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King of Shaves L'Azor System Razor

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Brand: King of Shaves / Type: Razors / Gender: Female / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      28.04.2012 12:14
      Very helpful



      I won't be purchasing this razor again even!

      A little while ago the time came when I needed a new razor again. I have always used various different razors but they have always been by Venus, as 9 times out of 10 I'm not left disappointed. However, I saw these 'Queen of Shaves L'azor' razors in Asda reduced to only £2 from £3.60 and at the time none of the Venus razors were on offer (which is when I usually buy a new one). My boyfriend was with me and recommended I try the Queen of Shaves one as it was by King of Shaves which is a brand he likes.

      I soon purchased it although I didn't know much about the razor as the packaging didn't really give much away except that 'it's a step up for silky smooth legs'. It came with 2 cartridges which I thought was very good for only £2!

      When I took it out the packaging the first thing I noticed about it was how bendy it was. I'm guessing this was to make it an easier shave but when I came round to using it, the fact that it bends made no difference to me. It did feel very soft when gliding it along my skin though, so soft that I was running my hands over my legs after to see if it was actually working at all, thankfully it was! My first impressions of this razor were good and it did leave me with silky smooth legs for some time after, and that was just from using a regular shower gel or soap before shaving.

      The razor also contains a white rubber bumper which is designed to help decrease the risk of unwanted cuts. It certainly prevented me from getting any cuts but I also think it prevents getting a 'closer' shave and so I find myself shaving longer than I usually do, but I think I would rather do that than have cuts so I won't complain to much about that.

      The problems with this razor I started to experience a bit later. As I mentioned before I am used to using Venus razors and the cartridges tend to last me quite a while before I need to replace them, often a couple months or even longer but I tend to replace them because they can get dirty which is not good for the skin. However, this Queen of Shaves razor cartridge didn't seem to last long at all, after a month it didn't leave my skin feeling smooth any more and I found that I needed a new cartridge already. I also experienced redness on my armpits which turned itchy and obviously caused some discomfort for a while. I am not sure if that was fully down to the razor itself or if I had a reaction to some deodorant, but I stopped using the razor when this happened and bought a new one.

      I have never owned a razor that only lasted a short while unless it was a disposable one and as the Venus ones I have used in the past have always lasted me twice as longer as this Queen of Shaves one then I know that it's not because I need to replace the cartridge sooner.

      Yes the razor is good for the first few weeks but after that it is useless and as for the fact it bends made no difference to me and so that isn't a huge selling point to me. I won't be purchasing this razor again and I have now returned to using Venus razors again!

      I have only seen these on sale in Asda where I bought mine but they are now back to their original price of £3.40. You can also buy them online on Amazon or Fragrance Direct priced from around £3 up to £4.50.


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      08.03.2011 22:47
      Very helpful



      Style over substance

      ~Is the world ready for the Queen of razors?~

      King of Shaves are one of the best selling ranges in the UK, with them claiming to hold the title for being the second largest maker of shaving software (which I take to mean their range of shaving oils, foams and gels) according to the information given out by the brand. Whether this also applies to their position on the feminine hair removal market is unclear, although with the arrival of this cute and sassy pink version of the Azor, (that is clearly aimed at the female buyer) the brand are moving into a lucrative territory, as with summer on the way women all over the land are mowing down forests of unwanted body hair with alarming regularity.

      The girly version of the Azor has been branded by King of Shaves as the 'Queen of.....L'Azor System Razor ' having quirky packing that stands out from the crowd that is meant to appeal to female buyers. King of Shaves say that the unique L'Azor styling combines 'shaving comfort and performance with design and style, without the expense (unlike many of its competitors)'. My feelings are that whilst the cute pink and white L'Azor certainly looks very funky when in its pack and prices are reasonable when compared with other brands, out of the box the razor has a rather ungainly springy shave head that takes more than just a little time to get used to when you try to use it and as cool and interesting as this razor is, I feel it falls very short from being an ideal feminine hair removal product.

      ~What the makers say~

      The makers of this razor say that it has been produced to combine shaving comfort and performance using special King of Shaves award winning 'Bendology Technology, for a closer, more comfortable shave' .The blurb also claims that the cute pink and white L'Azor 'seduces your skin with an easy glide that understands your curves' which sounds like the kind of product we all want to use, although having tried this razor I feel those words are very far from the reality of using the L'Azor. The way that the L'Azor works is unlike anything else I have bought, other than more Azors of course, as it has a kind of hinged effect (the super special Bendology Technology) to the shaving head that looks very odd when you first see it out of the box and is something that I have found can be a nightmare to use in the hands of a newbie user. My best advice if wanting to try out this product is that practice may not make perfect, although it will at least help to minimize the damage you do once let loose with one of these in the quest to deforest your poor unsuspecting legs, arm pits or for the really brave amongst you... your bikini line (ouch!).

      ~Getting to grips with the L'Azor~

      I feel that whilst the super bendy technology used to make up the shave head on the L/Azor certainly looks a little cooler than many other hand held power free shaving implements I have set eyes on, it doesn't work well unless you have worked long and hard mastering the art of using the L'Azor to make sure you aren't going to be chopping off layers of skin along with your unwanted hair when using it. The series of ultra sharp shaving blades used to make up the razor have an 'Endurium' coated set of blades that are meant to be long lasting when in use and should provide a nice close shave with no nicking of the skin according to the makers.....The reality when using this razor was that try as I might I just could not get used to using it, with its ultra sharp cutting blades and oddly angled super springy shave head and I found that I was more at risk of accidently nicking my skin when using it.

      ~Good looks verses ease of use~

      Having tried to get the best from this razor and struggled to using it safely, I feel that the L'Azor looks very interesting with its quirky wishbone shape and funky colourway which seems very interesting and appealing before you set it against your skin. As striking as the L'Azor is, I don't feel it looks very razor like and would go as far as to say that the razor more closely resembles a potato or vegetable peeler in terms of how it looks and might even be of more use when used in that way! After all if you take off too much potato skin it won't cause you to have to sit around with bits of tissue plastered all over the area you have accidently sliced apart until it stops bleeding, which is what I often found could be the case when using one of these little devils.

      In use I found that try as I might I just could not get used to the way the razor worked and I was always worried that I would cut my skin if applying too much pressure in order to keep the cutting blades on track to give the cleanest closest shave. I am sure that there are people who swear by this little razor , yet try as I might I was closer to swearing at it rather than by it, as it really was hard work trying to get good results without ending up nicking the skin every now and then. Even the super cute looking built in pink rubber bumper strip that each and every L'Azor has fitted to it was unable to provide as much protection from cuts and nicks as I was lead to believe it might and the hair removal that it was claimed the rubber bumper could help to provide was minimal at best. I feel that the L'Azor is most certainly more stylish in terms of its over all look than many other razors, yet it misses the point when it comes down to being something that can be used with ease to remove unwanted hair which is a large minus point as far as this product is concerned.


      In summary having tried and failed to use these funky pink and white razors to good effect I feel that no matter how much Queen or King Of Shaves say that using the L'Azor will help to 'effortlessly remove unwanted hair' the product has failed to deliver what it promises. I have tried using the little black handled beauty known as the Azor Warp Razor , as well as its white handled cousin the Hybrid Synergy Azor and the girly pink version that I have reviewed here and all were equally as difficult to use giving equally poor results. In fairness to the makers only the pink L'Azor is marketed as being a razor suited for women to use on the legs, armpits and bikini line, yet when I compared the this with another Azors I have tried I found that the L'Azor (which is a female specific product) is virtually the same product in a different more female friendly colour.

      The basics of the razor style is ultimately the same as that of the mens range of Azors with the main difference being the colours used to make up the product and its packing that is clearly aimed at women, with its quirky look and bright girly colours. As such I don't feel that the super duper 'TST 'or touch skin technology used to make up the Azor works any better when used on the L'Azor and the so called 'living hinge' which is the odd bendy shave head that sits in a vertical position when not pressed against the skin, is something that can easily ping back when not pressed closely to the skin causing further risk of skin damage if not used carefully. I lost count of how many times the L'Azor did exactly that when I used it and this was something I found very annoying as it seemed to increase the chances of me catching the shaving blades against my skin, ending ultimately in cut skin and less than smooth hair free skin.


      I do agree that this girly pink and white version known as the L'Azor looks stylish and funky in the pack and this is part of what makes these razors stand out on the shelves in store, as they do look very different to most other hand held razors you see on display. The bright pink and white colour scheme picked for this version of the Azor will perhaps appeal more to women, although I feel there is very little difference between white version (marketed as a mens shave product ) and this one, other than the addition of the bright pink used on the womens version. The presentation of the L'Azor is funky, smart and neatly presented which makes the razor stand out on the shelves as being something a little different yet this is not enough to persuade me to want to buy it again.

      On balance I feel that no matter how attractive this product is, looks alone are not enough to make this little razor a good buy as a safe and easy to use hair removal product, as it takes a steady and experienced hand to be able to use one of these with any degree of accuracy. If you asked me if the L'Azor was quirky my answer would be yes, if you wanted to know my thoughts on whether it was safe and easy to use I am afraid I would have to say that in my opinion it absolutely is not an easy to get to grips with hair removal product and as such no matter how cheap these come up when on promotion in future I will not consider buying them again. I have found the L'Azor difficult to handle with it often causing cuts and nicks to the skin and never truly giving a nice smooth hair free finish which is why I can only give this a 1 star product rating.


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      06.08.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      Brill razor....I love it!

      A while ago I purchased the King Of Shaves razor. It's the other version of this but aimed at men and at the time I wrote the review not only did I give it five stars out of five on here I complained it wasn't pink and didn't feel very female friendly! I felt that King Of Shaves was an amazing razor but just not aimed at us girls...and this then happened..... The King Of Shaves have bought a female friendly and very pink identical razor to the one I loved! Of course when I spotted it I couldn't resist buying it, in fact I bought five of them while they were in offer in Asda at a pound each!

      The Packaging:

      The razor comes neatly on on a backed bit of card with a picture of a woman on the front and I am of course told what it is and who it is by and also told that includes one cartridge and then the razor is protected with a see-through plastic over it. On the back of the card we're told a bit about the product and that type of thing and of course contact details for King Of Shaves is given. Nice girly looking packaging this is!

      The Razor Itself:

      What you get is a bright pink handled, smooth plastic razor (white and pink to the underside of it with King Of Shaves engraved into it). It has a white section of colour going up the handle too and then to the end of it a razor blade fits on and to the bottom of that it has a white 'bumper'. The blade is disposable along with it's bumper and its very easy to get off and of course replacement cartridges are available to purchase.

      We are told by the manufacturer.....

      Introducing the Queen Of... L'Azor System Razor:

      For smooth operators L'Azor System Razor combines shaving comfort and performance using King of Shaves award winning "Bendology Technology" for a closer, more comfortable shave.

      This allows the Endurium coated, super long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin whilst a larger soft rubber 'bumper' helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts hairs for the smoothest of shaves.

      The uniquely patented wishbone-shaped head design provides greater visibility when shaving and the ergonomic light-weight handle allows you to effortlessly follow every contour and curve.

      In my opinion along with the mens version of this razor its simply superb. It is exactly the same as the mens version I previously raved about apart from the funky colour! The razor itself is a little flexible. There are 4 sharp blades, the bumper allows you to make sure you don't cut or nick yourself as it helps it to glide and to the top of the blade there is a thin white moisturising strip.

      This doesn't blunt easily and believe me I've run it through its paces. I shave my legs, bikini line and armpits usually daily (I grow hair fast and hate stubble) and not once have I felt anything but smooth after using it and I certainly have never hurt myself or got a shaving rash or anything like that.

      I like everything about this product from appearance to results and can only hope they bring many more girly products because I'm fed up with brands giving the best razors to the boys! lol.

      Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc and when not on offer will cost about £3.00 each.


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