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Gillette Sensor 3 Disposable Razors

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Brand: Gillette / Sub-type: Men's Razor / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2013 12:26
      Very helpful



      Better than average disposable razors

      There are few things in life I begrudge paying for more than razors as I think the manufacturers hike up the prices knowing full well that they are something nearly all men will need with the exception of those people going for the Grizzly Adams look. I have so many of the premium razors lying around my bathroom as I usually refuse to buy the blades to replace the heads as I think that the price is extortionate and I usually just buy a new razor because these are usually to be found on offer somewhere. Unfortunately the razors themselves usually only come with one head on them so it is a never ending circle of trying to find a cheap but good razor.

      Lately I have been experimenting with disposable razors. The majority of my experience with disposables comes from my teenage years where a combination of inexperience and rubbish razors would leave me with a neck and face full of toilet paper trying to stop the flow of blood from all the nicks and cuts on my face. These days things have improved somewhat though the majority of disposable razors that I have tried have in no way managed to come close to the level of comfort and the closeness that I can get from a reusable razor such as a Mach 3.

      Gillette is probably the best brand that I have tried when it comes to disposable razors but I would only ever buy their razors with the three blades again as my experience of trying the two blade disposable razors was not one that I wish to have again.
      The best one that they do that I have tried is their Sensor 3 brand of disposables which for a disposable razor is pretty good.

      Buying these is cheaper than buying the blades for a reusable razor but in my opinion they still aren't cheap especially when I go through so many of them at a time. A pack of four of the razors costs around about £5.50 while you can also buy a larger pack containing 8 razors but it is only slightly cheaper to buy them this way as they still cost about £10.50.

      The razors are made of plastic and they also have a rubber coating on them which does make them easier to grip and hold onto when my hand is wet so that they razor doesn't slide out of my hand when I am shaving a delicate part such as around my Adam's apple. The handle is curved so that it fits in my hand comfortably and I do find that the shape of them is comfortable to hold and it does allow me to be able to shave with accuracy but I do have a problem with how lightweight the razors are. I know they are made of plastic but they are really light to hold and just a little bit more weight would make them just that little bit easier to use.

      The razors have three blades and after experimenting with razors with one and two blades this is now the minimum amount of blades that I would be willing to use as I find that three is the minimum that I personally need to be able to get a close shave without having to shave the same area several times.
      The blades are really sharp and I find that they do give me a close shave. Gillette reckon that you should only need to shave an area once to be able to get a close shave but in my experience of using the razors I think that I need to do an area at least twice to be able to get it close enough or otherwise it still looks a bit too stubbly.

      The razors comes with a lubricating strip on them which has two functions. The first function is to obviously provide you with a little bit of extra lubrication when shaving to as to stop the razor just dragging across skin and irritating it but to be honest the amount of lubrication this gives is almost next to nothing and I certainly wouldn't rely on this to give me enough moisture when shaving and would still invest in a decent shaving gel. The second reason for the strip is that it changes colour when the razor no longer has an 'optimal shaving experience'. In my experience I have to change the razor long before the strip turns orange.

      Although the blades are really sharp to begin with they do dull quite quickly and I find that I can probably only get about a week's worth of use out of one of them before I have to bin it. I can actually feel the blades become less sharp as the week progresses as when I first start using the razor it will just glide across my skin cutting my stubble and after a few days I have to use more pressure and go over areas again just to ensure that they are shaved close enough.

      I suffer from badly from shaving rash and disposable razors are the worst thing for making it worse as they usually leave me covered in little red bumps which are not only unsightly but they are also painful. These razors are actually pretty good at minimising the rash and it is only when I have used them for longer than I probably should that the rash gets bad. Once they start causing me to get some bumps I know it is time to throw it out and get another one out.

      I don't think these razors are perfect but for disposable ones they are good and I will definitely continue to buy them while I continue to look for something better. If unlike me you don't need to shave everyday then these razors do work out at quite good value. If like me you have quite heavy regrowth then you might need to replace them a little bit more often but if you don't need to shave everyday then you can probably make them last you longer than a month.


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