without being overly strong.

          ~Presentation and ease of use~

          The 200ml sized spray can that the shave gel came in holds a good amount of the gel which comes out from the applicator head quite fast if I pressed too firmly. This can mean you get way too much gel if not careful so I make sure that I only press the applicator very lightly now as this cuts down on over use of the gel and means there is less waste. Once out of the can the gel has a thick smooth texture that is lightly coloured when in its gel form, which will produce a more foamy lighter coloured effect when it comes into contact with wet skin. I have found that you can lather the gel up a little if wanted by using a little more water and this allows the gel to go much further on the skin as well as allowing a razor to run over the skin more easily.

          When using the gel along with a good quality razor I have found the gel to work well with it allowing the shave head to glide over the skin well, cutting down on the chance of a razor catching the skin and causing unwanted nicks or cuts. The mix of florals in the gel includes roses, lavender and calla lilly and when in use there is a nice soft light rose and lavender scent that you can smell, although it is not very long lasting and goes quite quickly once you have washed the remainder of the product away after use. I have found that my skin is left fairly soft after using this and I have had no reactions when using it sparingly which I am pleased about.

          ~Storing the product~

          The can that the product comes in is easy to store in a cabinet when not in use, although it does seem to be allergic to having its lid on as I often have to fiddle with it for some time to make the lid stay in place. The metal can should be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight or water as these cans, can and do rust over time at the base which can leave unwanted rusty marks in bathroom cabinets and cupboards. I find that a quick wipe over after use with a clean cloth or tissue will help stop this rusting of the base of the can from taking place. I haven't had any issues with the applicator on the can clogging up at all since I have been using this, although I do wash it out with clean water after use and dry it lightly, which may be why it has remained clog free.

          ~Price and rating~

          As I bought my can of this gel at a reduced price I feel I have had good value for money from this product. With the full price of this being close to £3/ £3.20 I feel it isn't all that cheap to buy, although in fairness it does last for some time when in use and when you factor that in the price seems fair enough verses the number of uses you may get. The soft scent that the gel has is pleasant and not over powering although it does fade quite soon once the remainder of the gel has been rinsed away after use. As I have found the gel works well with no problems encountered I feel it ought to get a 4 star product rating and whilst it won't be a first choice product at full price, I would buy it should I see it reduced again in future.


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          11.03.2011 22:09
          Very helpful



          A Great gel with a lovely smell

          I have to admit I gave up using shaving gels for a long time as I just seen them as unnecessary expense. Why do I need to buy a special foam when I could just use my shower gel/shampoo/conditioner...whatever was handy really.
          However, on a little jaunt to Boots - where really I could spend hours spending all my hard earned cash- I seen the Gillette Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shave Gel on the clearance shelf for £1.33. I gave the can a good check, trying to figure out what was wrong with it, but after gaining my approval for a good bargain, in my basket it went! According to the boots website it cost's £3.22

          When I got it home I placed it on my bathroom shelf, and as sad as it sounds the nice purple and pink shade on the can sat in really nice with my other girly products - and matched my Venus Spa Breeze Razor. Unforeseen bonus!

          I saved the gel for a night when I was taking to time to be extra pampered! Hot bath, bubbles, some extra conditioning treats for my hair etc...I like to do this if I have a night out planned or I have a hot date (this is a rare treat) as the more time I take the better I feel!
          My new lavender scented gel definitely added an extra something to my pampering session!

          So all relaxed in the bath, I lather up! The gel is a nice translucent lavender and you can smell it straight away and it is very pleasant! I know you can't really count shaving your legs as an 'experience' but the lovely smell notched up that true pampered feeling, as not only would my legs be extra smooth(hopefully) they would smell really good to...should someone be sniffing my legs for any bizarre reason.

          There isn't much to explain about using it, you put what I would say to be a couple of pea sized squirts of gel onto your hands and massage it onto your legs until you get a nice foamy lather. After that then you're really good to go.

          Once I started shaving I found the foam did actually help the blade glide over my skin with a bit more ease, and it felt nicer. There wasn't as much tugging as when I either used nothing at all or any random product to prepare my legs.
          Also an added benefit of using the foam is that you can see where you have already shaved, less likely to get the dreaded missed bits!

          After shaving my legs did feel more slinky. As the can predicted my legs feel 'soft and satiny smooth'.


          Now having started using shaving gel again I realised I've been missing out! As well as adding another lovely sensory stimulation to my pampering it also left my legs smelling and feeling lovely! I have to say I wouldn't go as far as going out my way to recommend it as it is not the type of thing to just pop up in conversation with my friends, but should they ask I would point this out to them.


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            11.03.2011 10:22
            Very helpful



            one I wont be trying again but may suit someone else

            I have recently been trying scented shave gels. Whilst the one I usually use for dry/sensitive skin has been working very well for me I do like to have that little bit of scent added. So, I recently picked up this Gillette Lavender Kiss Shave Gel. I chose it quite simply because Gillette is the brand I usually use so I know it's one I could trust and I love the scent of lavender so, assuming it smelt like lavender and worked like my usual one then it would be a perfect match for me.

            Why Use Shaving Gel At All?

            Shaving gel has a variety of uses to protect both your skin and your razor. Shaving gel lubricates the skin and protects it from the razor blade; this in turn prevents shaving rash and cuts, many shave gels are also moisturising for the skin and therefore preventing any dryness associated with shaving. Shave gel is also designed to encourage the hair to stand on end away from your body; this allows you to get a closer shave and a smoother finish.

            Finally if you leave the shave gel on for a little while before going over it with the razor it softens the hair to be cut. Since the hair is softer there isn't so much work for the razor to do and so your blade won't wear down quite so quickly meaning it needs replacing less often and therefore saves you money.

            Many products such as hair conditioner will have similar effects to an actual shaving product but in my opinion it is worth investing in a good shaving gel if you want to achieve the full benefits.


            This shave gel comes in a tall upright metal aerosol. On the front it tells me that this is the Satin Care shave gel from Gillette and that the scent is Lavender Kiss. There is a blue and purple pattern that starts almost at the very bottom and works its way up right to the top of the can. This pattern is the same as the one across all the Satin Care range just in a colour specific to this scent. There is also a picture of some Lavender.

            The can contains 200ml.

            Using The Gel

            The lid lifts off easily and the pump presses down without any problems to release a very pretty lavender coloured gel (funny that!). The pump is harder to press the first time you use it as you need to break the seal - after this first time it is very easy to press. Rubbing the gel between my hands transformed it into a very thick and creamy white foam. I wouldn't say that it felt as moisturising as my usual choice but then my usual one is designed for dry skin and so I wouldn't expect the same from this. Unfortunately though the scent didn't really come across at all. When I stuck my nose right next to it I could just about make out the scent of the lavender but it wasn't really noticeable in normal use which is a shame as the scent is the main reason I chose this.

            The foam spread over my legs without any problem and the razor glided over it really easily. Although the foam is thick it didn't clog up the razor at all and rinsed off both my legs and my razor without any problem. The razor also easily removed all foam in its way without any problems.

            My Opinion

            I was very disappointed by the lack of scent in this product. I was hoping for more from Gillette. The razor glided over the gel without any problems; I almost always cut myself at least once while shaving but I found that I didn't at all with this gel.

            I also suffer with very dry skin on my legs that is aggravated by shaving which is why I normally use one designed for dry skin. I found that even with moisturiser my legs remained very dry and so this didn't help with that at all, it doesn't claim to though and isn't designed for dry skin so I can't really blame it for that; it is however something to be aware of if your skin is dry.

            I also found that I didn't get a very close shave with this gel. This is a shame since usually I get a nice close shave from my usually Gillette shave gel and I had hoped for the same for this. Usually I can go a couple of days without shaving but the hairs were obvious by the end of the very same day. Having said that my legs remind me of snow white and my hair is jet black so shows up really easily anyway.

            All things considered I would give this three out of five stars, it isn't a bad gel and I would recommend it so long as you don't have dry skin. It is worth bearing in mind the the lack of scent though and that it doesn't give you as close a shave as some other gels. There are however much better ones available.

            Other Gels In Range

            Radiant Apricot
            Alluring Avocado
            Floral Passion
            Wild Berry

            Price And Availability

            I bought my can from Boots for £3.22 it's also available on Amazon for £4.00


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