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Laser Sport Long Handle Disposable Razor

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Brand: Laser Shaving / Type: Disposable men's razors / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Razors

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2011 22:36
      Very helpful



      Resolutely unexciting, but -- well -- they do a job!

      == Background ==

      Shaving is one of those irritating little jobs you just have to do. Well, I suppose you don't *have* to do it; I've nothing against beards and am quite happy that men should have as much or as little hair on various parts of their bodies as they want. (That goes for women, too, incidentally!) But since I don't want to look like Brian Blessed, mainly because I wouldn't have a snowball's chance of *sounding* like the man, I do indeed have to take those few minutes to do the honours with a razor every morning.

      Somewhere on the net there's a piece by that fine American satirical publication, "The Onion", writing about Gillette's intention to go for five blades. At the time (2004) it was intended as sheer silliness, but worryingly perhaps *real* five-bladed razors followed not long afterwards. At this point it was time to say "Enough!" I'm a bit of a cheapskate on most things, and quite frankly two blades are quite sufficient for me, especially if they're not as mind-bogglingly expensive as some of Gillette's products.

      == Introducing the Laser Sport ==

      These Laser Sport razors are the ones I usually use. Why? Because they're cheap, they're reasonably comfortable, they're easy to get hold of and they do a fairly good job, Yes, folks, I'm admitting to not considering personal grooming something on which I should spend an amount of time and money equivalent to that which sent men to the Moon in 1969. Even if I were amazingly fit and active, I *still* wouldn't want to look like a cover model for Men's Health, all waxed and shaved and probably all sorts of other things I really don't wish to speculate upon.

      I'm sorry; I'm getting carried away with my own personal prejudices here. Back to the razors. These are sold in Wilkinson, at least in my own local branch, for the bargain price of 38p for a packet of ten. They're not the cheapest razors the shop sells - there are some frankly nasty single-bladed things which you can pick up for about three farthings - but they're very cheap indeed by the standards of most of the competing products from the big names that crowd in on Laser Sport's little section of shelving.

      == Look and feel ==

      At this level of the market, you wouldn't expect very snazzy presentation, and indeed you don't get it. The packet is a simple bag of crackly plastic, and the slogan ("It's Smart. It's Smooth. It's You.") sounds like a commercial for cigarettes for women from 1950s American television. It's impossible to tell where they're made, since the brief description on the back of the packet is in all sorts of languages: not merely European ones either. A little poking around online suggests they might be Indian, but for all I know they're made in the lost continent of Atlantis by trained porpoises...

      The razors themselves have no additional packaging apart from the clear plastic guard over the blades; this might be considered (however inadvertently) quite green if the things weren't in fact quite blue. Actually, very blue; you get the impression that Laser Sport didn't have the budget for more than one colour. Design, such as it is, extends to putting some diagonal grooves in the sides for your fingers to grip. There's no branding anywhere at all on the product itself.

      == Performance ==

      As for actually shaving with the things... as I've said, I don't care as much as some as long as my razor does its job acceptably, and to my mind this one does. It's a twin-blade affair, and that *is* an important feature to me, but you don't get any other bells and whistles; it's not excessively long despite the product name, the head is fixed, and the top of the thing (apart from the blades themselves) is an expanse of plain blue plastic. No aloe strip here, folks. You certainly wouldn't give these to someone as a present, but then a 38p pack of disposable razors might be seen as a rather strange gift in any case!

      Surprisingly perhaps, these razors are really quite comfortable to shave with, and though not up to the standards of the very best competitors they are nowhere near as far behind them as the disparity in price might suggest. Maybe I just have a face shape that happens to fit the Laser Sport nicely, but despite the fixed head I find they glide across my skin predictably and smoothly; it really is extremely rare that I'll get a nick from one of these things. I cut myself more with the mid-range Bics I used to buy most of the time.

      == Verdict ==

      Of course these razors are not perfect, and those who treat personal grooming in itself (rather than its end results) as something to be enjoyed would be unlikely to want to use them. However, they're a million miles better than the ultra-cheapo single-bladed razors sold by most of the supermarkets, and considering their low cost they're really not bad at all. Three stars seems reasonable, as Laser Sport's product might not be terribly special, but it does do a solid, unfussy job at a very low price.


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