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Joop Jump Aftershave

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Brand: Joop / Type: Aftershave / Gender: for Men

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2011 11:03
      Very helpful



      Good Joop for a slightly older gent

      As a brand name, Joop is something I have always liked. I usually use the regular sweet smelling red Joop, and have done throughout University. My mother hates it, my wife hates it, and it brings out my hayfever, so I rarely use it now. However, I am trying out new smells, as it were, and keen to keep with the quality I have experienced with Joop, I thought I'd try out this Jump version. You're looking at around the £25 mark for a 50ml bottle, although it's always good to wait until the sales as it can get reduced quite a bit.

      The smell as you first open the bottle is a bit more dainty and floral than the regular Joop, without any of the sweetness you may have experienced before. I was surprised by this, as I thought that this would remain as a trait of the brand name. This was the first surprise. As you spray it, there's a bit more of a fruitiness to it that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was very fresh smelling, and I liked it. However, a smell isn't great unless you love it when you're used to it, and there's a big difference in liking something the first time and liking it when you wear it constantly.

      After wearing it for a while, these initial scents wore off, and I was left with a muskier scent, very subtle yet manly, and it was a bit alien to me. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but as I wore it a few times, I stopped noticing it, and every now and then I'd get a whiff of it very faintly if I made a sudden movement or was a bit more active. People did comment on it, asking with an air of curiosity that I wasn't sure if it was in a good way or a bad one. I think it just smelled a bit different is all.

      It lasts quite well, and one thing I noticed was that the subtle element was there all the way through the day. Even as I got into bed with friction against the sheets as I curled up for the night, I noticed the smell. I was worried that I wouldn't like it in the long run but wouldn't be able to get rid of it. My clothes still had the smell on them as well, but there was still a bit of the fruitiness on there as well, which I quite liked.

      After a while I easily got used to it, and quite liked the smell. The big test was my wife, and she quite likes it as well. It's fresher than the regular Joop, which is much more suited to the clubbing teen/student than me, a married 30-something for whom clubbing has taken a back seat. I think this is a great fragrance to move onto once you're done with trying to be younger than you are, and this subtle yet lingering pleasantly fragrant and light eau de toilette is one I definitely would recommend. I try not to wear it too often, as I think you can become overly saturated with one smell and your senses just get fed up with it, so I use it sparingly and make sure I keep a bottle handy.

      So, one I highly recommend. Refreshing, both as you apply it and when it's been there for a while, it provides a more mature option to the red Joop, which is much more for younger night owls. A little secret though: there's still half a bottle of the red stuff in my cabinet, and it still gets used on rare occasions.............


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        09.11.2008 22:39
        1 Comment



        Great aftershave...

        Joop "Jump" Aftershave really has nice smell. I first bought it last year, but used up the 50ml in a few months, since then I have graduated to a 100ml bottle. After using it you can enjoy its fragrance for a long time. It is available in both 50ml as well as 100ml.
        The overall average price is comparative to other fragrance of this class. The best quality of this aftershave is that its smell is long lasting. Even after washing your clothes you will feel that there is fragrance in them.
        Another amazing thing is its unique bottle shape with shining silver cap. It really makes a sensation.
        My first impressions on application were that this was a very cool fragrance, after shaving there was no noticeable burn sensation. Its scent quickly fills the room in a very good way. I will say that it is fit for all occasions and definitely for those special romantic nights with the one you love.
        The only disadvantage is that mine isn't an atomizer spray, so consequently you loose some when you pour.


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      • Product Details

        Joop! Jump is a modern, fresh and uplifting fragrance for men with top notes of rosemary, thyme and grapefruit; middle notes of frozen vodka, coriander leaves and heliotrope and base notes of tonka bean, vetiver oil and musk oil /

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