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Gillette Venus Oceana

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Brand: Gillette / Sub-type: Women's disposable razors / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    5 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 10:38
      Very helpful
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      Good quality razors.

      --What you get--

      Pack of razors for £3.50 in Boots at the moment.

      --Price and availability--

      I find that ladies shaving products tend to be quite expensive, even for just some standard razors so I was looking for ones that would not rust or become blunt very quickly so decided to invest in some quality razors by recognised brand Gillette!

      --Personal experience--

      I was hunting the shelves of Boots for some new razors, and decided I wasn't going to go for the ones I went for last time (which were on a £2 offer) as they rusted and went blunt quite quickly. A quality product is what I was looking for, and one that would not irritate my skin!

      I have quite sensitive skin but these did the job very well. A smooth clean shave without leaving anything behind. Easy to use. These glide over the skin as it includes a "moisturising" strip to avoid abrasion. I'm not very good at shaving my legs and often leave hairs behind. As I'm blonde this isn't as noticeable as for some people but it's still nice for them to feel silky smooth afterwards! Gillette Venus razors are perfect for me, as you don't have to go over the same bit twice and they give a smooth shave. I am not personally a fan of waxing, so I prefer to use a razor, also I think the waxing kits look very expensive, and I'm not willing to pay that much. These razors will last a long time and they do a good job too.

      In conclusion, these razors give a non-abrasive shave, with a smooth finish.


      Investment in the price, but worthwhile for silky soft, smooth shaving.


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        17.01.2012 18:18
        Very helpful



        A good razor, but expensive at full price.

        I've tried several forms of hair removal, and I find most of them messy, painful and not very effective and as my hair grows very quickly I can get horrible itchy stubble from waxing within three days. Thorough exfoliation makes no difference to a tendency to get a rash and itchy ingrown hairs after waxing . Therefore my favoured hair removal method is shaving. My favourite razors are from Gillette and I'm not averse to using those designed for men. However the best razors I have used are from the Venus stable, I prefer the ones for which you buy replacement blades but recently my daughter gave me a pack of Venus 'Oceana' disposable razors which are more expensive than their basic Venus disposables. At Tesco & Boots at time of writing they cost £5.99 online it says that they are a much more reasonable £4.00 at Asda & Amazon. Personally I would never pay nearly £6 for only 3 disposable razors but I was very happy to receive them as a freebie.

        They come in the usual plastic covered card as a set of 3 as per the Dooyoo picture. Each razor head has 3 razors set one behind the other, the head is curved and slightly 'padded' and has a lubricating aloe vera strip. The handle is meant to be non slip and the head pivots to allow for comfortable shaving.

        Do all these little extras make a difference to the shaving experience? In my opinion yes, I have been using very cheap disposable razors for a long time as I could not afford to buy the replacement heads for my other Venus razor and using these Oceana disposables has in contrast to the others been a delight.

        The subtly padded head feels very comfortable against the skin, and in combination with the pivoting action and aloe vera strip allows the head to glide over my skin with barely any friction at all. To the point where I had to double check to make sure that it was working and had cut the hair as I could barely feel it against my skin. The handle is nice and ergonomic and sits in my hand well allowing for good control wherever I am shaving. The head is compact enough to fit the contours of my under arms and back of knees easily and comfortably, while the pivoting action ensures that I don't nick any bony bits such as knees or ankles.

        The non slip material the handle is made out of works well when shaving with shower gel, or shaving foams and gels, but I prefer to use a shaving oil and the handle can get a little bit slippery when using that, but not as much as when using the rigid plastic handled cheapie shavers.

        I find the 3 blades very effective at giving a beautifully smooth and close shave, I have used 4 and even 5 blade razors and don't find them significantly better than these disposable 3 blade razors. I don't have to go back over areas very much to catch missed hairs as it gets pretty much all of the hairs in a sweep. There are some areas where my hair doesn't seem to know which direction to grow in so tries them all and I have to take more time with these areas, but I have to do that with all razors anyway.

        My legs and other areas remain smooth for longer than with the cheap disposables I've been using and I don't feel at all itchy after shaving with these razors, or during regrowth. I like these nearly as much as the slightly sturdier non disposable Venus razors.

        I would consider myself averagely hairy for a woman and these remain sharp for an acceptable number of uses, whereas cheaper single of double blade razors struggle to remain effective often even until the end of one shave.

        I really like the Venus range of razors and these are no exception. However I don't find them different enough from the slightly cheaper mid range versions (Gillette simply venus disposables with lubristrip 4 pack £3.56) to justify the price difference, and it's unlikely I will be forking out for these myself despite finding them very good.


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          19.09.2011 23:20
          Very helpful



          decent for 2quid

          Gillette is a range of shaving products for men and women.


          The range of female shaving products from Gillette is known as Venus. There are various types of razors within this range including disposable and reusable razors and also shaving gels/foams. One of the Venus ranges is Oceana.

          The Oceana range includes a set of disposable razors which are ideal for occasional use or taking on holiday as there is no need to carry replacement blades. Each razor has 3 intergrated blades which are within a soft cushion. Gillette state the razor blade has a pivoting head which allows you to shave the hard to reach areas with complete ease. The razor has what is known as a Moisture Rich strip enriched with aloe to protect and glide easy over the skin.

          {Packaging and Design}

          The razors are neatly packed into a plastic box with a clear, film covering. The pack is blue to fit in with the Ocean theme and offers various bits of information. It can be recycled.

          Each razor is a two tone, blue colour with a white head. The handle is long and thin and features a spongey area at one end. The blade is tightly secured onto the handle and is average shaped, It comes complete with a plastic guard.


          A pack of 3 is available at the following prices :

          *Boots - £5.99
          *Tesco - £4.20 (currently £2.00 until 26/09/11)
          *Asda - £4.00

          {My Thoughts}

          Being female, I don't particularly like being hairy and spend a small fortune on products to keep my legs, underarms and bikini area looking neat and feeling smooth. I trust Gillette as a brand, as does my fiance and my regular razor is the Venus Vibrance but the replacement blades are really expensive when not on offer.

          I purchased a pack of 3 Oceana Disposable Razors in Tesco for £2.00 and feel this was a bargain. Having had bad experiences with cheaper disposables, I was a little anxious to try these ones but I shouldn't have worried. The pack is a little bulky so I take the razors out and store them away from my son. When it comes to evaluating a razors performance, I take into consideration ease of use, how close the shave is and how much use I can get out of each blade. So how do these Oceana razors perform?

          {A Gripping Discovery}

          Like any razor, I would recommend wetting and lathering your skin with shower products or shaving foam. I'm not keen on dry shaving as my skin is very sensitive. These razors look quite cool and relatively sturdy despite the slimline handle. The plastic guard is quite awkward to remove. I won't go into too much detail but I lather up the area requiring defuzzing with some gel and water and step away from the shower before shaving.

          Oceana is very easy to grip and not at all fiddly to use. There are convenient raised sides allowing my to comfortably hold the razor and the spongey bit is ideal for when I need to angle the razor for behind my knees etc. The aloe strips are at both ends of the blades and although they don't add any lather to my skin, they do allow the razor to sweep up and down without catching on my skin or dragging it.

          These razors perform reasonably well. I was a little lazy recently having been unwell and neglected the legs for a little while so the razor had a decent growth to contend with. Whilst the blade effectively cuts through the majority of hair on my legs, I find I do need to go over some areas a few times to completely remove the hair. On shorter hair, it is much quicker. The pivoting head works a treat. It is flexible though not to the extent that it feels flimsy or is likely to snap. I can comfortably grip the razor and get around my ankles, knees and under my arms without issues.

          The razor doesn't clog up with hairs and lather as much as some. A quick rinse under the shower head is sufficient to dislodge hairs and I am good to go again. Once I am finished, I rinse the shaving foam off and am always pleased that I never cut myself to shreads with this razor!

          {Hair Free?}

          This razor isn't the best in my opinion but it does the job in hand and removes the bulk of hairs. You can tell it is a disposable razor though and it doesn't perform like a proper razor. Whilst I can't physically see any leg hairs, I can feel a stubbly texture shortly after shaving. It just doesn't cut the hair close enough to the root for a close shave and certainly isn't up to the standard of Vibrance or my fiances Gillette razor. I don't like it much for my underarms as they never seem full hair free! My skin looks ok post shave and the hairs stay away for a few days (except the stubbly feel).

          {To Be Blunt..}

          These disposable razors do not last long especially when being used to rid my underarms and legs of course, dark hair. On lazy weeks, doing both my legs and running around the bikini line near enough blunts it beyond further use. For daily arm pitt freshen ups and sprucing up the legs as the hairs come back through, I can get a few uses from each razor.


          For £2.00 these were affordable and certainly bridge the gap until my usual blades come on offer again. I wouldn't pay full price as they simply aren't worth the extra cost due to how quick they go blunt. They are easy to use with some gel but just not the best.

          Thanks for reading :)


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          08.06.2011 02:13



          Excellent product, by far the best razor on the market.

          Since the Gillete venus range started I have been a advocate. I have tried many other brands of razors and have found them to be lacking and have always gone back to my trusted Gillete venus.
          The four blades is the perfect combination to produce a smooth and close shave without sacrificing agility.
          The four blades produce a much closer shave then those wth three blades and I find those with five are too bulky and less agile at reaching those tricky areas like you ankles where it's easy to nick your skin.
          The moisturing strip makes the shave smoother but I would still recommend that you use a shaving gel because after afew shave the strip is bare enough as to be ineffective. I found the blades always last for at least a month before they become blunt and work out to be much more economical than buying cheap disposable razors and are more eco friendly.
          The design of the razor makes it easy to grip and unlike other razors I do not find it slips out of my hands whilst in the shower and as a added bonus it is much more attractive than any of the other razors out there.
          This razor is sharp, moisturising and easy to use, a little expensive but definately worth the money!


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          07.03.2011 15:49
          Very helpful



          The best disposable razor I have ever used!

          I have already mentioned in previous reviews I have written that I tend to epilate my legs but I can't bring myself to epilate my armpits. As a result, I have a razor on hand in the shower for my armpits. Over the years I have tried many brands of razors but I do feel Gillette make the best ones - with the exception of their utterly awful Agilite razors (now rebranded Simply Venus 2) which quite literally ripped me to shreds.

          I usually buy the Gillette Venus razors for myself - the blades are easy to replace and whilst not dirt cheap, they are effective and worth the money. My daughter prefers the five blade Venus Embrace razors which suits me as it means she doesn't "borrow" my razors accidentally.

          Sometimes however it's useful to have disposable razors. When I am travelling I much prefer a disposable over a re-usable razor because it enables me to use the razor and not have to worry about losing it or the blade going blunt and not being able to locate another one - which can be a problem when travelling overseas.

          Such is my love of the Venus razor that I now stick purely to that brand and when travelling my one and only choice for disposable razors is the Gillette Venus Oceana.

          ~~The Razors~~

          The Venus Oceana razors are available in packs of three. The RRP is £5.99 but as with so many of these products it's worth shopping around as they can frequently be found on offer. I always stock up when they are and tend to usually only pay half the recommended price as a result.

          The packaging is easy to open, with a film seal which is similar to packs of cold meat - you simply peel to open. The only problem with this is you can't reseal the packaging once opened - which is a pity as I tend to only need one of these at a time.

          The razors are blue and white. The handle is the only part of the razor which is visibly different from the normal reusable Venus razors. It is fashioned from clear blue pastic but has a rubberised side and curved bottom for easy grip.

          The razors have three blades on the pivoting rounded head, which also has a moisture strip and lubricants. Each razor has a clear plastic head protector which is easy to slip off for use and easy to replace for peace of mind when you aren't using the razor.

          ~~My Experience~~

          The first thing I love about the Venus Oceana razors is the handle. Not only is it ergonomically designed thus making it comfortable and easy to hold, the rubber side panels add to the general comfort of the handle and stop it from slipping from wet hands.

          So many times I have cut myself shaving due to my razor slipping from my hand so to have a razor which is designed to stay firmly put in my wet hands is brilliant. I actually think the handle is better on the disposable Venus Oceana than on my regular Venus razor because the "non slip" rubber covers more of the handle.

          The razor itself is very easy to use and is also very well designed. As well as having a pivoting head, which makes it easy to move the razor - particularly in the underarm area - there are three blades to ensure a close shave. Above and below the blades are cushion pads to allow for a safer and more comfortable shave, and Gillette's famous "MoistureRich Strip", which comprises two white strips of lubricants and a blue moisture strip which contains, according to the packaging, "a touch of Aloe".

          When I shave I don't bother with shaving gel. I find the lather from my Body Shop shower gel is quite sufficient to aid shaving and I always shave in the shower anyway. What I love about the Venus Oceana razors is how I very rarely have to go over the same area of skin twice - the 3 blades are sharp enough and positioned in such a manner that one stroke delivers an efficient close shave.

          The pivoting head makes shaving the armpit area a piece of cake, as it moves with curves in your body. I find it useful when shaving my legs too, especially at the back where there are curves for the razor to move over.

          The cushion pads really do offer a hugely comfortable shave and more to the point, a smooth shave. I have been using Venus Oceana razors for some time now and have never cut myself with them, or, for that matter, my regular Venus razor. As for the moisture strip I feel it does aid lubrication as you shave but at the end of the day, nothing will replace properly moisturising your legs after shaving them.

          As for durability, I can easily make one of these razors last me a couple of weeks. If I am on holiday somewhere hot I do go through them faster because I do shave more often, but even when I am shaving my legs and armpits every day one razor lasts a week.

          They are also very easy to clean - I find that just running the head under the shower gets rid of most stray hairs and the stubborn ones go with a gentle tap to the sink.

          The only real downsides I can find with the Venus Oceana razors is the fact they aren't particularly eco friendly due to being wholly disposable, and the fact the recommended retail price is pretty high. However as I often find myself saying, you do get what you pay for and upon comparison to the much cheaper Venus Simplicity 2 these are in a different league for comfort, durability, safety and closeness of shave.


          So in conclusion I would highly recommend the Gillette Venus Oceana razors if you are looking for a good quality disposable razor. The triple blade, the comfort cushions and MoistureRich strip along with the pivoting head offer a close and effective shaving experience which will find you whizzing through the job with one stroke removing unwanted hair.

          The razor itself is a pleasure to hold, with the rubberised panels ensuring it won't slip while you shave and potentially cut you.

          If you are looking for a good quality disposable razor which is effective and easy to use then I would suggest you try the Venus Oceana - it really is a brilliant buy.


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